Primitive Technology: Build a Stone Dam to Raise Fish

Primitive Technology: Build a Stone Dam to Raise Fish

100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Build a Stone Dam to Raise Fish

  1. If he is in the wild then how does he get the money for the spots to build because he can’t just go in some random forest, then get people to help set up the videos, edit, and make sure that they are not in it?

  2. Wait. The house is on the water. There’s no door. Can u imagine the amount of bug bites you would get?!? Mosquitos raise their young in water. Flies hang around as well…. oof

  3. I wonder if he realizes that he probably made enough money off YouTube ads to buy some decent survival gear

  4. If he is in the middle of no where how does he have a go pro or camera and an Iphone, Ipad or Computer

  5. Primitive my ass, look at that fade job with his hair! I doubt it that he did it with a bamboo. lol

  6. I did something like this but I blocked the entire river and made a pond like thing, in the long run it screwed up a lot of good farmland

  7. I came to the channel to watch the fish trap very well

  8. and for some reason ive got the bob the builder theme song stuck in my head… ??

  9. Deserted island off the coast of Vietnam… Yeah those mosquitos there are vicious… They life hacking in survival mode… ☮?

  10. Чё за бред какой-то.
    Мальчик в детстве не наигрался.

  11. We spend the whole evening with my kids building a stone dam in our river. But looking at your stone dam are much more sophisticated ?. We have to up our river stone dam on our next video. Thanks for sharing. Awesome videos & ideas you have here ??

  12. Me “wakes up” ima play some video games. Him “wakes up” ima build a dam to capture fish.

  13. You can call this whatever you want but we all know you wanted to build a swimming pool inside of a river

  14. 13:39 does anyone notice the left side theres a rock that looks like a gorilla face. very trippy once u see it u cant unsee

  15. goes out in shorts and no tools
    shovels boots and knives at home , am i a joke to you

  16. Pra ficar mais real ele poderia colocar um pouco de garrafas pet umas gigogas e um pouco de lixo também na água.

  17. Amazing ???

  18. Вылез попил, покупался потом там же поссал и посрал, построил дрочь впоймал и по накатанной…

  19. Какой-то охуевший хуй с горы хуйню какую-то нахуячил хуёвую.

  20. Привет я Герасименко. Лидия из России.неужели неможет построить дом нормальный там же камня полно,деревья растут.зделай дом и посади город и сад

  21. ซื้อปลามาปล่อยยย

  22. Amigos por favor mándeme los vídeos de Nepal es que cambien el número por fabor

  23. It's very unique but looks just like a man built fish tank. Usually this kind creation in creeks and little streams would be used to catch fish.

  24. if the fish lay eggs and the eggs hatch, i think only the mother will be left there.

  25. THIS is what I subbed for. The irrigation. The drainage system. The things that went in the birth of civilization. I love it

  26. Mình xem từ đầu clip ra tự dưnh hôm nay đề xuất mình xem lại

  27. Ya'll fat fcks wanna lose weight, just go live with this guy for six months…you'll still eat well. just have to work for it….

  28. This guy is so good at living off the land .I wonder how many sticks he has worn out making homes .I want to buy him a military shovel. Just need a address. Love the blog I catch my self watching for a hour or so.

  29. The fast part of Eminem's Rap God is just this guys doctor listing off the amount of diseases and parasites this guy has gotten because of these videos.

  30. Idiot teknologi??? kirain jebak ikan, eh miara ikan, besok kena hujan, air meluap, hilang ikan sama batu2 dan bambunya?

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