Product Unboxing – Sylvania 20 inch LED Off Road Light Bar – Review Truck Jeep Boat ATV UTV SUV 4×4

Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Hier. Thanks you so much for coming back to my channel
and watching this awesome video. Definitely appreciate it. I was lucky enough and able to get my hands
on an awesome off road product from the brand Sylvania, who just recently launched their
LED off road product line that consist of cube lights, spot light, flood lights and LED light bars. You can find them on I’ll put the links to the products down
in the description below. So definitely check that out if you’re interested
in purchasing or getting a little bit more information about these products. The product that I’m talking about today
is the 20” LED Light Bar from Sylvania. Now let me just pull this product up. Just take a look at it. So 20″ of pure awesomeness. It is beautiful. Just look at it. As you can tell, this product is beautiful. Now you’re probably wondering why you should
buy this product & what makes it so great? So I’m going to talk about a little bit of
features about this product and why it is so amazing. Helps you brighten your trail faster with
an Instant on/off – no warm up time needed. It has a strong beam for visibility. It has an advanced reflector design that controls
precise beam output to put light exactly where you want it. It also has a rugged waterproof aluminum body
that handles every type of off-road environments and resists corrosion. It is IP67 rated water resistant up to 3 feet
for 30 minutes. Awesome! The light bar assembly included is obviously
one 20″ Light Bar, (2) two universal brackets, deutsch type connector with pigtail right
there. and it has all of the mounting hardware. Easy to install almost anywhere with universal
installation parts. This product is great for all different types
of vehicles… cars, trucks, jeeps, boats, ATVs, SUVs, RZRs, anything you want to put
a light bar on enhance the lights on and improve your vision at night time. So I’m super excited to install this Sylvania
20” Light Bar on my truck so I can see better at night & also make my truck look pretty
bad A during the day! It’s definitely worth the money! Now it’s time to go get yours. Like I said before, I’ll put the links to
the products down in the description below. As well as all of the other Sylvania light
bar off road products. Please give this video a thumbs up by clicking
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notification bell to be updated on when I post other awesome videos just like this one. As always, thanks for the love and support. Definitely keep it up… keep on keepin on
and I’ll see you on the next one. END

3 thoughts on “Product Unboxing – Sylvania 20 inch LED Off Road Light Bar – Review Truck Jeep Boat ATV UTV SUV 4×4

  1. Jordan, great review on this light. How has it worked out for you? Any further thoughts on it if you've had a chance to try it out. I just subscribed #54. Keep it up! I'm getting ready to do a review on some smart outlets.

  2. when you need some more informative health and fitness videos, i got you cause this was great! thanks for sharing!

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