Prospecting River Gold With A Magnet!?

Hey guys welcome back to another video today. I’m out here on a mountain Above Golden Colorado here I’m actually on my way to the river to do some magnet fishing for gold believe it or not Stay tuned to see what that’s all about, but yeah, I had a pit stop here there’s a geocache up here, so I wanted to find it and You can see here So hopefully you guys can see that says I’m 38 feet away a little orange thing in the middle There’s telling me which way to go, so I have to go this way Says this cache is hidden under some rocks camping out under a large formation Alright So let’s start looking around here Maybe up here no up there possibly Possibly not there’s another rock formation down below closer to where this is pointing whoa Sandals and High Desert I don’t recommend it that Is the sign of a geocache being close right there? found a pen got to be close, so I checked the recent logs on this geocache and The last person couldn’t find it. So I think this is the only thing left I checked the hint for the cache. It said if you’re sitting down at ground zero and you look over you’ll see the profile on The rocks of a face you can see the big nose there and stuff Or maybe they mean over there But either way, no geocache, but I got a nice little hike up here. Got me a green pen and Yeah, I think this cache is missing guy hopefully I Posted that did not find on geocaching. Hopefully you’re here watching my video Hopefully, I was looking on the right spot – I looked all over the place man all underneath these rocks I looked down in those rocks and and everything so Yeah, I got to go get my gopro. It’s down there doing the time-lapse all right. I’ll see you at the river I got my magnet tied off to a carabiner on my belt. Loop. I got my bucket right there and I’m using my gopro strap as suspenders because I don’t have a belt on Wow I’m just going to bounce the magnet up and down here behind these bigger Rocks I Mean of course it’s not going to pick up all the any bigger pieces of gold But you know what I never find anything bigger than little flakes of gold in here anyway so Theoretically this should work After I run a sluice box this is what I’m after this black sand and the gold is in with the black sand I Don’t know if anybody else has ever tried this There is please let me know who did it I also want to give some shoutouts here while I’m at it one two relic digger He actually did a shout out video Specifically for my channel which I thought was pretty awesome pile with a lot black sand Is all from right behind these folders? Look at that I also want to give a shout out to s jays mixed adventures She’s always the coin collecting and metal detecting and everything So check out all their channels coin collecting Hobby His channel. He does that kind of stuff. He has a nice coin collection and everything Hey look at this weird to hyoeun And of course you guys know who aqua chigger is check him out. Shout out to one pug light Pretty hilarious the Red band in Green Band Channel check them out Getting a lot of black sand out of here. This is fun. I can’t wait to see if I get anything out of it Jere Holdridge Southwestern, Pennsylvania detecting Pennsylvania coin Hunter check out his channel. He does a lot of coin roll hunting on his channel He’s from, Pennsylvania He’s a good guy. Yeah Let’s keep keep going here. I had to take a little break. This is what I got so far That’s a lot of black sand right there. There’s got to be some gold in it, and I just started This is going to be fun All right, let’s keep going nice view And move upstream a little bit Now we’re using a magnet picking up flat hand. This is what I got here Are you going to melt? It’s probably Maybe about five pounds of black spam Was a good amount in there And I’m going to go ahead and start handing it out here at the river I’m not going to go home and do it I’ll just do it right here, and I can’t wait to see what I get if anything. What do you guys think? It’s possible to get gold out of there or not leave me a comment in the comment section and look at all your things All right, this is a lot of black sand and I don’t really want to sit here and rigorous I usually I’ll do this at home. You know a teaspoonful at a time But I have an idea. I think I’m going to go to my prospecting store Over there in Golden and see what they they have to say about this maybe they have some kind of machine that I can run this through or a Better way to process all this black, sand So I don’t know if he’s going to let me film in here But this is the prospecting stolen golden. It’s called Golden Detectors. Make sure you stop here ever um If you guys ever are in the area he has everything in stock here It’s a great little store. I’m going to ask see if he’ll let me film in that Alright, so she said I can come in and take a look around However, she said that the best option Would be to just use the little little blue pan here But they do have other options. This is called a water table She said this would work, but it’s very slow But it would work And there’s also This machine over here, but it only works with With sluice material she said that black sand is too heavy so it’s not a good idea But those are the options I have and take a look at this store. It’s like a museum in here look at this all those stuff all kind of stuff for your detector pics Digging stuff I have one of these Call your classifiers pans everything you need books all kind of good stuff Rock Tumblers I know some people were asking in my videos about the crevice room tool. This is already got mine right here And they have a good selection of metal detectors here Look at this Old Civil War bullets Yeah, so um. I already have one of those small blue pans. So we’re going to go home and spend the rest of the night Pannon, so thanks a lot. Okay, take care Yep, I’ll let you know how that turns out that Okay, bye Certain rain I got out of there just in time. I guess it doesn’t matter. I was already soaking wet all right. Let’s go home All right guys. It’s the next day. I panned for about a half hour yesterday and Wasn’t even making a dent in all that black sand so what I decided to do to make it a lot more efficient And a little bit more fun Was to go ahead and dry everything out first separate the magnetic stuff and Then pan it out. So what I did is I took it all I put it in this pan. This is my My crusty rusty. I filled it up with all the blacks and I threw in the oven 450 degrees for While dried it out and now I’m going to be able to separate the magnet like the 95% of the magnetic stuff out of here and Then I can just pan out everything else including the gold so what’s the view this is what we do I have this this tool here that I I constructed pretty simply it is a large Neodymium Magnet All right, I don’t want to get that close to any anything metal unless it’s Highly controlled because this will break fingers so what I’m going to do is I have a nut driver here I’m using this as a handle. I’m taking the magnet I’m setting it on there like that And then this is it just happens to fit this exactly it’s a silver dollar Coin Tube you can get them at a coin store or on Amazon or something And it just set it in there like that all right, so this is going to be my My tool to separate the magnetic stuff obviously all right so the first thing we have to do We take some of this stuff here The wooden Spoon, I’m trying to keep as much metal away out of here as possible. I think a little spoonful and spread it around in in a separate phone and then I just take my a tool here and back and Forth allow The metallic magnetite and Iron and all the non gold magnetic stuff to jump up to your magnet in that code see that I Have it jumping up. I’m not setting it down in the air because then you’ll they’ll get the gold with it but this is everything that I yanked up from The bottom of that creek with a magnet all that stuff. That’s not coming to the magnet now Did stick yesterday when it was wet? That’s what it’s a lot easier to separate this stuff when it’s when it’s dry, so that’s It’s a good amount right there so then why do Take this and Put it in there like that it all falls in and I start over I’ll go through this hub about twice. You just go a lot of magnetic stuff in there Even these bigger rocks some of them are magnetic. That’s a piece of metal and So it was left over with this That is where the gold and anything that’s non-magnetic is going to be something. It’s a lot easier to Pen this out in the black sand itself So yeah, let’s keep going Alright guys. This is it. This is the end of it I’m going to show you what we’re left with This is the end of it right here So we have instead of five gallons five pounds of Black sand to Tan This is all we have so let’s do it. Let’s see. What kind of goal. We got water in our pan I’m going to add a little bit get dry to this you see Alright guys, so here. We go looks like we got some gold good amount of gold You can see it up there at the top Let me tap it this must all be garnets or something because it is pretty heavy the gold is moving right with it You can see it all hidden there on the left There’s a good amount in there. I think I mean there’s at least as much as when I go sluicing and All I did was go out with a magnet. I didn’t have to shovel one thing I Did all this with a mag but yeah there it is guys Magnet fishing for gold it does work I? Would doubt that we would be able to get anything bigger Than these pieces right here like these little flakes Anything bigger than that. I think it might be doubtful to pick up with a magnet but a magnet can get at least that and It only took me about two or three hours of work To get this stuff that includes the actual process of Magnet fishing drawing it out and Separating it and then panning it out. I’d say maybe three hours so Compared to you know eight hours of sluicing or something like that, and I think it’s a much better Much more efficient way, so if anybody has ever tried doing it this way let me know I’ve never heard of anyone else doing it with at all let alone with or without success, so I Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Hope you enjoyed this new way of prospecting far as I know Yeah, thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe Hit that like button if you like this idea, and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching guys

41 thoughts on “Prospecting River Gold With A Magnet!?

  1. Don't believe all the bullshit on you tube, gold will not stick on a magnet unless other properties are mixed in

  2. with so much black sand behind that big rock ,I would be using a wet suit and snorkel , laying down and digging 2 feet in comfort

  3. Put a plastic bag around your magnet.
    Then just slip the bag off and you get your black sands without leaving any on the magnet.

  4. So one small speck of gold for 3 hours worth of work… Are you insane? You can't pick up gold with a magnet!

  5. THOUGHT FOR YA….. i think if u get water in the bucket and dip magnet of material in it and wipe around on the magnet and gold will drop out of the magnetic stuff and be easier than pulling it off dry. u would still get the gold since it wont stick. and wouldnt have to scrap the magnet dry

  6. Might do better if you work the areas that you find the black sand with a creek sluice since gold isn't magnetic

  7. turn your peanut jar upside down with the magnet on bottom slight movement and the gold falls out.
    black sand to the 5 gallon bucket.

    i would definately dredge for au in the spots where the black sand was removed.

    better chance to suck up nuggets flakes pickers and flower if its not cemented by wedge action in black sand in a crevice. imlo.

  8. so i get sediment all the time but not "black sand", should i be keeping it also? ty 4 vid.

  9. "prospecting Iron particles with a magnet" just incase you misread the title , Next time i'm at the beach i'm going to use a magnet to find gold instead of the metal detector, cheers for the heads up

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! Great song about Brooklyn, NY to listen to with the family

  11. @ 0:49 look to the top right under the roots and sticks to the right of the biggest rock.

  12. Any chance you have the link where you bought the magnet?
    I'm curious about the direction of the magnetic vortices

  13. Honey! Do yourself a huge favor and cover your magnet with a plastic bag! Then all you have to do is remove the plastic bag and all your black sand drops right in the bucket!!

  14. this works great….if youre only magnet fishing for particles of gold. it doesnt work when the gold flakes get too big.

  15. I am not impressed with American's . They are way too impatient in their endevour's, and way too greedy for their gain's … Too weak to spend a night in the cold to assess themselves !!!

  16. If it's real gold it will not stick to the magnet. (Fun fact: Real gold is not magnetic.) Fake gold, on the other hand, will stick to the magnet. If that necklace leaps to the magnet, your significant other has some explaining to do.Jul 7, 2017

  17. In the early 1970’s I saw several articles about people, “hippies” panning an ounce of gold a day from the streams, making $32-$36 a day! That is as much or more than could be made on the “take home” portion of a weekly paycheck. NOW, an ounce (today) $1482.00…I have a self regulating sluice box I intend to start using next year. (In CA and CO).

  18. Goofy! Why doesn't the one that said there is a geocache, dig it for herself! Yes, poor planning for wearing sandals! Adios!

  19. bull shit i tried my 4inch wide and half inch thick rare earth magnet on the gold i panned in arizona did not even move sand sized gold . so this guy is fake

  20. Now all you need is some mercury for the amalgam, a Bunsen burner, and a crucible… Oh yeah, and a good health insurance policy.

  21. try borax to gather fine gold while separating it from the stuff after you got rid of the black dirt (i'm not sure if it would gather other metals) i
    just watched a video of a guy who has a little family operation and he showed it done and it worked. then he heated it and he had a beautiful chuck of gold. with the amt you had at the end you could throw on a handful of borax powder then swirl it and it will collect rapidly into a bunch to be bound when you cook, or, he torched it

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