26 thoughts on “PTWC: NO tsunami threat to Hawaii after M8.1 earthquake off Mexico

  1. Praying for Mexico, the lord is at the door, he is coming soon ! please ask him for salvation and forgiveness.. ✝️

  2. USGS has been caught NOT reporting earthquakes at ALL never mind TRUSTING THEM DUTCHSINSE is the BEST he tells it ALL

  3. Mexico Rocked by Earthquake Called Its Strongest in a Century [Hot News] https://youtu.be/iZtUDKJluzg


  5. This is something that was forcast as the region does experience quakes consistantly. However theory put forward by BSC Consulting Group suggests the increasing orbit distance of the moon can account for tectonic activity and weather disruption over time. California could see further large quakes this year.

  6. News reports say that on 8 September 2017 , earthquake of 8. 1 magnitude struck off Mexico coast . While more reports of extent of loss of life or damage to property could come , dozens are reported to have died. Tsunami alert is likely. In this connection , it may of interest to know this writer’s alert of 16 May 2017 for more care and appropriate strategy against earthquakes in vulnerable countries during August- September 2017. The said alerts of this Vedic astrology writer in article – “ Is World War III around the corner ?” – were published in Summer ( April- June) 2017 issue of The Astrologer’s Notebook from North Port , Florida. The alert had said that earthquakes and hurricanes were likely to cause untold miseries in vulnerable countries during August- September 2017. It can be perceived that the alerts have been meaningful.

  7. The day of the lord draws near, and i cannot wait because religion has trampled all over the name of god. Be nice to get it all straightened out. Michael the archangel told me there will also be great earthquakes around the ring of fire, volcanoes blowing a whole chain reaction leading to baptism by fire. But i and many will be taken up into great angelic ships before that final hour. Get ready whore of babylon, for your sins are stacked to the sky since your conception. The nations have drank the maddening wine of your adulteries, capitalism turning humans into a cancer upon the earth. The day of your downfall has come, babylon the great hath fallen!

  8. false profits of CNN and more so tell this future you will be gone in hell soon fake people get out

  9. Of course it’s Americans think only of them selfs not the Mexicans who are right next to the fucking earthquake

  10. Hurricane in Florida, an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico. God is sending a warning for us to repent and listen to the words of God.

  11. A big tornado is coming next. I had a dream of it & it'll happen in the next 2 weeks or in a couple days. The problem is idk where its gonna be. But I think somewhere in the u.s then the last catastrophe will be the eruption of the volcano in yellow stone.

  12. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    الرسول محمد أخبرنا أنه يجب علينا أن نؤمن بالإلة الواحد القادر على كل شيء .
    الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم علمنا طريقة لمكافحة الزلازل ، وللتقليل من مخاطرها على البشرية وعلى المخلوقات الأخرى ، ولكن يجب أن يقوم بهذا العمل المسلمون في المناطق المعرضة لخطر الزلازل لأن كوكب الأرض مبرمج فقط للتعرف عليهم .
    الطريقة التي تعلمناها من الرسول محمد هي ( نحناج لشخص مسلم يكون في منطقة الحدث ، ويفضل أن يقوم بهذا العمل أكبر عدد ممكن من المسلمين في تلك المناطق ، ثم بعد ذلك عليهم ضرب الأرض بأقدامهم اليمنى ومخاطبة الأرض ويقولون لها أسكني يا أرض فعليك أتباع الرسول محمد أو أسكني يا أرض فعليكي يعيش المؤمنين بالله الذين يؤمنون بالرسول الخاتم محمد ، صلى الله عليه وسلم ) بالإمكان أن يبدأ المسلمون في المناطق المعرضة لخطر الزلازل بمخاطبة الأرض وتعريف الأرض عليهم .
    الرسول محمد علمنا ذلك من أجل تقليل المخاطر على البشرية وعلى المخلوقات الأخرى . كلمات وأعمال الرسول محمد مليئة بالطاقة الإيجابية ، وهي مهمة لإحداث التوازن في الكون .
    نسأل الله العلي القدير أن يوجد الحلول الدائمة والحقيقية لكل مشاكل البشرية ومشاكل المخلوقات الأخرى .
    نرجوا السلامة للجميع ، ونرجوا توخي الحذر ، قلوبنا دائما معكم .
    أرجوا ترجمتها وتوزيعها على الناس في الأماكن المهددة بخطر الزلازل .

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