15 thoughts on “Puerto Rico earthquake: 6.4-magnitude temblor rocks US territory amid heavy seismic activity

  1. Here we go that part of the region is going to be screaming for handouts again since they spent all the other handouts and didn't do anything for it no one likes to work over there

  2. I had a dream about water receding in Portugal…big quake headed their way.. ?

  3. It's the grand solar minimum or a deep solar minimum. You get more cosmic rays from space, you get more volcanic activity and more earthquakes. Plus the earth is a tad cooler and dryer.

  4. The worst part is that Trump is in charge again hope he don't go throwing paper towels 😡 he again

  5. Global warming only calculates what happens when you trap the suns heat on the surface of the earth. What happens when your trap the heat of the core of the earth so that it can’t radiate it’s heat off the surface as fast as it used to because of a increasing greenhouse effect. Obviously, if the atmosphere becomes a thicker blanket that has a higher R-value of insulation, it is going to retain the heat of the earths core in and it will melt more rock to carry its heat up to the surface which will result in more earthquakes and volcanoes. I could show you how to do the math on calculating it but I think you have the idea.

  6. A house crush 6 cars that were parked under it. A church roof crumble down. There're problems with the electricity. People sleeps outside for the fear of aftershocks.

  7. Wormwood? There are two; plus showers. The deadly wound, that will appear to have been healed! Peace, peace! Everyone is thinking of Babylon; and believes it to be one nation or another, but rarely if ever do you see someone getting it right. Mystery Babylon; the Mother of Harlots, {"that Great City"}, is earthly Jerusalem. And as it is written; Jerusalem will be judged. Wormwood! Oh yes! The world will be judged for their sins. But according to Almighty God in his Word of Truth, the Holy Bible, it is written, that Jerusalem is responsible for all (that means all) the righteous blood spill t, upon this earth; all the way back to the garden with righteous Abel! Jesus never told you that they would not be held accountable for his murder!

    In fact in the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen, he not only told you that {"they knew who he was"}, but that when he returns that {"he is going to miserably destroy them!!!"} I expect one to hit the Mediterranean and the other on land! Time will tell; but the real Messiah will not return until the seventh trumpet. Mat. 23 : 37 (KJV) O {"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee"}, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and {"ye would not!"} Rev. 11 : 8 (KJV) And their dead bodies shall lie in the street {"of the great city"}, which {"spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt"}, [bondage] {"where also our Lord was crucified."} That would be Jerusalem!!!

  8. Religious churches are saying that Puerto Rico is being punished by God for their own sins.

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