Puerto Rico Rocked By Another Powerful Earthquake As Desperation Grows | NBC Nightly News

43 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Rocked By Another Powerful Earthquake As Desperation Grows | NBC Nightly News

  1. SOS: D. Trump administration needs to get up off their lazy a*ses and expedite some real aid quick, fast, and yesterday. Forget about stealing military money for a stupid wall, it's past time to help real people in distress instead of imaginary ones invading Trump's hair or KFC bucket.

  2. Chump has withheld 18 Billion from P.R. since 2017 claiming mismanagement, when his prior employees in the admin. ripped off millions and are in prison. Not to mention Mr.6X Bankruptcy king shouldn't judge financial mismanagement, he's owned by Russian Oligarch's.

  3. Congress has already appropriated some $14B for Puerto Rico for hurricane Maria and of that only $1.4B have been delivered. Congress further appropriated additional funding for these devastating series of earthquakes… over 150 in two weeks and getting worse! Trump is not signing the bills to get the funds moving! These are American citizens being treated like Ukranians!!! Trump hates Puerto Ricans!!!

  4. Idk why I just thought about Ricky Martin…."she'll push and pull you down, livin la vida loca…" 💃

  5. You know Trump is saying to his Whitehouse staff, WTF is going on with this island of foreigners? Good luck with any help from your President……

  6. Time for Puerto Rican independence! The US can’t afford it and their local government is to blame for incompetence of relief funds.

  7. My prayers go up to those in Puerto Rico that are being affected by this! They have been through way too much

  8. Please all Puerto Ricans flee to Cali before the next earthquake finishes off that shthole island

  9. We have given them many chances to be an official state but they kept saying no because they want to stay Puerto Ricans.

  10. Puerto Rico does not want to be an official part of the U. S.-they don't want to become Americans and they don't want to pay federal taxes. That kind of stubbornness seems to have consequences.

  11. Ok, I’m a conservative but Puerto Rico is an American territory and we need to help them. I can’t believe anyone would make mean comments about people suffering from a natural disaster.

  12. This is sad, real sad. I'm of Puerto Rican descent. Born in USA, father born there.

    But I can help to think if God is doing this to get the people who are doing evil there to repent and think of him. There has been for a lot of years big time violence on the rise spurred on by the younger generation… I think it's time to stop the evil living and violence and turn to God.

  13. Now I’m angry about mean comments about our president. Surely we can put our political differences aside and give encouragement to these people!

  14. Yeah I don’t think you should be looking for help in America just look at our homeless situation

  15. Small earthquake this afternoon in central South Carolina. Wonder if it's on the same fault line

  16. This is so sad. Don't they have building codes to stop their homes from falling apart?

  17. Weather control. Removing the military from vieques. Harp program. Cia mind control. Eathquake. Im expecting a sunami next. Cia are evil.

  18. Puerto Rico people in Florida need to rally for them stop voting for Republicans like trump who turn his back on your people vote them out wake you have the power for change 🌊🌊

  19. Voy a decirlo en espanol, esta mas que claro el mensaje que esta enviando el gobierno de USA ustedes se tienen que independizar totalmente de ellos, estar ahi para que los traten como ciudadanos de 3°categoria no tiene ningún sentido….PR independiente y soberana…

  20. To all the Hispanics if Trump doesn’t go help Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 do not vote for him period why would you vote for him???We are living in the end times and you must trust God trust me He will answer to God for giving his back to those in need that goes for anyone in need it’s his job and God always has the last word no weapon formed against thee shall prosper in Jesus name !

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