Puppy Potty Training – How To Stop Your Puppy From Peeing Indoors – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Every day we get lots of questions about puppy potty training
on our YouTube videos and I feel that I spend a lot of time typing out replies that
include the same two answers. Are you going through
all the appropriate steps of puppy potty training but
your day still includes this? Oh, gross. Oh, gross. That one’s still warm. Gross. Then you’re probably missing
two very important elements of puppy potty training
that I’m gonna teach you in this video so that
your puppy very quickly understands the rules of the house and so that they stop
having accidents indoors. I’m Ken Steepe and welcome
back to McCann Dogs. (guitar strum) (dog barking) We train over 500 dogs every single week at our training facility. So if this is your first
time on our YouTube channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button so that I can help you
to have a well-behaved four legged family member. The first element of puppy potty training that we need to talk about is supervision. Now you’ve heard me talk about supervision in other puppy potty training
videos on our channel but if you’re doing everything else right and your puppy’s still
having accidents on the floor then it’s time that we get focused on giving them good information for your puppy’s sake… And for your sake. That means that even if
you just had your puppy out for a pee but they’re still occasionally having accidents in the house, when you come back inside you need to have your eyes on
them 100% of the time. If you aren’t able to supervise your puppy then just put them in their crate. That way they can’t sneak away and have an accident in the house without you knowing. Now I’m not talking about
supervision like this. But I’m definitely not talking
about supervision like this. But if you’re supervising
and still struggling, then it’s time for the secret sauce. (bell ringing) Now that you’re monitoring
your puppy really closely, you’re going to see them if
they start to have an accident and it’s your responsibility
to give them the information that this kind of behavior isn’t allowed. You need to mark that moment
in time for your puppy. You need to use your
voice with an ah or a hey to really let them know
that at that moment they’re making a mistake. Use a sound or a word or something abrupt that will capture their
attention immediately and in some cases it will
even interrupt them midstream. Use something really short and sweet. You don’t wanna be
speaking in full sentences to your puppy about how
disappointed you are that this is the third time today that they’ve peed on floor. You have no idea how disappointed I am that this is the third time today that you’ve peed on the floor. That’s two days in a row and
that’s two days too many, if you know what I’m saying. I think the first time I really noticed… So focus on making that
negative verbal reprimand short and sweet. Now if your marker doesn’t
stop your puppy midstream, don’t take them up and
drag them to the door. You’re just gonna end up with a huge mess all the way out of your home. But if your puppy is interrupted
by that verbal marker then quickly take them up
and carry them outside. Put them down in a place where
you do want them to go pee. Once they’ve finished their
pee there, praise them. Let them know that this is the place that they are allowed to go. Giving your puppy clear information is the key to puppy training and using this verbal marker while your puppy’s having
an accident indoors is the key to stopping those
puppy potty training problems, especially if it’s a routine
that they’ve developed. If you’ve got a question
about puppy potty training, drop it in the comments below and make sure you check
out that video next to me. It’s all about the reasons that your puppy potty training isn’t working. On that note, I’m Ken. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  2. Hello Ken, Thank you for posting these great videos!! Looking for some help if you can? My family recently just rescued and 6 month old puppy where he was greatly miss treated and lived in squalor. The puppy was allowed to go potty anywhere and he was given zero attention/training. He is very well manured, but is extremely shy and nervous. And because of this is making it very difficult to crate train and potty train. He really doesn't even like to play with toys (assume he didn't have any before). Can you help us with some advice on how to break him out of his shell and make him more comfortable with new people which I feel will help us with the potty training?
    Thank you!

  3. I see nothing that shows how to potty train an older dog.. i have a 3 yrs old Yorkshire and i cant get the potty training down at all 😢

  4. Hi, i have a new puppy and having a hard time potty training him. He keeps peeing in the house but also inside his crate. I understand you said he shouldn’t have a warm comfortable bed inside the crate but my puppy is a chihuahua and easily gets cold and starts shaking. Its very cold where I live. So im afraid to take the bedding out and him being cold. But he keeps peeing his bed. What do i do?

  5. My puppy refuses to go pee outside no matter how long I stay out there with him. He’ll just lay down and relax. How do I get him to go once we’re outside?

  6. My puppy peep in my couch and especially when he is sleeping, what do you recommend

  7. My bulldog will be one in a couple of days , I brought her a bigger crate and now she’s pooping in there , is there a specific time I should stop the feeding , I can’t get here to stop biting everything in site I really just want to have her be free around the house but not when she wants to eat everything , any advice , its getting a bit overwhelming

  8. What would cause your dog to do their business in your bed after you take them outside?

  9. I got an aussie puppy since 5 days ago, and after one day, I figured out her pattern and I set a 2hour clock on my phone to get her out and no more accidents. The only problem is during the night, she always pees once or twice and doesn't let me know. (she doesn't during the day anyway). I know it's very early and she's only 9 weeks old, but will she start to ask instinctively ? I'm scared that she will get too used of me taking her out every 2hrs and will guess that I just know she needs to go (she's so smart). I had a lab for 16 years before that, he would just come to me and squeal a little and sit next to me, but I don't remember how it was at the start.

  10. Hi ken great videos….i have a 6 month old puppy who we do our best keeping a eye on../ crate…it seems like everytime we leave a bedroom door open…even if he just went poop outside..he will creep in there and get r done..

  11. We just got our Cavalier 3 days ago-he is 8 weeks old. He has me trained fairly well so far and stays dry through the night and has only had a couple accidents out on his own during the day. I haven't attached the leash to him yet and have restricted his movement throughout the house without being right there by his side. I have not wanted to have him make any accidents but he doesn't have to show me a very obvious indication before I whisk him outside. I presume I need to give him more space to be independent so he can learn to show me better signs but I have hesitated giving him that much freedom and of course he doesn't show me anything to indicate he knows to tell me directly he needs to go out. I know it's early but any suggestions?

  12. Hi, I got a 4 mo old shorkie puppy and the lady who gave her to me had her in a play pen with the training mat so I got the same. It's been only a few days, I keep the play pen open, she goes in and out to pee on her mat, which is great but she does not want to poop there. She goes on my carpet under the chair or under the table. What do I do?? It is cold outside, a lot of snow, tried taking her outside but she is shaking cold and does not know what to do. Please help. Subscribed to your channel. Waiting a response.

  13. Ugh I've been doing everything wrong. Time to start over 😩. I've been giving my puppies far too much freedom for the sake of me being able to sleep lol. My one puppy cried the entire time she was in a crate. My other puppy loved it. So we abandoned the crate bc I was losing so much sleep I felt ill. They are 7 months old and I'm still stepping in pee and cleaning up poop even though I let them out to go often. There again unsupervised..

  14. My puppy does not stop mid stream even when i make an abrupt “OI” and pick him up. He is always done by the time i make it outside so i cannot praise him for finishing outside.

  15. Our puppy has had a few accidents and so your advice we will try. How do we train our puppy to poop outside? How soon after they eat a meal should we try to go potty/poop outside?

  16. My puppy pees all the time inside and when I catch him and take him to the right place he doesn’t pee because I did it already in the wrong place 🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. My puppy is 11 weeks old today. He learned how to use the bells very quickly and always rings when he needs to go out. (though most times he scratches the gate to the living room first) He does all his business immediately when we take him to his pen outside and walks out of the pen when he's done. He doesn't have any accidents in his crate or when he's loose in the kitchen (which is where he spends most of his day). However, if he's anywhere else in the house with carpet, even if we're closely watching him, he'll still go on the carpet instead of ringing the bells. He seems to know it's wrong but prefers the carpet over being outside. Scratching at the gate before hitting his bells also concerns me, since he's first asking for the living room and THEN asking to go outside. We've fully cut off access to any carpeted areas for the past week. Should we continue to block off the carpet? Or should we allow him the opportunity to make the mistakes so that we can catch him and give him a loud "no" – as suggested in the video?

  18. I am so happy that I found your channel. I hope I will own well behaved four legged daughter😁

  19. Omg I just had a full conversation with my friends dog she keeps peeing pooping on my bed shes 6months hopefully I learn from ur video and see if it stops her from doing this

  20. I have a weird question. When I was potty training my labs I used the supervision technique, along with crate training and when they went where they were supposed to, high praise. Occasionally they had an accident and I was told to basically have the dog near and to yell at the pee while cleaning. I felt extremely silly for this but was told it is to show the dog you are mad at the pee not the dog. Have you ever heard this?
    Happy ending though, both labs I have are trained and I am working with a teacup Yorkie that is sometimes still having accidents. Thanks for the informative video!

  21. My freakin dog pees on the trim. What do I do about this? I’ve tried everything. I have to get rid of him if he doesn’t stop😭 please help

  22. How early can I start potty training them? Is it enough to take them out as soon as they get out of the crate, after play session and meals? Trying to plan out visits during the day from work. Thank you!

  23. I'm doing all of this. I have 2 huskie puppies. And it's like they take turns being bad! I take them out about every 30 minutes when they are outside their crate. I'm rewarding them with a little treat outside when they do their business. I have been reading that Huskies are hard to train. I feel like we take two steps forward and then the next day, one step back. And I want to add that when they pee inside, they know it's wrong! They will run and hide. I will say "NO!" and they know what that is because they stop…even if it something else they are doing that they shouldn't be. Please tell me it gets easier! Thanks.

  24. So I have an interesting one for ya..
    I have 3 grown and potty trained dogs who have been peeing in my house!! My only explanation is that my roommate and I are both pregnant and they may feel stressed or may feel like their attention is gonna get taken away. They usually pee on my things or my roommates things but it is hard to tell which one it is! Ill literally be in the room with all of them and walk away to grab something and there will be a spot! And they will return to the place they were before i left the room!

  25. We have an 8 week old Schnoodle, she's 2.5 pounds and doing pretty good in the potty training department. We've had her for 4 days now, for the past 2 days we've gotten a pretty good system down of poo/pee outside. She still has the occasional accident, but thank God her poops and pee's are so tiny, I'm able to catch her when she does. I'm more concerned with my family not being as diligent as I am in making sure she goes outside for pee/poo time.

  26. My problem is my dog starts to pee as I’m opening his pin and verbal hasn’t been working

  27. I made the mistake of not putting my puppy in a crate. I've had her for a month. Is it too late to start crate training? She keeps having accidents. The only real problem is peeing because she does poop outside where she's supposed to.

  28. I can take my puppy outside for 30 mins and won’t pee or poop outside as soon as we come in she does her business inside

  29. Yeah but what happens when it's at night or when your not home and don't have a crate?

  30. My 2 year old dog seems to be regressing in her training and is having accidents inside her crate too while we’re at work

  31. I am training my dog to be my assistance dog, she is house trained but she has peed twice in shops. How can I curb this? She is house trained and she knows this is wrong because of how she reacts when she does it. I'm at a loss.

  32. Hi! I’m at a loss! Please help. I am doing everything in all your potty training videos. I catch her EVERY time she tries to have an accident, then I immediately take her outside to finish. I stay outside for 20 minutes, no distractions…. but she does not! She comes back inside and tries to pee AGAIN immediately on the carpet! When she does pee outside I praise her with her favorite treat, but usually in the afternoon things get worse …this is frustrating. Any other tips? Thanks.

  33. My puppy pee indoor,7weeks old German shepherd then I say no and take him outside but he already done it, what to do then? What to do once they already done it inside please advise
    Thank you in advance

  34. Hi! Do potty trainer pads and spray really work? I'm thinking of this solution. I work home based and I don't have the luxury of time to supervise him always except on the weekends. I have already kind of figured out his pooping routine which then I'm able to take him outside. My only problem now is the random peeing indoors.

  35. I really need help my mom is going to make me get rid of her because she won’t stop peeing in the house and I really don’t want to please

  36. I adopted a 9 month old puppy with poor potty training. I feel like we are on the right path but she keeps having accidents. I am trying to keep her in her kennel if I can’t be closely watching her. But I feel bad having her spend a lot of time in the kennel but I can’t be watching her for hours on end either without getting things done. Any suggestions?

  37. I have a 6 month old that I thought I potty trained correctly, but now he keeps using it in the house. When I'm home I take him and my 3 year old out frequently. He doesn't poop outside anymore but he constantly does it in my room. he has even started using it on my bed, that I now have to throw away because he also has an issue with chewing on everything. I do work and I didn't want to confine him to a crate 8 to 9 hours every day, but I do confine him to my room so he doesn't chew up everything else in the house. How can I stop him from doing both because he is the sweetest puppy.

  38. Ken my puppy is 4 months old and I do those things that you talk about in your video. I make the sudden sounds for him to stop peeing, I pick him up and take him outside…..he sniffs around and never finishes the pee or the other. He waits till we come back in and goes in his kennel or in my kitchen or any where in the house for that matter.
    Man it's so hard!!!!!! I work 4 days out of the week for 10 hours of those days and he is blocked off from the rest of the house with training pads and he will use them, but when I come home.. he eats and drinks, I try and time it and then take him out, he just sniffs around and nothing. We come back in and when I'm not paying attention thats when he has peed somewhere or on the training pads. I'm very annoyed.

  39. I’m having the hardest time house training our new puppy to the point that I’m crying every day thinking we may have to give her up. She’s 7 months old and still can’t pick it up. What am I doing wrong?

  40. my puppy will run around like she is playing then suddenly go pee without any warning. she was being perfect then about 2 weeks ago she decided to stop listening to me. (with ALL of her training going out the window).

    how do i convince her to listen to me again? treats dont work with her, and toys just get her too excited.

  41. Hello. I have 2 puppies. One has caught on quickly in going to potty and doesn't have any accidents in the house. I take them at the same time and watch them. One goes and I praise him and he comes and sits to receive his treat but the other wanders and wants to play or lay around. I pick him up and place him in the crate while the other stays out. I try again and he still doesn't go and lately he's having accidents more and more. Is there something else you recommend?

  42. Puppy pees when I try to take puppy outside. I take puppy outside as many times I can depending if she has peed recently.

  43. Hi! I have a question what do you think about puppy pampers. I am getting a 7 month old poochon Thursday and I just want some advice to use puppy pampers to keep the puppy from going on my carpet or not. It's been 5 years since I cared for a puppy and training pads is what I used. Will using pampers confuse the puppy.

  44. But my puppy pees like 10 times a day. How can I take him out every time?

  45. My puppy finally started to poo outside but still pees inside. He pees wherever, in the crate, in the play-pen, wherever on the floor and does so without warning. I firmly say NO whenever I see him do it but he doesn't get phased at all. Another thing is, although im feeding him food and water together on a regular schedule he pees very irregularly. Sometimes he gets excited when food is on the table and just pees in the crate or wherever he is waiting for the food. Please help! Should I leave him out of the crate while waiting for him to pee?

  46. I made the mistake of getting two puppies at the same time and I have been keeping them in a 4' fenced dog playpen in my family room where the floor is tile over cement. They are peeing on the blanket and a lot of times the newspaper I put in there to for them to sleep on. They are also peeing on the rugs in my house, sometimes it's like they hold it just till we come in to pee. Oh I need some help what can I do. I almost never see them go because their always going in two directions. What should I do?

  47. I just rescued two year old yorkies ( one female and one male). They have been together since birth and was told they were partially potty trained, but this is clearly nit the case. I am very frustrated and at a loss, as they potty and poop in their cage everyday, I take them out and they will not go outside, and as soon as I bring them back in they will go in the house or in the cage. I know its not their fault and I don't want to return them, I just want to get this right and do my best for them. Please help!

  48. My puppy will go first thing in the morning but the rest of that day he goes on the floor he gets rewarded when he does do it right and goes out every 2-3 hours

  49. Hi I am having problems training my puppy, we got him at 17week and was told he was toilet trained,
    We soon came to realise he wasn't, he is now 20 weeks, we now have no poos in the house and no messing over night 8hrs roughly,
    But he is still weeing in the house even with doors open he will wee next to the door,
    We have tried putting pads down to but this confuses him,
    We take him out, let him out after every nap, everytime we just go through to the other room etc,
    Just not sure what else to do now
    Thank you

  50. Omg Ken, I have an 11 week old standard poodle pup that I watch like a hawk (lol) we have potting down pretty good she needs to go out every 90mins to 2hrs to be accident free. When i take her out i click and treat when she does her business. But a couple times per week (2-4x we’ve had her for 3 week) she pees on my floor 😩😩😩 and I wouldn’t say anything I’d just clean it with an enzyme cleaner. But I’m going try curbing these accidents with a nice loud “Ot, Ot, Ot.” I did catch her earlier in the week and made a big loud sound and she stopped and we ran outside and she finished but I didn’t know that by me doing that it was 1)appropriate 2)something I should be consistent with. Wish me luck!!

  51. I've watched all your puppy videos and especially the potty training ones but my pup still keeps peeing in the house. Often times at night when we wake up every few hours to go to the bathroom he is great and doesn't have accidents but he gets so excited to see me and ends up peeing all in his kennel and on the carpet outside it. Then when I bring him outside like you say, he doesn't use the restroom there. He doesn't go number 2 he just pees in his kennel and sometimes on the carpet. Even though we always bring him outside every hour or so especially after his naps. I also have yet another huge issue, he does NOT walk on his leash whatsoever. He sits or lays and refuses to do anything with a leash on a collar or harness. I want to take him on walks and do literally anything else other than sitting and laying down in the house. He hates squeaker toys, hates tug of war, he only likes to chew on a rope toy. He won't even chase a ball. He has so much energy but I can't figure out how to get him to focus his energy on anything. I just don't know what to do, I really need your guidance please!

  52. I wish you were located near me, I feel like I want to scream…My pup just isn't getting it.

  53. I have a 10 week old Havanese. I am following all the tips. My issue is his "movements" are sporadic. Often I will take him in and out of the cage multiple times and he won't go to the bathroom. How often are you to repeat the steps? Then do you just keep your eyes on him and interrupt? How do you know when to stop putting him in his cage after coming inside? I am concerned about him viewing his cage as negative.

  54. Just got a new puppy and I never thought it would be so hard to train him. He hasn’t peed outside once. I’ll keep trying though

  55. My puppy still will pee on the floor even though the pee pad is right next too her and if I keep putting her on it she will cry and tuck her tail and when she does use it I give her lots of praise and treats but then she'll pee on the floor again or the rug. ANY TIPS WOULD BE USEFUL.

  56. Hey Ken, We just got a puppy 2 days ago and she won’t walk at all we have to carry her outside to pee. Any advice on how we can make her walk out the door? Once she’s outside she lays down and won’t walk around either.

  57. I take my puppy ot every 30 min and some how me manages to still or poop in the house.

  58. So I've done what you're suggesting but it hasn't stopped the puppy from peeing and even pooping inside! And they're not accidents, he deliberately does it.

  59. My puppy is 3 months old. She's doing awesome with her potty training. She still has a couple accidents, which I expect, but what the issue is the whining at night while she's in the crate. My husband says that she's training me to get on her schedule instead of me training her to be on MY schedule. I let her out as late as 10PM and she still wakes up between 2:30AM and 5AM needing to go potty. My husband really doesn't want her in the bedroom. He's to the point that he wants me to put her in the garage at night which I don't want to do. But I also don't enjoy getting up at 2:30 to let her out. How do I get her to realize that she needs to sleep and get it to wear I'm training her instead of vice versa if that is what's happening?

  60. My dog pees and poops in his crate….. We go out side before I leave and make sure he uses the bathroom and I'm never gone long sometimes less than an hour and he still does it…..and now he started pooping on the carpet it's like we are going backwards ….. I'm following all the routine stuff and it just doesn't seem to work very frustrating he is 5 months old…. I've never had this problem with my other dogs they caught on really fast

  61. I'm really giving up here. Our dog is 1 year old and he's still peeing inside the house. It kinda looks like he does it out of rebellion or to bully us. Because we go with him outside and tell him to pee and he knows very well what we want from him and he does a pee and a poo outside but 3mins afterwards when we go back inside he pees again in the house. It's so frustrating. We don't know what to do anymore. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  62. Hi Cann.. Thank you for the valuable videos.. Plzzzzz help me out.. Here where we live there's isn't any puppy training centre or dog psychologist so I can't get access to anyone who can help me.. Anyways coming back to my strange problem.. My 8 months old GSD does have a potty training and she does her work in proper place but whenever she is happy she pees on that very spot.. Like when I come back to house and I take her out of the crate she pees there (even if I put her in the crate for 5min).. She pees while her belly is being rubbed (technically she pees lying).. I don't know what to do.. I tried to distract her from the excitement stage and then to go near her again but all in vein.. She always pees.. Plzz plzz plzz help me out of the problem..

  63. This may be a dumb question but how am I suppose to constantly be paying attention to my puppy? Am I just suppose to keep her in the crate unless I'm playing with her or taking her outside?

  64. My brother dog just had puppies and now they are 1 month today, they use the rest room 7 times a day and right after they eat they poop , and it be in the house and I have no idea what to do

  65. I adopted my dog as a stray we think shes about one and she gets to go to the bathroom outside but she also refuses to stop doing both inside if I try to leave her in her kennel she cries and barks the whole time I bought a patch of fake grass to put on the balcony and also bought some pee here spray and she refuses to go on that and doesn't let me know when she needs to go not sure what to do

  66. I have 3 puppies of the same age. Ive been trying to potty train them, but they all have accidents in the house. Now, i do let them out separately so as to not have distractions or anything. But when i being one in from potty outside there are messes waiting for me from the other 2. Help!

  67. Our puppy keeps going in the house . She was trained by the prior owner to go on a pad . She will hold it outside to come in and go on a pad. We need help to transition. We bought pads and the only place she is hanging now is the bathroom. We feel like we can’t spend time with her sadly

  68. Also she sometimes ignores the pad completely . She is not quite 3 months old should we get rid of the pads completely and start from scratch or ????? Can you help?

  69. So I’ve recently just got our very first puppy ( a pug ) and she’s almost four months. We bought a play pen for her (with a pee-pad inside), and the first few days she was doing fine and she only peed on the pad but on the other hand she kept pooping on the floor. Me and my family watched a few of your videos about training and tried to react to her pooping. She didn’t really get better at it though. I take her outside a lot though and when she does her business I reward her usually by giving her half of a treat. However I’m a bit confused if I should also reward her when she goes on her pee pad. Well anyway today she peed 6 times on the floor already and we had to change her pee pad a lot. How much do you think we should let her pee/poo on it before we change it? Because those pads are kind of expensive. Funny thing is, yesterday we woke up and checked her pen and apparently it was all clean. I don’t really get why she sometimes does her business on the floor, and sometimes not. She also rips up her pads a lot of times, maybe that’s why? But I occasionally try to makes sure she doesn’t. Please help, this is our last hope.

  70. I'm at my wits end with my dog. She's not a young puppy. She's over a year old. We rescued her from the shelter and we know nothing of her previous situation. She has never pottied outside since we brought her home. And her holding power is ridiculous. She's gone 36 hours without peeing. We will crate her when we aren't home, take her out, she will refuse to go. She has snuck behind the couch and started to pee, and we clap and say NO, she stops, we run her outside, and she won't go. We're worried she's going to end up with an infection from holding it so long. We stop her mid-stream, run her outside, and she won't go. She's an amazing dog other than the housebreaking. We feel so bad making her stay in a crate so much. We have gotten so many conflicting 'rules' on potty training.

  71. Hi, i have a three month old vizsla who is doing well with her toilet training and will go busy on command.. whenever we see this we praise her but… she also wees in her crate in the day when i have just cleaned it from the night time and placed new bedding into it.. I am now washing her bedding two or three times a day. And getting through a lot of newspaper. Why i don't know since in general she gets to go out very frequently.

  72. Oh my god you're so funnyyyyyy lmao. At first I'm all serious about puppy training and than our of the blue i just burst out laughing when you explain how to supervise and how nlt to supervise. I love your channel

  73. My puppy is about 16 weeks and he is just not getting it he pees everywhere and hides it and his poos we don't shout at him when he does it and he just randomly pees on beds we take him out and wait he doesn't do it when we take him in he does it and we don't have a crate tell me what to do pleasee

  74. My puppy used to do so well with going outside but one day he started peeing in the crate, and in the house. When outside he pees but doesn't stay still he pees and walks or runs and it just gets all over him. I don't know what else to do at this point. He at least poos outside most of the time.

  75. And when that doesn't work what do you do??? I am vigilant and with her 24 hours everyday. She has outside time, inside crate time, and most of the time she is under my feet or in her playpen in my work room. She poos and pees her bed at night, and she eats the poo. I have given her pills for poo and she still eats it. I make sure her bed is always clean to encourage clean living, but she still poos on it. However, for the past 2 nights she has been doing great. But I have to watch her very closely and get nothing done. She is a 5 month old chihuahua.

  76. I have a (familiar to) dachshund dog that is 3-4 months old and see pees and poops in the floor, at day she pees, but at night she poops and pees.

  77. At what age should they be able to master going outside? Our new puppy will be 10 weeks in a couple of days. I’ve never had this hard of a time potty training a dog before. It’s been a very frustrating 2 weeks.

  78. We got our dog at 4 monts old and she was doing so well with her potty training. At 5 months we take her out and nothing as soon as we bring her in she pees on the pad in her pen its very frustrating.

  79. I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. BUT he poops and pees in the house A LOT… So, leaving home is always a challenge for us. My husband and I were thinking about taking him to 'doggy school', but then again, it’s extremely expensive, and the nearest 'doggy school' is far away from us. Maybe you have some advice? THANK YOU!!!!

  80. I have tried to distract my puppy when I see him about to make a mistake on the floor he will stop for minute walk to his destination where he supposed to and then run right back to the area we originated and do his business

  81. My puppy is 18 weeks old I take him out millions of times per day I see him pee come in to catch him lift his leg and pee 🤯 no matter what I do this happens

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