QBank DAM – Uploading

Simple as it seems,
communicating digital assets with each other
can be a daily problem. There are a thousand
issues that can prolong sending and
receiving assets. Most commonly, users don’t
have access to the same file directories, use the
same software, or exist on the same continent. Communicating assets has
always been a problem. Throughout history, the
need to quickly deliver written messages has
evolved along with the amount of data
being delivered. Fast forward to today,
we’re starting to forget how to send a regular
“snail-mail” since we’ve grown used to e-mailing
or otherwise messaging online. But files today aren’t the
small documents they used to be, and internet speeds
aren’t always good enough when you quickly want
to send files. Not only can mailing
take time, but trying to organize your material
through anything other than a proper DAM is a huge waste
of time and resources, not to mention the risk of
getting versions, context and usage rights mixed
up, possibly resulting in irreparable damage. This problem can be
difficult enough between two users, imagine a
company on global scale with hundreds of employees
trying to collaborate. Introducing the
new QBank Upload. We’ve made sure uploading
is the easiest thing you can do in QBank 3, since
we know that the first step of managing your
digital assets is uploading them, so this of
course has to be as simple and as intuitive
as it can be. Drag files from anywhere
on your desktop, or use the browse option to find
what you want to upload. Get real time progress
with the option of stopping uploads at any
time, removing, adding more files or minimizing to let
the upload continue in the background, allowing the
user to continue working in QBank 3… …or whatever you doing
before you started your upload. Upload one or multiple
files at once, just select the files you need and go! File size doesn’t matter. Our servers run on modern,
quick connections, making your upload connection
the only bottle neck. Upload images, videos,
documents or whichever file
type you can imagine. QBank 3 stores all your
digital assets regardless of type. Expand the functionality
based on your needs, and make use of QBank’s
powerful features that allow automated imports
and scheduling of uploads – to eliminate the need
for manual upload, or integrate seamlessly
with existing work flows. So why make uploading and
managing your files such a problem? Contact us today for more
information or a trial experience!

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