80 thoughts on “Quake prompts tsunami watches for West Coast

  1. Liking FOX news? the other news media just said it was an 8.2 earth quake. Are the other main stream media only catering to low intelligence people?

  2. These tsunamis are caused by the cabal setting off nucular devices under water the 2nd missle threat to honalooloo was real it was shot down and the cabals submarine was sunk by us navy

  3. well the Cascadia subduction zone is overdue to shift. If this is all that happens it's manageable but if the rest of it starts going off all hell is gonna break loose on the west coast. Stay safe out there.

  4. First a "false alarm" over Hawaii, now earthquakes and tsunamis over Alaska? Nah homie, NoKo is up to some shit and it's just they can't tell us for fear of mass panic.

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  6. I fucking told that fat ass bitch of a ex-wife to NEVER do a cannon ball dive into the ocean… Now look what you fucking did Bertha, NOW YOU KNOW WHY I TOLD YOUR FAT ASS TO STAY WHERE YOU WERE, you know, in orbit around the sun…
    I'm sorry world, the bitch never listened to me….

  7. the planet's gravity that approaches is pulling on earths inner core which is affecting volcanoes, as well. just look at the sudden increase in volcanoes activity as well as many metorites hitting earth all over which are coming,from the tail of debris following this large planet. The contrails constantly being put in the atmosphere are to hinder viability to see the big planet. crazy huh? military knows and have been trained for martial law when all the volacanes go crazy. sudden increase in satellite launches as well not being disclosed to press also. google everything and you can confirm.

  8. And so it begins. Come quickly Lord Jesus. There will be more earthquakes with more intensity this upcoming year as God tries to call people back to Himself with warnings straight out of the Bible. Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The time is short.

  9. What does the fake Megyn Kelly have to do with this? This was an Earthquake followed by a possible Tsunami. Seismology and Oceanology have nothing to do with Meteorology. Stay in your lane Fake Megyn, if there's a slight breeze followed by a gentle rain then you're the person to call.

  10. Are the liberal lunatics going to use this opportunity to jibber jabber about rising ocean levels because of some wave action?

  11. Will Los Angeles be effected by the Tsunami?? Can you guys please inform us?????

  12. Is the alert still on? Tsunami danger is over yet? I hope it is, God is good, thank you heavenly Father.

  13. Go ahead and play this in the background as you watch.

  14. Quick supreme leader kim..use the weather dominator we stole from Cobra in the 80s

  15. California is on the Death List? I'm not surprise! I'm living in it! I wish Lord Jesus is coming back as He said 2000 years ago!

  16. huge waves in orgeon days ago, now an earthquake to make even more big waves now…hmmm…

  17. who thumbs down a story of an earthquake?? none of us like it- but it's a report of news. I'm perplexed.

  18. shit… I live in Tacoma wa close to the waters. That would've sucked if I was sleeping and water was pouring in.

  19. you can't swim,,,,,, you best learn to snorkle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but if your a hillary ,,,,,, obama the gay liberal,,,,,,,,don't worry…..your brain dead already

  20. Gulf of Alaska is treacherous to travel through..i was working as a fish processor..I know this area well!best of luck to all the crews for this winter season! Be safe out there!

  21. This was no earthquake. First off the cascadia fault line runs more southern near Washington and the San andreas fault line is off the coast of California. Not saying there has to be a fault line or sub zone for an eq to happen in that area but it's a little fishy if you ask me. A 7.9 quake they said was unusually shallow at 10 miles (bullshit it was more shallow) no tsunami associated with said 7.9 quake (which is a good thing). Put your brain to work for a minute. If there was no wave then there wasn't a huge displacement of water. It was registering a 30 ft wave at the epicenter.

    Call me paranoid but anythi g is possible. I think NoKo tested an underwater nuke via submarine like they said they were gonna do. Our navy already intercepted the sub but had to conjure a cover story to avoid a mass panic by American citizens.

  22. her face looks made of plastic , and that is on camera. HOLY FUCK she must be 99 years old .. I NEED MONEY!!!

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