Quarter Hunting – Found Silver, Varieties & 2019 River of No Return Quarters

Hey everybody it’s Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and I’m re-recording this intro because when I started this quarter hunt
quite some time ago I did not expect to get a couple of boxes that are gonna
have some river of no return quarters in them..that being said we’ve got boxes
that were regular or circulated boxes and then I got a couple of boxes that
had some river of no return quarters in them which made me very excited! Anyway, hang tight watch the video see what we found Hey everybody it’s Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right we’ve got a box of quarters here now I’ve been sitting on this box
for a little bit because I noticed it was circulated quarters and as you know
my hunt for silver and my circulated quarters has been rough that being said
I believe we have some newer quarter Enders at least on some end and it’s not
uncommon for me right about now to start finding some more W quarters in
circulation that being said I wouldn’t mind financing sweet silver and with a
one box hunt we’re up against it to see if we can get something good out of this
box as always I’ll loop you in if I find
something good but I will preface this video that if I don’t find anything good
in this first box then we’ll go ahead and marry this hunt when I get another
box of quarters all right I think we’ve talked enough let the hunt begin
let’s find some goodies roll 29 we’re gonna get our first find and it’s not
silver it just looks like it could be a form because the reading is large and it
is a foreign coin here Queen Elizabeth the second on it ten pence can’t get mad
at that we’ve got a foreign fund in the first box wish it was silver but I’ll
take a foreign all day very next roll roll number thirty and I brought this up
in my last quarter video but this is a nearly unser
circulated 1982 d holy cow the edge is fantastic the strike is good I’m not
gonna touch it too much more I’m gonna be sleeping that one up but that is in
fantastic shape a little bit of a weak strike maybe some grease on pluribus but
this is a fantastic 82 and I’ll tell you why they’re fantastic
when you find an 82 or 83 P or D minted quarter in just a second so I’ve shown
this book before you guys know all about it if you don’t it’s called the United
States coins 2020 official red book kind of gives you an idea about varieties
heirs pricing things like that on coins for quarters they’re not worth much even
at high grade in many of the years but in 82 and 83 they were hard to find and
high grade and as you can see the price jumps up to a lot more than face value
for an 82 or at 83 this is a 1982 Denver minted quarter and it is fantastic I’m
gonna go out on a limb and say this was a uncirculated set that was broken open
and maybe they just dumped it or it was in someone’s collection for a long time
look at the fields on it this thing is at least in mint state grade in my
opinion and I will take it was not expecting this at all I’m very happy to
have found it it’s the best one I’ve ever found Ball corner hunting well add
that to the finds that gets me excited we had a foreign in the previous role
and now we have a beautifully uncirculated 1982 denver quarter in rule
30 let’s get back to the hunt well we finished that box and unfortunately no
w’s and no silver but I did find kind of a cool 1981 I thought it was silver for
a second by the edge because it’s all black when I wiped it away kind of like
my fingers when I wiped it away I can see that there was a copper edge to it
but the toning when I first pulled it out I thought man
that’s gonna be silver it wasn’t what do you do i also found and in God we rust
there and honestly this is one of the better ones I have found I’ll show it to
you here in a second that’s how you want to find him pretty much almost no trace
of the letter T I’ll take it I’ve done a few of these lately it’s good to find
some more you guys have seen the fines we did pull that 10 pence that
uncirculated 82 d it’s a beauty and then I also found a beautiful 1976 Denver
minted Bicentennial quarter it is not the DD o but man it’s just as nice as
the 82 d we found a really nice 2006 the vast a quarter that I add to the
collection as well that’s it because that’s all the fines in this one box
we’re gonna save this video and combine it when I get another box so I’ll see
you when I get another box in just a snap well there we go another box
magically appeared this is a different kind of quarter box I don’t get too many
of these but I’m super excited to get into it only because it is different
roles to repent a box to any extent you guys know the drill I’ll loop you in if
I find something worth showing hoping for a silver praying for a double
you would take a proof for it you name it let’s go well unfortunately we’re
back already because there are no fines in this box I had to struggle all I
could pull out with a 79 d in pretty good shape at another 82 d not in as
nice a shape as the other one but still definitely one that I would generally
pull out when n sleeved up the beauty that I found outside of that you guys
saw the rest of the finds so once again I’ll be back when I have another quarter
box or two I’ll see you in a snap we’re back again and I’ve got another box of
quarters I put away most of the other finds
hoping this box gets me some silver some double use something cool let’s go well
that was an uneventful quarter box we didn’t find anything that I would
consider keeping but the corner honey we had fun you guys know
the drill we’re not gonna end the video on a skunk box
we’ll see you wouldn’t we have another box in a snap well we’re back once again
and I have another quarter box already pop the top it is not uncirculated it is
circulated so no double use as far as the river of no return in this box but
maybe we’ll find other double use I also don’t see any fancy-schmancy Enders
nothing silvery nothing foreign so like the last couple of boxes we’re here once
again praying that we get some good finds we need to add something to this
board anyway never know what you’re gonna get maybe
this is the lucky box were waiting for so let’s see if it is and let’s see if
we find some goodies well yet another quarter box down finish searching 50
rolls no silver no double use no florins nothing really that crazy I did keep
three state quarters I did pull out in 1985 Denver minted quarter it’s in
pretty good shape pretty good strike overall so I’ll be adding that to my
collection as well we also found a quarter that has been hold or at least
attempted to be hold not a very great job be tossing it back just that since
it was odd I’d show it to you and then finally the fine of that box is another
2,000 feet Kansas State quarter that is a in god we trust’ air quarter
it’s a look better than I normally find but not a great example because you
could still see remnants of that tea with certain lighting but as I always do
I’ll be adding it to my heirs and varieties folder since I have found two
now during this hunt since we haven’t found any silver yet or any double use
obviously I’ll be back once again when I grab myself another quarter box so I’m
just picking up my halves and my quarters today I’ve got a few more stops
normally I only get one box of quarters from my bank but this is the bank that
has given me uncirculated quarter boxes more often than the other ones and he
said he had a couple of quarter boxes so I took them both hoping praying that we
have some uncirculated but if not we’ll have to do a quarter hunt as usual so
I’m gonna open this live just in case so looking at this
looks like looks like we have some River of No Return quarters I think we have
some River of No Return quarters we have some River of No Return quarters in the
box I can see just on the top side 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 rolls that at least have
an ender and it doesn’t look like both sides are an ender so I don’t know if
these have been hunted already oh this has both ends we might have some W
quarters right here right now let’s check the other box all right
box number 2 well this time some more and yes sir you can see them we most
definitely definitely have and I see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 in this box it’s packaged
poorly but that’s only one end so we have 9 ends and that’s a double ender 9
ends with river of no return so I think what I’m gonna do next is organize these
both boxes into checking all the ends I’ll do that when I get home we’ll be
back we’ll see what we got so I’ve got the boxes at the house I’ve
checked all the Enders in box 1 we have 20 it’s basically these last 4 rows
right here are either single Enders or double Enders now it doesn’t mean
there’s not reverb no return corners in those rules because these were sprint
matically around the box so I just want to give it bird’s eye view we have 20
river return Enders unrolls out of 50 in box
two wait a little bit less we had 12 and this was actually the first box so we
have these 10 plus I believe these two so a total of 32 rolls in the two boxes
that have a river of no return enter and again they were spread sporadically
throughout the boxes so I don’t know how many we’re gonna have we could be
getting into some double use or we could just be getting into some Denver minted
River of No Return quarters now I’ll tell you I did check the obverse sides
that I could see they’re all Denver I’m excited I don’t want to get my hopes up
too much until we get this hunt started let’s get the hunting so I’m starting
with the box that has the 12 rolls that have at least one end coin I think for
hem and double ender just cracked open roll one we did have one River of No
Return Denver minted quarter in it so that’s a good sign I think just want to
point that out we’re gonna start now with roll two and see if there’s more so
I just cracked open all four we’re still stuck on rolling one River of No Return
quarter but looks like there’s lots of new ones in here I’ll bring you in if
what I find is a W or at least update you on how many are in our quarters we
found so I finished hunting roll for no double use white the stack so definitely
start to see them they’re all Denver oh and we did find a graffiti coin balls of
steel anyway no double use yet but we do see the new release quarters in the box
and in roles that did have vendors we’re on roll 13 and I’ve decided to leave the
under rolls for last but I bring you in because in searching for the 2019 W
quarters take a look at this we’re gonna get something I never really see in a
quarter roll a silver edge and there is a mint mark on the back
Denver even a little bit of toning 1963 silver
quarter in the box I’ll take it and get back to the hunt roll 26 a little more
than halfway through the box I have now found 76 River of No Return quarters and
in my quest of looking at edges for new quarters I missed an edge of a silver
quarter pretty obvious I don’t know how I missed it but as I was hunting this
roll this popped out so here we are struggling for silver looking for double
use and now finding our second silver quarter of the first box unbelievable
well 27 very next rule I have got a silver edge again and it’s going to be a
foreign and it’s a Canadian 1978 so unfortunately it won’t be silver last
year for silver I believe was 68 so this is the decade past that but it is a four
and fine man I thought we had three silvers out of my record my record is
only two silvers in a box for a second I thought I had a third instead we’ve got
a Canadian still fun hunt so far and I still have a lot of Enders we’re about
to get into role 35 we’re almost at the end our roles we’ve got about 82 River
no returns all Denver so far I bring in no because I’ve got a Kansas State
Quarter and sure enough pretty good example of the end god we rest there
right there that T is almost invisible one of my better examples to
be honest you can barely make out just a little bit of that tea we’ll take it
nice air found in the box along with two silvers and a Canadian well there be w’s
we’ve got four rolls left of the box and these are the four roles that have a
river of no return ender on both ends so I’ve left them for last we’ve done 46
rules we have 275 Denver minted river of no return quarters no double use that
being said I was adverting about 500 quarters for every one W San Antonio
missions so we’re just over half as many until we got our first set of double use
for San Antonio mission so I’m not completely convinced that there is no
double use in these boxes but 275 Denver minted ones in it’s not looking good let
me finish up those four rolls unless I find a Debbie before then we’ll give you
a box wrap up and move on to box two well we finished that first box of
quarters and unfortunately with 365 Denver minted river of no return
2019 quarters not one was a double you kind of begs the question that maybe I’m
getting river of no return but they’re not sending double use my way yet again
it’s 365 quarters you would have thought maybe we would have got one but it is a
mixed box these are mixed boxes so it’s possible that I’m either too early
they’re not sending them or am I too late it’s only been a week since the
release date so you never know the good news is it was a great box I did get two
silver quarters in a quarter box which ties my record a Canadian and 2005
Kansas State and gobbling rest quarter so definitely a solid box a letdown on
the double use maybe we have some double use maybe not either way still a fun
hunt let’s find some more goodies and I’ll loop you in if I do
nineteen rolls in the box to start to stack up about what is that 80 something
2019 river no return quarters no double use but I’m bringing in because yet
another Kansas State Quarter and another fine example of the in God we rest there
man you can barely make out just a fraction of that tea it’s a beauty
I’ll take it second one found during the hunt
still no double use few rules later think we’re on roll 21 and I’m pretty
excited because I struck with fighting silver then in my quest to get double
used like I said earlier we’re getting silver edges in my Porter boxes
unbelievable Denver Mint on the bottom 1964 third silver quarter in 71 rolls
crazy roll 46 I’m beat but it’s not all for naught 380 River of
No Return quarters in this box so far we’re hunting this roll we got one hits
dinged up badly so I don’t mind touching with my bare hands big old gash across
his cheek but that’s a W river of no return not gradable condition hopefully
I find more before the deadline for the early fines designation but we got one and that feels good well that’s all she
wrote for box two of this hunt 480 river of no return quarters plus 365 is 845
which I’m keeping separated because believe it or not I have pretty tired
eyes and there’s a chance I may have missed one I’m gonna go back through all
of them that being said this is what we’re looking for in those two boxes
albeit not in the greatest condition it is my first 2019
River of No Return W quarter we’ll take it we got a W and we got three Silver’s
in two boxes that makes up for the first boxes being skunks and then of course we
got the Canadian and a couple of it gotta be rest their quarters my heart
was almost broken my spirit never was going to be but I’m happy we got at
least one hopefully you enjoyed this quarter hunt video if you did I’d
appreciate a thumbs up and as always happy hunting everyone and thanks for

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  1. Quarter Hunting – Found Silver, Varieties & 2019 River of No Return Quarters!

    What began as a ONE Box Quarter Hunt for any for Silver, 2019 W's and an Error or Variety coin quickly turned into one of my better quarter hunts!

    I never get much luck when I coin roll hunt quarters… Yet, I still love the anticipation of opening those orange striped rolls and looking for silver. I have put off hunting quarters often (although I do look through one box per week) since my luck with them is terrible… but figured I stay focused on my quest for more silver and some more 2019 W Quarters.

    In this video, I'll open up 6 boxes of quarters from different bank branches in hopes of finding a 2019 W Quarter or at the least, landing another Silver Quarter or error/variety quarter of 2019.

    I ended up finding more than I could have hoped for!

    What do you prefer to hunt? Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Halves?

    What's your best score from a box of Quarters? Which of the "Big Banks" do you think gives up the best boxes?

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