Quasar Science Battery Plate RELEASED! (First Look) For RGB Rainbow Q LED Tube Lights – BQ Mount

What’s up Film Jammers! This week, we’ve got a brand new accessory from Quasar Science to show you. Block Battery and Quasar Science have teamed up to create this battery bracket for the RGB Quasar LED lights. And we’ve got one of the first ones, out in the wild, to be released. Whoo! We’re gonna show you how it works and maybe Jam a little *Guitar Sound Effect* Film Jams! The Quasar Science LED tubes have become really popular over the last few years with filmmakers And they’re personally one of my favorite lights because you can do so much cool stuff with them. Very creative! When Quasar released their RGB, or Rainbow, versions of their LED tubes, the lights got even more versatile. You had cop light effects, fire light effects, and a full array of RGB colors in those light. If you haven’t seen it yet. Make sure to check out our full RGB Quasar review. So one of the things I always wish my Quasar RGB tubes had was battery power. What if these little tubes, so light and maneuverable, had power inside? Think of the possibilities Morty! Ack! So when Block Battery posted this little battery bracket for Quasar RGB tubes on Instagram, I got pretty excited So this is the brand new battery bracket that Quasar and Block Battery teamed up to produce and we had film jams got one of the first ones off the assembly line! How cool is that? So let’s take a closer look at what it can do and see it in action! So let’s talk specs. The battery bracket powers the Quasar off of two Sony NPF style batteries Now, in the future, they may offer different options. But right now is just the Sony NPF batteries. The Sony batteries are pretty cheap and ubiquitous. So I’m good with that choice and we’ll put some amazon links down below if you want to pick some up. The thing I like about this bracket is it’s not just a battery mount. It’s also a way to mount your quasar. So you’ve got your bracket, you got your batteries. So you’ve got an all-in-one portable lighting solution for your quasars. It’s a really convenient design. You’ve got four mounting screws here. One on each side of the fixture perfectly sized to fit your quasar mounting pin. Which is one of my favorite accessories for the quasar. So it lets you attach them to a c-stand or you can also handhold it for some running gun style shooting Alright let’s do a little walk and talk, Jimmy! Okay, lemme grab the quasar plate. And we’re walking and talking! So you basically attach this P tap power cable to the back of the battery bracket. The other end connects to the quasar tube. Turn on the power switch and you’re up and running. So right now on the battery bracket i’ve got two Anton Bauer branded Sony NPF batteries. We’ve been running the light on and off today for about two hours and the batteries are still going strong. So, I think it’s safe to say you’re gonna get a lot of runtime out of these batteries. Especially on the 2 foot model and you can easily swap the batteries if they run out. Unlike some other competing brands like NanLite. Which have an integrated battery in their tubes, but it only lasts for two hours and if it runs out you’re stuck. But the quasar bracket you just pop another battery on And you’re ready to go. And one thing to keep in mind on the battery bracket is that this control switch turns your light on and off. The actual control switch on the quasar – bloop – doesn’t work anymore. Now the different quasar models have different powering setups and this specific battery bracket only works on the 2 foot, 4 foot, and 8 foot RGB or rainbow models. So if you have the bicolor quasar tubes or if you have the t8 tubes, this bracket will not work on those. This little baby is custom-made for the Rainbows. You get two, you get double rainbow. Overall the Quasar battery plate is really light. It’s functional. It’s got a lot of mounting screws and I think it’s gonna be a great addition to my kit. I’m ooking forward to adding a couple of these battery plates for my other quasars as well. So we’ve got links below to Quasar Sciences website if you want to pick one of these up they’e 250 bucks. It’s the only place you can get them right now. They’re hot. They’re gonna change your life. Get your hot dogs and get your quasar battery plates/ So let us know what you think about the new quasar battery plate down in the comments and we’ll see you next week! And we had- Whoo! It’s pretty light. Think of the possibilities Marty! Worst Doc back to the future’ impression ever. Yeah, it’s like cheaper than the cost of a Broadway musical so you should probably buy two.

4 thoughts on “Quasar Science Battery Plate RELEASED! (First Look) For RGB Rainbow Q LED Tube Lights – BQ Mount

  1. I need to get some of these lights. This battery bracket seems pretty dang useful!

  2. So it is an Np-f to v-mount adapter. Use a d-tap to dc thing and it will work even with the nanlite, and probably cheaper than this…

  3. "Little batter brackets" lol
    What about the T8's? I need a way to.power the 4ft 5600k

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