¿Qué relación guardan los tumores y los tsunamis?

A UC3M study mathematically
describes how tumours grow We have analysed
how tumours induce a blood vessel growth
towards them in order to feed themselves
and grow. There are growth models
of blood vessels that are quite complex. This issue was first studied
some 40 years ago. Many of them are stochastic models, which analyse how
and why blood vessels move. Nearly all the models were based
on simple numerical simulation. We have found
a mathematical description through differential equations
of blood vessel density, and we have discovered
they soon make up a soliton, similar to that of waves of water
or tsunamis. And they move forward guided
by the soliton towards the tumour. If one knows how blood vessels move
towards the tumour, as well as they take the shape
of a soliton, by controlling the movement
of the soliton we can induce it to be delayed or make blood vessels
not reach the tumour so that they can’t feed it. The research has been carried out
by some UC3M collaborators, Filippo Terragni
and Manuel Carretero, and Bjorn Birnir, professor at the University
of California in Santa Barbara. In collaboration with:

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