Rainbow Six Siege – Ash Tomb Raider Elite Set: New on the Six | PS4

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79 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege – Ash Tomb Raider Elite Set: New on the Six | PS4

  1. Ash Tombraider, Yana and quiverra redesign This month Ubisoft is going full pornhub on us

  2. That looks like a discount Lara, at least give her the Tomb Raider 1 outfit. This just looks like a random person with Tomb Raider looking glasses

  3. At 0:20 I really thought the Uncharted 4 theme was gonna start playing lol

  4. When the tachanka rework comes out I expect him to get a elite skin ubi. I want the elite animation to be him getting a halo over his head spreading his arms out and slowly floating upward to some holy light.

  5. Another Elite skin??? Great!…..Give these a-holes another reason to overuse this broken operator

  6. What up with this Game. The Rainbow Series wasn’t like this. It was more tactical, this is okay but it’s not Rainbow Related. Plus Ash already has 2 elites. Why give her another one?? Waste of time and resources.

  7. Imagine a Doomslayer or Doomguy skin for Tachanka and an Assassins Creed one for either Hibana, Caveira or Kapkan. That blow my mind

  8. @PlayStation What are you doing with all the trailers? I don't like it putting Microsoft in a bad light! Be more mature! And I don't like how Microsoft treated me as well, the said at the Support line I sound like a fish and still own me until these days a Xbox360, they even lied and told me I opened it which wasn't true, I didn't even know how. And now you Sony also act like a child!
    Congrats to myself for the 100th comment here.

  9. Sad that a game that has nothing to do with Tomb Raider can pull Lara Croft's outfit off much better than the recent trilogy.

  10. ahaha her hair look kinda weird. but at least she looks better than the reboot "Lara Croft".

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