Raj Kachori | Jharkhand Street Foods | Maithon Dam Street Foods Ep. 02 | রাজ কচুরী

We are finished our boat ride Its now evening and we need some snacks So we visited the local place And we found out that the specialty of this place is this This is called Raj Kachori Kachori is small but it is grand really big here The size explains why it called Raj Kachori Look at the size its more like a small Turtle Its so pumped up Its so rare Raj Kachori just look at the size its bigger than my palm So this is the Raj Kachori so big We will find out its preparation right now Whats this for? For Ghugni So in this hot Ghugni we are going to mix Onion,some coriander leaf,and some stuffed Potato Boiled potatoes its the hot Ghugni being served They are adding lots of spices in the Ghugni And most of theme are unknown to me That’s why we are not going in details Ok ok so they are adding some Fuchka in those Raj Kachori What is this?Chatni? Adding Tamarind Chatni for sour taste Raj kachori is being filled up with Fuchka first Then mix boiled potato This big hole Kachori is being filled up by different stuffs And now finally hot Ghugni After seeing the Raj Kachori i’m bit confuse how should i eat With spoon or by hand So lets see I can feel the flavor of Ghugni ,sour Chatni ,Onion Now try with this hmmm,tastes good.so much different flavor in it This is like Fuchka Basically its called Raj Kachori because of its huge size One peace of full prepared Raj Kachori costs 50 rupees(0.70 dollars) After visiting the locality we found out the specialty of this place is Raj Kachori You also try this We are ending the episode of Maithon dam with Raj Kachori To see more videos like that Please subscribe to our channel and click the bell for notification

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