Rally for Rivers – Campaign Launch by Sadhguru

Subscript: Nadi Stuti chant Sadhguru: This is not a protest, nor is this an agitation. This is a campaign to raise awareness that
our rivers are depleting. Everyone, when I say everyone, everyone who
consumes water must Rally for Rivers. Subscript: Nadi Stuti song

90 thoughts on “Rally for Rivers – Campaign Launch by Sadhguru

  1. Sadhguru is our present day Mahatma doing only the most important things quietly

  2. amen! Sadhguru is thinking! UKULELE ATLANTA HOLLY ""water is beautiful"!

  3. people who are unable to give a missed call just add zero before the number like 08000980009 OR add India's country code +91 like 918000980009.

    What will a missed call do?
    Your missed call will be counted as a support to save rivers and will help in influencing the Government to make a policy change.

  4. share this as mush as possible.. wow pranam guruji.. u'hv just nailed that what means to be a leader

  5. exactly what solution you suggest? instead of showcasing problem only !

  6. Thank you Sadguruji. To take it little up further is by making a viral video song of saving water, praying earth for fresh water to flow yearlong in the form of different rivers. new songs in different languages every year during the monsoon season so that people are made aware of it.

  7. this type rally only possible to Sadhguru… Thank you Sadhguru .. we support…

  8. Pranam Sadhguru, could you also create a donation page? Much Love

  9. Some of the reason for this is price control of grains which stores massive amounts of grains to artifically keep prices high. This makes it harder for the poor to buy food and wastes alot of resources to gather crops just to rot in a ware.

  10. yes, truly a tragidy….. I will do what I can. I'm not a wealthy man. I can help raise awareness and bring people together though. thank you Sadhguru for your wisdom and showing me the way. truly beautiful.

  11. Sadhguru is a great man ! he's using his influence to help his country,he's using what he is to the benefit of others. We need men and leaders like him who really care about others and our earth… blessed be your heart Sadhguru ! I vow to you 🌼🌺🌸🏵🌻…

  12. Great initiative Sadhguru.. We are waiting for the rally for rivers🙏

  13. This music came from bottom of hearts! Big bow for beautiful souls who made this video! May God bless you! The message penetrated into hearts so painfully. I take oath to do my part for this maha yagna!

  14. the best and historic rally For this and the most needfull cause.Salute |

  15. if you want to see India green then we should make India with blue I am one who support rally rivers


  17. I want to make a video for Rally for River in my YouTube channel. Can you give me permission for that please. Reply.. Thanks

  18. Have used all my numbers to give miss call on 8000980009. And I will buy new sims to vote more and more

  19. plssss give one missed call.that each and every missed call save our nation's and rives…. v all protested 4 jallikatu but water and rives r more and more important than jallikatu….soo plsss ( save rives)

  20. Please use code +91 before 8000980009 if you are facing problem to give miss call

  21. I am strongly with this nationwide campaign, water is every thing for any life, Previously I Paper presented in Second National Conference on the Potential of Rain Water Harvesting: Traditions, Policy & Social Mobilization Organized by Center for Science and Environment at New Delhi. At October 3-5 1998. this is right time for saving our heritage rivers for environment, economy & new generation…

  22. *Water*.
    It is interesting and thought provoking. Hence felt like sharing.

    Title: Water
    Grand father saw it in River
    Father saw it in Well
    We saw it in Tap
    Our Children see it in Bottle
    Where will our Grand Children see it ??? In CAPSULE

    If we still neglect,
    it will be seen only in *Tears*😥

  23. I told all the band save the trees save the water in install them and see what runs view source tree source of the most of our forests was raining that cutting the trees

  24. It looked so beautiful 😍 how the whole country turned blue great coordination by the people. 👏👏Truly India is blessed with many holy rivers and we must contribute in whatever way we can in maintaining this natural and spiritual treasure in form of our rivers🙏🏞

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