Rally For Rivers – ReCap | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Next thirty days, I’m on the road
covering thousands of kilometers. I want you to stay awake with me. You have to keep this on till I reach Delhi
– 2nd of October. This enthusiasm, this liveliness, towards a cause which will take many years to yield results. The Tamil people must show the nation that
we are serious about this – serious does not mean you must be depressed. We want to make this rally happen in a celebratory
way, in a joyful way. Kerala is called “God’s own country”
only because of its greenery and its water bodies. My intent is, you should not say “God’s
own country” just about Kerala, we must be able to say this about the entire nation. You must promise me, you will not destroy
Karnataka. You must promise me that Karnataka will stay
green and beautiful and rivers of this country and rivers of this state will flow forever. The Chief Minister was telling me that he’s driving towards fifty percent of the land into horticulture. This is the thing to do in the country. For democratically elected governments, if
they have to take a long term policy, which has a huge gestation period, people of this
nation have to stand up and say one big yes. Please get that yes from Telangana for me. That Swami Vivekananda once said, “Give
me one hundred youth who’re truly committed. I will change the face of this nation.” Mumbai is a large city, nearly two crores. I ask for two hundred youth to stand up for
next three years to make this happen. You must make this happen, Mumbai! And the mothers of Gujarat, given us a Mahatma
and Sardar Patel and a past Prime Minister and a present Prime Minister. I’m asking you now, will Gujarat give me
one hundred youth? Only one qualification – you must get rid
of one thought in your mind – “what about me?” The youth of Madhya Pradesh, you must do your
own rally – walk for the rivers, cycle for the rivers, motorcycle for the rivers, do
whatever but make sure how I saw the rivers fifty years ago, the glorious, clean, wonderful rivers of our nation, in the next twenty-five years, we want to offer that kind of river to our children. Uttar Pradesh is the largest state. This is a nation by itself. Ganga flows through five states. Among this, Uttarkand and Uttarpradesh are very important. If there has to be a significant improvement in Ganga, these two states should work as one. Rajasthan is the eleventh state. Very, very happy to be here because Rajasthan
is doing pioneering work in water conservation, probably never before on the scale that it’s
been taken up in this part of the country. We are here in Punjab and Haryana – the depletion
in the soil is very bad. The number of cereals, the number of pulses,
the number of legumes, the number of vegetables – this many variety of things are grown but
we will lose this completely because no farmer wants his child to go into farming. This rally for rivers which started from Kanyakumari has now reached the lap of Ganga. This is the 29th day, we’ve been in over
hundred-and twenty-five meetings like this. So for a old man I’m holding up pretty good
(Laughs). Why this journey? It may not happen in our lifetime but we have
to set the direction now for a solution. Till October 30th, we want as many calls as
possible because actual tabulation will start at that time. Just past midnight, October 2nd, Mahatma’s
Jayanti. We just crossed 9,300 kilometers at India Gate. This is the culmination of the rally in terms
of driving. Tomorrow is a conclusive event. Rally for Rivers – the fun part is over, now
it’s lot of work (Laughs). This is fantastic to see that across the country,
all sorts of people – from school children to celebrities, from simple farmers to tall leaders, everybody is standing up for one cause beyond religion, beyond caste, beyond
gender, beyond political affiliations, everybody standing up for this cause, this is truly
fantastic to witness this.

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