Ramyeon is a must in Han river [The Return of Superman/2019.08.14]

– Dad, do you like Seoul or not? / – I like it. It’s been a while since Gunhoo and Naeun came to Seoul. This is a hot place. – A hot place? / – Yes. What does that mean? – That it’s popular. / – He’s sweeping his hair back. – My goodness. / – It’s like a scene from a movie. This is the place. When you come to Seoul, you have to take a photo here. A photo is a must when you come to a hot place. – I want to sit here. / – Sit there. – How should we pose? / – Let’s do this. Shall we do that? Okay. I will do that as well. Gunhoo, let’s sit down. Here we go. – Seoul. / – Seoul. Seoul. Seoul. – How cute! / – I’m excited about their trip to Seoul. It’s my day off, so I came to Seoul with my children. I have never been to the Han River with my children, so I visited the place during the trip. (A movie-like Han River outing) – Naeun, what do you want to do? / – Something fun. Something fun? – Something fun? / – What did he find? He saw the pigeons. (Pigeons, it’s good to see you again.) (The last time he visited the Han River,) (he was a bit sentimental.) When he came here with Uncle Kwanghee, Gunhoo was a bit sentimental. He is full of energy today. Pigeons. Pigeons. This is the first thing I prepared for today. Why does Gunhoo like them so much? – He likes birds. / – Pigeons! (I hereby declare that) (I am your king starting today.) (“Pigeon King”) It’s a pigeon. (Understood?) (Okay?) – “My king.” / – He is the ruler of the pigeons. (Life isn’t a straight line.) (It’s a circle, okay?) It sounds like an actual conversation. (Such is the law of nature.) (Take good care of me.) He bowed at the end. (Okay?) He isn’t done. (Here comes Pigeon King Park Gunhoo.) (The symbol of peace, follow me.) (Naeun, let’s play together.) Let me join you. (Naeun runs toward him.) – It’s fun for children to run. / – That’s right. (Let’s go!) He is exhausted. (I need a moment before I go.) – Hold on. / – Oh, my. – What is he doing? / – It seems like he is doing something important. (It’s the most peaceful time.) (Gunhoo’s body will become lighter.) He wasn’t done. He stood up and sat down again. (With a promise of peace, they move to the next spot.) (This is…) I saw this with Uncle Kwanghee. – It’s a sculpture of “The Host”. / – Yes. What does it say here? “The Host”. (Can Naeun read?) Did she just read that? “Here, ‘The Host’,” “protect”. “We watch ‘The Host’.” – What? Can she read already? / – “And…” I don’t know. I don’t know its name. She just knows the title of the movie. Let’s see who runs away the fastest. Stand here. Let’s run in that direction. – In one, two, three. / – Three. They are recreating a scene from the movie. I remember this scene. It’s the scene with Song Kangho. Please add computer graphics so that it looks like a movie scene. – He wants to see that. / – Please. Let’s do it one more time. This is fun. – Okay, get ready. / – Does Jooho want to be an actor? – In one, two. Let’s go. / – One, two… Run! Run! – Run! / – Run! Run! All right. They will add computer graphics. (“The Host”) – It’s a monster! Run! / – Run! (They meet a monster) (during their picnic at the Han River.) – Run! / – Run! Gunhoo. (Naeun loses Gunhoo’s hand.) – My goodness. / – Oh, no. No, no. Gunhoo, come here. No! (Naeun!) Gunhoo, come here. (He succeeds in escaping thanks to Naeun.) – He’s safe. / – They are channeling – the characters in the movie. / – Yes. (All done.) (I survived thanks to you, Naeun.) (I will sing to show my gratitude.) (Walking away) (Naeun is busy.) Naeun, please listen to him. Gunhoo, come here. I will use this to make you a house. Okie-dokie. Hold on. Jooho always seems to have something prepared. I will make you a house. One, two, three. It was a house, right? (How will Gunhoo and Naeun react?) Did you see that? Three. It was a house, right? You saw that, right? I made you a house. Please add computer graphics. – Again? / – Computer graphics? He must like the idea of computer graphics. – I want to try it. / – Do it for Gunhoo. One, two, three. One, two, three. She did a much better job. (A good example of making bubbles) How pretty! (This is what I wanted, Naeun!) Naeun, let’s go. (The bubble fairy is excited.) (Floating) She is good. It’s hard to make bubbles. (Impressed) (This is incredible!) How pretty! (Grinning) – Naeun. / – Run, run. Naeun. (I will pop it!) (I did it!) Children love bubbles. (When Naeun makes bubbles,) (Gunhoo runs over and pops it.) All right. (Cheering) – He’s in a good mood. / – Naeun, how do you do it? I wave it like this. Do you wave it sideways? – No, do this. / – Okay, I will give it a try. Gunhoo is giving it a try. Will he do a good job? (He shows an impressive technique.) Gunhoo succeeded as well. – He did it. Goodness. / – You are good at this too. You guys are incredible. I have to do it gently. Dad, there is a house. – Dad, there is a house. / – Is that a tent? I didn’t bring a tent. – Should I go and ask? / – Yes. I will go and ask the uncles. Hello. Did you bring this tent? If you go that way, you will find a rental place. – Is there a rental place? / – Yes. – I knew it. / – It’s that way. – That way? / – Yes. Thank you. Naeun. Naeun, we can borrow a tent. We can borrow a house. Naeun, play with Gunhoo. – I will come back quickly. / – Okay. Gunhoo, look at this. – What is that? / – It’s a new toy. Look at this. (She takes out a new toy car.) (Naeun starts the car!) (Wow, what is that?) (Gunhoo is highly interested.) Isn’t it fascinating? It’s fascinating, right? (Stop right there!) (Laughing) (Laughing) Don’t catch it. – I like it. / – Let it go. Let’s go. (The RC car suddenly stops.) What’s wrong? Did it break down? Did it break down because she held it up suddenly? (Did it break down?) (What should we do?) Let’s see. Hey! (He yells at the RC car.) – Hey! / – He is scolding it. “Hey, wake up.” What is he going to do? (You will have no choice but to move.) Ready, go! It’s running again. (“Ready, Go”) (Prince Aciel of the Ready, Go Nation) (When he says “Ready, go,”) Ready, go! (he can do anything.) (Calm down.) (In any case, Gunhoo revived the RC car.) Ready, go! (Jooho arrived at the rental place.) What’s that? (The Seoulite is already fascinated before entering.) Hello. Can I borrow everything here? Yes, you can. One set consists of a tent, a blanket, a mat, a table, a cart and a chair. – Is there a chair as well? / – Yes. You can borrow everything these days. It’s my first time here. I will get this. – This mat goes inside the tent. / – Okay. As for the tent… – Can I borrow a fan as well? / – Yes. You can even borrow a fan here? – What is this? / – It’s a Bluetooth speaker. – I will borrow that as well. / – Okay. It’s so nice that I can borrow everything. It really is nice. – So we can go to the Han River empty-handed. / – Yes. – We had to carry everything in the past. / – Naeun. (Kids, I am back!) (What are those?) Dad, I’m hot. – Turn this on. / – There is a fan. (She sits down) (and gracefully enjoys the wind.) It’s cool. (Gosh, it’s cool.) Did you borrow these? Yes, I borrowed them all. (Playing with the fan) Watch this. This is something you can only watch once. Stay right there. Stay right there. Watch. Watch carefully. (Let’s begin!) Hold on, Jooho. (Rolling) That looks pitiful. My goodness. (The tent is sad-looking when it’s upside down.) (Let’s think about how we should react.) (Their reaction is soulless.) (This isn’t what I expected.) I prepared it. Ta-da. (Though a bit sad, Jooho’s tent is complete.) Take off your shoes. Take off your shoes and come in. The weather is nice. – It’s nice. / – Go on in. (He pats Gunhoo’s butt.) – It’s so hot. / – Sit down. (Enjoying the nice weather in a tent is the best.) It’s the best for taking a nap. We will rest for a bit. Okay. Rest for a bit. Dad, you are the best. Aren’t I the best? – Do you like such compliments? / – I would melt. (Instead of resting, Naeun comes out to help.) – Put it there. / – She is so nice. Let’s use this table when we eat. (This is a proper picnic by the Han River.) His ankles are like radishes. They are so chubby. (Let’s clap the slate board.) He is copying the cameramen. – He is clapping the slate board. / – Yes. Ready? (He is having fun.) (Uncles, please use the best cuts.) All right. Will he do it in the tent as well? (He sits down at a nice spot.) (Clap!) (From what I saw earlier,) (Uncle laid down when he clapped.) – He saw that. / – No way. Will he copy that as well? (It feels great.) (Sliding down) Will he do it lying down? (Let me try this.) I can’t believe this. He is so cute. He made it easier for the uncles – to edit the video. / – It’s nice to have a house. Isn’t it nice to have a house? – Yes, but I’m hungry. / – Are you hungry? There is something everyone eats at the Han River. – Shall we go and eat that? / – Yes. – What is that? / – They should eat it. (Okay. Let’s cut here!) – What are we eating? / – We’re going to eat ramyeon. It’s something you have to eat when you come here. It’s a must. There is so much tasty food! Naeun, let’s get this and ramyeon. Apple juice for Gunhoo. I want this pink drink. – Thank you. / – Enjoy. – We bought everything. / – Naeun, wait. We cook the ramyeon here. The convenience stores at the Han River keep evolving. (Watching him makes Naeun nervous.) (I’m sure he’ll do a good job of cooking the ramyeon.) (Let’s trust him, Naeun.) – That’s the ramyeon machine. / – That’s right. (Agent Naeun, protector of Jooho) How does this work? (Agent Jooho is always confident.) “Add water”. (He is careful as if detonating a bomb.) Dad. Dad. I got this. Don’t worry. The barcode… Dad, be careful. The sign says it’s dangerous. Does the sign say that? – Okay. I’ll be careful. / – That woman is crying. Don’t touch anything if you are unsure. – Okay. / – Otherwise, you’ll get hurt. Do I press “Start cooking”? No, no, no. She stops him. – All right. It worked. / – Oh, my. He succeeded in getting water. It’s not hard to make ramyeon at the Han River. (It took him five minutes just to get water.) – It’s not even difficult. / – I’ll add the seasoning. – It’s done once you add the seasoning. / – Dad, it smells delicious. Doesn’t it smell delicious? I’ll make delicious ramyeon. This isn’t hard. Ramyeon tastes amazing when eaten outside. (Next to the ramyeon is…) Hold on. Shouldn’t he discard the water for that one? – It will become soup. / – It will be jjajang soup. It’s done. (He shows off his sloppy charms.) It’s done. Jooho’s sloppy charms shine at the Han River as well. Why does this jjajang ramyeon have so much water? I should have cooked it longer, but I didn’t. – It’s not jjajang ramyeon. / – It is. Naeun, let’s eat. (How does ramyeon taste at the Han River?) She is nice. She enjoys it. You are eating well. Is it good? I did a good job, right? I made it according to your taste. Everything tastes good when you are at the Han River. Let’s eat. (Naeun begins to eat in earnest.) She is eating with gusto. (They should come to the Han River more often.) I should go to the Han River. Dad, it’s really tasty. You should try it too. Right? It’s tasty, right? (Gunhoo is taking a nap.) (Jooho slurps noodles.) (That’s Gunhoo, not a doll.) It must be tasty. This is why people praise ramyeon at the Han River. I am full. Naeun, you are enjoying the Han River to the fullest. What else can we do for fun? I prepared something secret. – Shall we go? / – Yes. Let’s go. (They travel along a pretty road.) They go along a pretty road to their last destination. It’s like a scene straight out of a movie. (Naeun sings.) ♪ Five ♪ (Babbling) (Gunhoo harmonizes.) (What’s the last place?) It’s coming out. It’s where they can play with water. – It looks cool. / – A lot of kids go there. Kids just love running through them. – They would giggle. / – That’s right. I love it. – One, two, three. / – I love it. Can we go down? (Can we have fun now?) Yes, that’s how it starts. (The water lover is on his way!) (Dipping) – It must be cold. / – Dad, let’s play together. We came here today to play in the water. I got it! (Gunhoo is overly excited.) It’s raining. It’s raining. (Everyone is in the water.) It must be so much fun, especially in the heat. – Here it is. / – It’s cold. Is it cold? It’s over here. – Touch it. / – He was startled. – Gunhoo, touch it. / – Here it is! I found it! Isn’t it great? (If Dad kicks…) He’s copying his dad. Even just looking at water in the summer cools us down. Yes! In one, two, three! (He’s in his best mood.) – Gosh. / – In one, two, three. (It’s so nice to splash.) He’s so happy to see his very first fountain. Naeun, isn’t it fun? (Naeun found a new fountain.) This is fun! (Dad, let’s go over there!) (This fountain has a very strong spray!) (The water bomb is exploding!) (I’m so scared.) (Gunhoo!) That’s… Is this a scene from a movie? (Naeun ran through the water in a split second.) Run, run. (Be careful, Gunhoo!) That’s it. (Naeun is sweet on her little brother.) Naeun, can you pass this without getting wet? Go now! Hurry! – Will she make it? / – Hurry. (Be careful!) Go through it. I didn’t get wet. (She’s choosing where she’ll enter.) Yes, this is from “The Classic”. – How cute. / – It’s that famous scene. They run through the rain. Is Naeun Son Yejin, then? (She’s reenacting the scene Son Yejin was in.) How beautiful. (Good job, Naeun!) Let’s go, let’s go! (She’s going once more with Zo Insung.) We didn’t get wet. It’s so nice to watch. (They’re making sweet memories at the Han River.) (I’ll sing “She’s Gone” since I’m in a good mood.) (Girl) – What are you doing? / – My goodness. He’s singing like a dolphin. Let’s try passing it without getting sprayed. Yes, we can go now. We can go. – Let’s go, let’s go. / – Good luck. (Going through a fountain tunnel) (Good luck!) Good luck. (Just trust your dad!) We can get through. Gunhoo and Naeun’s movie-like trip to the Han River cooled off our summer. (It’s the end of Gunhoo and Naeun’s movie-like outing!)

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  1. Wow, I'm surprised KBS. I think this is the first episode with the Park siblings in months that didn't feel like the Gunhoo show. It's nice to finally see some actual decent screen-time for Naeun. I hope this continues in future episodes.

  2. As much as I like Gunhoo, I'd rather see more Naeun. Sometimes they completely remove father-daughter conversations and i feel sad for Nauen, she tries so hard only to be replaced by none stop babbling. It's funny but that's it.

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  17. To be honest I notice that in the past the production team was always filming naeun compared to gunhoo so i think its not critisizing naeun by filming more vids of gunhoo these days but giving special time for the public to get to know gunhoo more because we already know neaun…but its just my opinion🙂

  18. kudos for the production team by making this video so adorableeee naeun and gunhoo has an equal filming time as i can see and i cannot be much happier than I am now 😃

  19. The difference with naeun's screen time vs Gunhoo's is basically the audience response. Back when Gunhoo was a baby, he barely got any screen time, and the show focused on Naeun. But as Gunhoo grew, the audience got enticed by his funny mumbles and comical actions. Gunhoo is also very naughty and can be hard-headed, while Naeun is very kind and soft. Of course, TROS is still a show and their main focus is the viewership rating, as Gunhoo is favored, as high the rating will reach. Also, since Naeun is very kind, it may seem boring so some viewers. I can see Naeun in myself, actually lol. I hope they take this matter seriously so that there won't be any bias that may affect these children's relationship in the future.

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