Range Day Tips – Quick Cleans with Wes Mahr

Wes Mahr sponsored competitive
shooter for nine line apparel. We just got done at the range.
Now we’ve got some dirty guns. We’re going to get them cleaned up and
everybody dreads cleaning their gun, thinks it’s going to take
hours and take all this time. I’m going to show you a few
quick steps. Make it easy, doesn’t take hours. We’re going to have three guns clean
and just a couple of minutes here. [inaudible] so first we got to make sure the guns
are completely empty, unloaded firearms, three of them unloaded, safe.
So we’re going to start off. We’re just going to break these guns down. [inaudible] Oh, we got three guns apart. We’re
going to break down these Springs, take our components out, and my kid here from nine line apparel.com we’ve got a multi tool, a brush. We’ve also got a brass
brush and a cloth brush. Help clean out your barrels and this is
available in multiple different calibers for your rifles. We’ve got an shotguns, we’ve got a nice cable that you can
attach to the brush EDS pull through right through the Maryland to get
everything nice and clean for you. So I’m going to start
off with the brush here. I like to use this cleaner and lube
grease from true blue gun lube. It protects just a lot longer I’ve found, and it keeps me from having to clean
my guns after every time I use them. I’m going to take the barrel,
spray that down just a little bit. Let that soak in for just a second. I’ll take my brush just a quick
nice brushing right around the edge. A lot of gun cleaning kits come with
a cable and brass brushes and actually something that you can get in addition
to a kit is something called a bore snake and these things are absolutely great. They’ve got a weighted head help
you pull it through the barrel. It’s got the brass brush built
right into it and the cloth backing, we’ll dry everything up afterwards. She just dropped that weighted end in
and two or three quick polls right into the barrel. We’ll clean that right up and these are
available in every category and caliber you can think of. [inaudible] all right, we’ve got one,
two, three clean barrels. We’re going to go ahead and
clean the slides. Same thing. I’m going to give her a spray with
this true blue gun lube cleaner. Let that soak in for a second and
start hitting that with that brush. Just trying to get everything loose
out of there and let’s clean out. Really breaks down that gunshot residue
and it makes it come out and real nice and easy. [inaudible] and you have a little spray
into the trigger and again, we’re going to do the same
thing. One little shot, wipe everything down with that
brush getting in all the corners. You’re also trying to get all
your old lube off of there. We’ll start loom has gotten
dirty with gunshot residue. Do you want to get that
cleaned off? Get new, fresh lubrication in there. And now we’re going to start
reassembling to put this back together. I’m going to have my bottle of true
blues gun lube ready and we are going to start with the Smith and Wesson.
Put that barrel back in the slide, that spring back in place, and just a drop of oil in that rail. And that’s going to keep
that rail nice and loose. Keep the slide running very smooth. Alright, now that we’re all clean, we’re
going to put everything back together. I’m going to start with
the Smith and Wesson. Drop a lube right there
on the barrel of that end. There all goes back in the
slide. Put our spring in place. There is one guy back together. [inaudible] two guns back together. [inaudible] all right folks, that was the
quick version of cleaning. Again, this is just your five
minutes in between shooting. You’re still gonna want to [inaudible]
want to take your time after every maybe thousand rounds or so and really
give it a good deep cleaning. Uh, even if you invest into an ultrasonic
cleaner really helps get all the little tiny particles out of all the
little corners. Uh, but again, that’s an investment later on. Uh, it
can certainly be done with a brush. Uh, however, this is your five minute
cleaning in between shots. Keep your gun firing well oiled and
running well for you for a long time to come, give you a thousands and thousands
of rounds of enjoyment. Again, folks, if you liked this video, hit that
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Drop it in the comments down below. Anything you’d like to see us try and
shoot. You want me to get my hands on it? I got you covered. I’ve got the guys
for it. We’ll, we’ll make it happen. [inaudible] [inaudible].

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  1. Thanks Wes, I'd like to try that method and see if it helps out after range day

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