Rapid Response Week: CPR

>>All right, with all due respect, I know you guys are EMTs
but I’ve seen enough movies to know how to save this person.>>Jason: He’s, he’s really
good at this actually.>>[shouting] Come on! You’ve never wanted, come on!>>Yep.>>Jason: Fight, damn you! [screaming]>>Jason: You never gave up on any… Is that how it goes? You never gave up on
anything in your life.>>Does this hold Star Wars figures? [laughter] ♪ [upbeat guitar] ♪ ♪ [music swells] ♪ [diagetic noise fades in]>>robot voice: Part 3,
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.>>All right, we’re back
with Jenna and Daniel, our EMT friends.>>So many hand shakes, it’s great.>>Jason: Yeah, you guys are
going to teach us about CPR. I think that’s something that all of us have kind of an idea of sort
of how to do it but not really.>>There’s certainly no shortage of trying to get the word out but I’m starting to see a recurring theme that there’s a lot of
things we half-know about emergency procedures. We talked about tourniquets
and it turns out tourniquets are a lot more
useful than we thought. And in this case, like, CPR, I remember learning
rescue breathing as a kid but I guess, rescue breathing is out. You don’t do that.>>Yep.
>>Completely gone, yeah>>We’re going to talk
about chest compressions or hands-only CPR
this is called, right?>>Yep.
>>Right.>>How do you determine
when someone needs CPR?>>Well, it’s pretty simple. Are they breathing? Do they have a pulse? So, a lot of times, you get your hand up right up near the nose and the mouth. Can you feel them breathing? You want to check to see on
the neck if they have a pulse. And a lot of time, “Sir,
sir, can you hear me?” If they’re not responsive
and they have no pulse and they’re not breathing, begin CPR.>>I got to be honest, I have a hard time finding my own pulse sometimes. I can’t ima– how good, how long does
it take to get good at finding somebody else’s pulse?>>I, I can never do it on mine, so I just thought, “Oh, it’s
like you can’t tickle yourself.” You can’t find your own pulse either.>>[chuckles] No, I’m pretty
sure you should be able to find your own pulse.
>>[laughs] I know.>>It’s right there.
>>Yeah.>>You’re just going to
have to do it, right?>>So, that’s what everybody always says and then it never helps. So, it took me a while to
>>Oh, yeah, there it is.>>to figure out its–>>So, see the corner
of my jaw right here? It’s just below there.>>Brian: Okay, so if you kind
of tuck in under your jaw, push against your wind pipe,
you can start to feel that. But, but, but, how reliably
easily can you feel that on another human being? I guess you guys are good at it.>>Pretty easily.
>>Pretty easy, I mean, yeah>>You want to try?
>>Practice makes perfect, right.>>All right, this is–>>Oh, there it is.>>Brian: Yeah, I would
>>She’s alive.>>I don’t know if he is.>>I have a pretty intense pulse. [Brian stammering]>>Oh yeah, no, yeah, you
have an intense pulse.>>[vocalized affirmation] I’m dead.
>>Yeah.>>Yeah, you’re dead. You’re clearly an animatronic. [laughing]
[Ch-ILD psionic tone echoes] Okay, so breath, pulse,
and whether or not they’re conscious or responsive.
>>Yeah.>>Okay, and after we determine
that they might, in fact, need CPR, what do we start with?>>You’re not going to
save them with just CPR. You need a defibrillator, you
need medical help immediately.>>Jason: So, call 911
>>Call 911, but you don’t want to do that yourself while trying to start CPR, right? So if there’s someone else in
the room, direct someone else. Like, “Hey, go call 911.” “You, try to find me some
kind of AED or defibrillator” and then you start on the chest.>>I’ve always been told
that if you just shout “Somebody call 911,” everybody thinks, “Well, somebody else is going to do that.”>>Correct.
>>But if you say, “You, call 911,”
>>Right.>>”You, find an AED,”
>>Right. and then you get started.
>>Correct. Or, if you shout, someone
call 911, everyone does it and suddenly they get
20 calls for one place.>>And that can actually
slow down emergency response.>>Right.
>>Absolutely.>>They’re not breathing,
they’re not responsive, you’ve told people to
call 911 or to get an AED. Why don’t we do the
rescue breathing anymore?>>So, it’s gross mostly.
>>Okay, all right.>>Yeah.
>>I mean, you don’t want to put your
mouth on somebody else’s mouth because germs and you
don’t know what they have. But also because when
you’re doing compression, sometimes they vomit.
>>Yeah.>>And you do not want to
be dealing with that, also>>Don’t, no kink shaming,
I mean, you know. [laughing]>>But the studies show that honestly, rescue breathing isn’t as
effective as we think it is.>>Really?>>The most effective thing is
getting the heart pumping again and getting that blood circulating because you think about it, when you’re pushing on that
chest, they’re also breathing.>>Right.
>>Yeah.>>You’re pushing the lungs
down and when you release, you create that negative
pressure in the lungs. Air is getting in and air is
coming out when you push it. Push it back out.
>>Now, you guys keep saying rescue breathing, you mean
just pinching the nose and breathing?
>>Right.>>[stammering] But forget about that, yeah no.>>That’s all gone?
>>No, don’t do that.>>Yeah, it’s gone.>>Oh, just completely. Okay.
>>Correct, and–>>I had no idea.
>>Brian: T-I-L!>>Right, and the old
standard said you did what, like 15 or 30 compressions
and then you gave two breaths.>>Right.
>>And we even did that in emergency response for a while but now, we have the mask with the bag. That’s how we breathe and
we just keep doing that every six seconds and we don’t
stop compressions for that. Because when you stop
compressions, you have, it takes some time to build
up that pressure again. So, it takes, like, maybe
15, 20 seconds but you, ♪ ♪
that’s just time that you
have to build back up. So, we just keep the breathing constant so we don’t have to stop the compressions.>>I guess that makes sense too because logically, there’s no
point to using the lungs to oxygenate blood if the
blood’s not being pumped.>>Correct.
>>So it’s more important to keep everything circulating
>>Right.>>than anything else.>>Jason: Let me ask you this. How effective is CPR chest compressions in restarting a heart?>>It’s incredibly effective, it’s because, especially in the first response method, if you’re in a restaurant
and someone collapses and they don’t have a pulse,
you’re getting that blood and you’re keeping that going for when the emergency responders show up. They can start the electrical
therapy or if you have the AED you can slap that on to
start but also the drugs, the epinephrine or whatever cardiac drugs that we can give to keep that going but the most important thing
is keeping that blood flowing.>>Just the simplicity
of the entire operation is baffling to me because it’s like just smashing on someone’s
chest is critical to keeping them alive.
>>It’s like when we did the choking episode, we
talked about the importance of the time, timers,
like every second counts. How quickly do you start
to lose brain cells after your brain stops getting–
>>In about four minutes.>>Every second counts, right?
>>Absolutely.>>So, what’s a good technique? What’s the appropriate method that we use?>>So, to find CPR, try to pull their shirt up as possible. If you’re dealing with a woman, you can leave the bra on for modesty. But try to find that nipple line and you put a hand, a palm right there on the center of the chest.
>>Jason: Okay.>>About the nipple line. Try to avoid getting too low because there’s a little bone there
that you can break off and cause internal bleeding if you do. Put your other hand over. Try to get as much leverage as possible and you want to get over them and you’re not pushing with
your hands or you arms. You’re pushing with your shoulders.>>Yeah, so you use your body weight. The top half of your body.
>>Daniel: You’re using your body weight.>>So, you’re locking your elbows->>Yeah.
>>Absolutely lock your elbows.>>-and just everything as your
entire body as a lever.>>Right, as opposed to
pushing with your arms like they do on TV, that’s so fake.>>That’s so bad, yeah?
>>That’s very, very inefficient.>>It’s so bad.
>>How is that bad?>>Well, it’s inefficient.>>Oh, it’s just inefficient.
>>You’re not getting as deep.
>>Yeah.>>You want to get, about two inches deep.
>>Whereas if you use your entire top–>>Brian: And this sort of leads into my next question is how worried are we about breaking bones?>>You will.>>You just will, full stop?
>>You will break bones.>>Oh wow, just get ready for that.>>Right.
>>But!>>>Better than being dead.>>Yep.
>>That’s right, okay.>>Although, you’re
technically not breaking bones. You can, but it’s actually
snapping off the cartilage that connects the–your bones to, your rib bones to your sternum.>>Which is actually a
much easier heal than to say, splinting an arm
or something like that.>>So, in this case,
it’s much more important, in fact, that actually
helps to crack all that because now, you’re more effectively mushing the guts around.
>>Absolutely.>>That keeps everything circulating. Okay, I got a question. So, as far as the rhythm, I’ve heard from a PSA in England
that the proper rhythm just happens to be exactly
the beats of Staying Alive.>>Right.
>>Is that right?>>It is correct.>>That’s awesome, that’s
my favorite take-away.>>Absolutely, Imperial March works too, Star Wars, Imperial March.
>>Yes, Imperial March.>>Oh wow, okay!>>I know that one quite well.
>>Yeah, that’s another one.>>And, ironically enough,
Another One Bites the Dust.>>That’s a good one there. [laughing]>>What about Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen?
[laughing]>>But I also like to use a metronome. It’s the most effective way. [soft beeping increasing in loudness]
You just have this beeping
and that’s going to get me at 100 beats per
minute which is the goal.>>Is this an app that you
actually bust out on the scene?>>Yes.
>>Oh yeah.>>Wow!
>>Absolutely.>>Okay, what about old
people CPR, young people CPR, baby CPR, android CPR?>>Anyone who’s not an
infant, the same technique just like this.>>And you just do that until a certified medical response team can show up?>>Absolutely. You can alternate, I like to go 100 beats and
then if I was with her, I would have her take over at 100 beats. She does 100, I do 100.
>>So you just keep going?>>Yes.
>>So, I have a question. I remember hearing as a kid that like, with a baby, you want to do very gentle and with a human [incredulous] –uh a human.
[laughter] With an adult, you want to do it medium pressure but I remember thinking,
“But with an old person,” “you just want to wail real hard.”
>>Jason: Yeah. Is there anything to that?>>No.
>>If you’ve got some sort of like, spinning kick that you can do…
>>The older, the harder you have to hit them.>>No, the more likely
you are to break bones when they’re older.>>So, if anything, you want to–
>>So, you would do it the same pressure that you would have
for a normal healthy adult. “Healthy.”
>>Just get ready for the crackling. That’s my new horror film.
>>Yep, yep.>>Get ready for the crackling. [laughing] I’m picturing old people in,
like, nursing homes going, [affecting an old sailor accent]
“Oh, did you hear about Jim?”>>”He summoned the crackling.” [laughing]>>”No! He didn’t.” “Oh, yeah, they crackled
the s— out of him.” [laughter]
“Better than being dead!”>>Always better than being dead.>>With babies, it’s slightly different. So, with babies, you
want to kind of hold them and with two fingers–>>Jason: You pretend you’re
shooting them in the chest.
[laughter]>>The same spot, nipple line.
>>Two fingers. Find the same spot and
you just keep going or you can actually put him on
a table and kind of do this.>>Jason: Again, watch
out for the xiphoid.>>Correct.
>>Right, right.>>That little xiphoid process.>>Wait, xiphoid? What?
>>The xiphoid process.>>Yeah, that’s, it’s kind of
represented on this dummy here.>>This little…>>Brian: That’s the thing that could crack off
that you want to be above?
>>Jenna: that diamond shaped thing.>>Jenna: Yes.
>>Daniel: That’s the bottom of your sternum.>>Jenna: You want to
go for the nipple line. So, you’ll be plenty
above the xiphoid process. If it’s an adult, if you’re
the only other person there, you can actually call
911 before you start CPR and then have them, you know on the phone.
>>Brian: It’s more important to know that first
responders are on the way than that you can do CPR. Doing CPR for five minutes
and then getting around a calling, not as good as calling first.
>>Not a good idea.>>Adults are able to maintain
more oxygen in their blood because they have so much blood.>>They have a bigger reservoir.>>Right, they have a bigger
reservoir and you can call. They can last a little
bit longer, whereas, children and infants, you
need to start immediately and then you can stop momentarily, Because, everyone is attached
to their phones these days.>>Brian: Yeah.
>>So, once you’ve done at least five minutes, then you can, like, say “Siri, call 911.”>>Oh, that’s right, because
you can shout at your phone now.>>Yeah.
>>Oh, that’s brilliant. Look, let’s save a life.
>>All right. [affecting an exuberant accent]
>>”Ah, it’s the fan meet and greet!” [pain gasps] “Jason Murphy, I just wanted to tell you” “it’s a very important, I–
The Black Goat Motorcycle Club…” [final breaths]>>Yes‽ Okay, sir! [laughter]
>>No, no!
>>Tell me what you were going to say about my novel. Are you okay?>>Brian: “I’m non-responsive.” [laughs]>>Jason: Oh, you’re not–okay,
non-responsive, hello, hello, okay, no air, no air, hello, hello, uh, pulse, checking for
pulse, okay nope, no pulse. All right, I don’t even
think I have Siri, actually. Siri.
[laughing] Siri, call 911.>>Talk about phoning it in.
[laughter]>>Brian: You’re clearly not
motivated to save this person.>>Lock your elbows out.>>Yeah, lock your elbows. [a cappella]
>>♪ You can tell by
the way I use my walk, ♪ ♪ I’m a woman’s man… ♪>>Daniel: No, it’s a little easier [laughing]
>>Jason: That’s not it.>>Daniel: It’s easier if
you come do it from the side.>>>On the side, yeah.>>Okay, I was trying to get the song right.
>>Do it like you mean it.>>Jenna: And it’s also
going to feel a lot different when you’re doing it on a real person.>>Daniel: Human is going to be worse.
>>Brian: Is that enough of a compression on there?>>Jenna: It’s a lot
squishier on a person.>>It’s not as much as I would do.>>Oh, really‽>>So I would push a little harder, yeah.
>>Jenna: You have to do at least two inches into the chest so, push as hard as you feel you can.>>Lock those elbows.
>>Got to lock your elbows.>>Daniel: There you go.
>>Jason: Elbows locked, using the shoulders.
>>Daniel: Yep.>>And there’s a good
chance doing real CPR that you will break a sweat.>>Daniel: You will.>>Brian: Yeah, you hear that? Worst episode yet for you, buddy. Get ready to break a sweat.>>It’s not going to take much. [laughing] I’m starting, I’m going to
need some more orange slices or something in a second. [laughing] Okay, and, you’re good!>>Brian: [fake coughing]
>>Daniel: There we go! That’ll work. [resuming his exuberant accent]
>>Brian: “I just wanted to ask” “why didn’t you drink the pruno?”>>Ahhh!
[laughing] [decending whistle as Brian’s yell continues]>>Jason: [angrily] I should have let you die! [crisp chime rings out as Brian’s yell fades] I love it how he just fades off like, [laughter]
like I sent him to the phantom zone. I hit him so hard, he just went off into a parallel prison dimension.>>Oh my god! Thank you guys so much!
>>Smash Bros.>>Oh, intercepted, that was awesome. As always, you guys give the advice if you want to learn more, contact your local fire department
or an EMT station, right?>>Absolutely.>>Oh my god! “I also wanted to know,” “why don’t you look at the cameras” “during the show?”
[laughter]>>Here, we’ll let you. ♪ [smooth astral beat] ♪ Is it everything you dreamed? Look into those cold dead eyes. [noticeably quieter]
>>”When is Hacking The System
coming back to Netflix?” [chuckles] “When is Brian going to
bring back the spikes?” [laughter] [strained]
“You should do a collab with Adam Savage.” [affecting a similar strained accent]
>>Jason: “You should do a
collab with King of Random.” [uproarious laughter]>>Brian: “The short one is too
hyperactive, he’s annoying.”>>”Oh, that laughter is so fake.”>>Brian: “Why are your
episodes so scripted?” [laughter]

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  52. this is honestly one of the best ways to learn CPR I think. it's all 100% good information and it's entertaining which means you're more likely to remember it. honestly share this video with people and make sure everyone you know knows CPR. it's one of the most important skills you can have out in public.

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