RapidShotz – DYE DAM

Dye Precision, otherwise referred to as the
“Holt Renfrew of Paintball”, sought to bring a product to market that touches what both
Tournament and MILSIM consumers care for in a marker: esthetics, performance and function.
With this, the Dye Assault Matrix – DAM – was introduced and utilized strictly as a MAGFED
platform can meet, and exceed, all of these desirables. Dye has earned a reputation for
‘Pure Quality’ in all of their products and this one exemplifies that statement; the marker
comes in a beautiful tailored case snugly protecting the platform, Dye UltraLite Barrel,
full-colour manual, Dye ARK repair kit, back-up tools, lube, complete EyePipe rebuild and
marker rebuild components, 9V Battery, and the nicest feed-neck and tech board this side
of MODERN COMBAT SPORTS. The initial presentation is completely superb.
Bringing a unique design to the MILSIM realm that could resemble something from EA’s Battlefield
2142, the Dye DAM has a sleek and cool appearance that stands apart from it’s peers. From the
modular handguard implementation, to a magwell foregrip arguably more ergonomic than some
designed for real-steel, a pristine polished stock barrel, thoughtful pistol-grip, magazines
with an integrated trap-door protecting loaded rounds, on/off ASA, LED breech indicator,
and sensible stock design: the marker comes very close to absolute perfection. A hidden
drawback that the marker does possess is that it is not waterproof; this is a veritable
requirement for MILSIM enthusiasts in that using products for “hard-style play” is the
normal and the need to be mindful of drizzle or rain is a considerable negative for a high-end
electro marker. Also, the marker’s included stock is designed with only remote-line play
in mind as using even a Ninja 13/3000 HPA tank and will force the stock to be fully
extended rendering most high-powered optics difficult to utilize effectively with even
a Dye i4 Google System. A user preferring long-range (where the Dye DAM performance
really shines) will have to choose their setup carefully and may need to electively purchase
the Dye Light Weight DAM Stock. Marker Balance is located immediately above the trigger leading
to a remarkably even feel while shouldering for CQC or Sniper engagements. With a true
ambidextrous M4 type mag-release, and a total mass of only 2.11kg (4.65lb) the Dye DAM will
feel natural and efficient for any MAGFED shooter. Not to be confused with simple hyperbole, this rifle marker actually is outstanding
in multiple aspects. Using exclusively First Strike Rounds for trajectory testing, each
shot was observed to be remarkably consistent while using a static target with a diameter
of 6 inches at 35.7m (117ft or 39yd @ 3o incline) verified with a laser range finder. While
using the stock bolt and LAPCO Tiberius Arms FSR Rifled Barrel, this marker easily rivalled
the Carmatech Engineering SAR-12 in FSR shot-to-shot accuracy with 50% and actually had a spread
pattern approximately only 20cm (7.9in) across. For CQC type action with the stock barrel,
86.7% FSR accuracy was observed on the same target at 22.9m (75ft or 25yd @ 4o incline).
Outstanding. Additionally a Dye DAM shooter can expect consistent average air efficiency yielding an average of +/- 1fps while using First-Strike Rounds.
Magazine loading is very smooth and the EyePipe is very effective Anti-Chop technology. The
Hyper In-line Regulator coupled with the DAM Board ensures that each and every shot is at
the preset velocity. If by chance the velocity drops off, the system will ensure that successive
shots will remain at the desired velocity even when the HPA tank utilized is low on
air pressure. Wow. Additionally, the marker is extremely quiet even at high velocities
with inherent suppressive operation which also serves to minimize recoil. With tool-less
bolt removal maintenance is easy and fast as well as battery changes. Lacking a mechanical
safety is a drawback, however, the OTF mag-to-hopper system can actually serve this role but a
user needs to take note to ensure the chamber is clear before utilizing this solution.
The value offering presented here is indeed clear: quality does cost more. However, with
a MAGFED market deep with quality products from MILSIG, RAP4, HonorCore and Carmatech
Engineering that all do not depend upon electronics and have proven themselves to function optimally
even in damp conditions at reduced price points. Even the most discerning MILSIM enthusiast
will take careful note of these features. Also, the Dye DAM ships with full-featured
tournament electronic settings that are quite superfluous for MILSIM needs as the default
settings are already quite practical. Additionally, to allow the DAM to output performance rivalling
and surpassing the SAR-12, approximately another $150 CAD must be allocated by a consumer.
This added allotment could put a MAGFED enthusiast’s total investment well over $2000 CAD. In a
word: Pricey. Upgrade recommendations for the Dye DAM are
a LAPCO Tiberius Arms FSR Rifled Barrel, LAPCO Suppressor, Dye DAM Tactical Ironmen Bolt,
Tiberius Arms Adjustable Riser, and a UTG 4x32mm Scope. This marker had assuredly set
a new accuracy benchmark by which all other products can be judged. Considering the Dye
DAM’s dependency upon electronics can fairly be considered an advantage or drawback based
on a particular enthusiast’s MAGFED requirements. All in all, the Dye DAM is a veritable force
on the play-field and should command well-earned respect in the hands of an accomplished MILSIM
Marksman. Dye Precision!

7 thoughts on “RapidShotz – DYE DAM

  1. You always have great reviews! I love running my dam with the box rotor, a short barrel, remote line, and only one front shroud. Cqb in a word. Not hating on anything, but I would've put the box rotor as a recommended upgrade. Or at least mention it, because I feel like its a key point. Especially the rf sinc with the board to prevent chops.

  2. Another great review, many thanks for sharing. Can you post one on the M17 XDC, please. Also, can you try to use consistent shooting distances so the markers you test can be compared, please? Keep up the great work.

  3. Pro tip, hang a thin cloth or wrap your mic in some tissue, it will prevent your breath from being picked up on the mic

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