17 thoughts on “Rare Fish Caught in Allegheny River

  1. Nothing but a spoonbill/paddlefish. They're making their way closer into the Three Rivers. This one here is a baby.

  2. If everyone was like this guy we would have a better fisheries and bigger fish out there

  3. And still people do not believe Sasquatches real shaking my head

  4. These were stocked there by the Fish Commission 15 years ago. At that time they were only a few inches long. If this is one of those guys, it's nice to see how well they are doing!

  5. I Do quite a bit of fishing — used to keep the fish to feed the family ! But now – Kids have gone – Wife Passed – So just me … Now I Fish … " CATCH and RELEASE " ….

  6. Well….. this thing is named a paddle fish. They are very hard to catch

  7. My dad is in his 70's and said there was huge fish in that river as he used to go swimming in the river as a child and he said there were some scary looking fish in that river.

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