Razor Emergency Lights Designed for GM Trucks

Hi. Thanks for watching. This is
George at Wicked Warnings. I just wanted to give a real quick video here, to show our
new Razor LED mounted in the top of the grille on these brand new GM trucks. A lot
of the GM’s have this very narrow top portion of the grille. You can see there,
how our Razor’s fit very nicely in there. We have this particular set on the
favorite pattern of mine, where it alternates the colors between fast and
slow. As you can see, we have also taken advantage of the steady burn flood mode
in those Razor’s. Let me show you a little bit closer view of the mounting here on
this Chevy, but before that, I’m just gonna show you those Linear-6’s we
have up in the nostril as well, but back to the Razor. As you can see right there,
the supplied brackets that come with the Razor, we used with a small black screw. And this light does fit in that gap right on the top of the hood without any
cutting. You just need to drill a hole for the wires. We were able to run four
across the top of this GM’s hood, you can see right there, they mount up very nicely. This is
actually the spot that I had this light designed for, right here in that little
area between the hood and the grille. Perfect fit. Once again, the Razor LED demo’d here on the front of a new Chevrolet GM pickup. Fits GMC and Chevy ideally the same way.
Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings.

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