RCCL Coco Cay Disney Castaway Cay In Direct Path Of Hurricane Dorian 180mph Winds

but it’s Bruce here with travel if Bruce
it’s September the 1st and here is the latest update on Hurricane Dorian the
storm is now classified as a category 5 hurricane which means that winds are
anywhere from a hundred and sixty to a hundred and eighty five miles an hour at
the center of this disturbance she is now in the northern part of the Bahamas
heading slowly towards Florida problem is she’s barely moving and she’s causing
a lot of havoc a lot of rain being dumped you can see here by these little
arrows all the cruise ships have bugged out of the Florida coastline they’re all
heading out there’s no where none of them are gonna be near this hurricane
and so no passengers are in danger here the issue though is where this hurricane
is now where it’s gonna be in the next couple of days it’s hardly gonna move
it’s basically going to a 45 miles an hour and that little arrow I have
flashing up there that is where the Grand Bahama shipyard is this is owned
between Carnival and Royal Caribbean and the Bahamian government and the Royal
the Grand Bahamian shipyard is smack dab in the middle of the Hurricanes path and
it could be that this facility could sustain major major damage it’s already
got a problem the drydock number two was badly damaged when the Oasis of the Seas
had her accident a few years ago a few months ago and is still out of
commission so if the entire shipyard might be in trouble here in Freeport on
the beach this particular resort right here has
been purchased by Royal Caribbean it’s going to be modified and turned into a
bit of a CoCo Key Resort it could be damaged these are pictures from the
Hurricanes that I think Matthew the last time Freeport got hit and he can tell
the kind of devastation that really is about to occur this is the kind of scene
we’re going to see unfortunately through a whole area of the Bahamas problem now
is the workers who work at the shipyard they may not be able to get to work even
if the shipyard is up and running because their homes have been destroyed
so this island is in for a real mess going forward we’ll have to see how this
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now I’ve got other news here looking at the white dot you can see where the
hurricane is now and you can see that purple blob that is where most of the
devastation will occur as far as winds and here’s another problem cruise lines
are gonna have the private islands I’ve talked about this a bit already but take
a look here at the top of this picture you’ll notice Coco key greats Turkey and
Castaway Cay these are the three islands run by Disney Norwegian and Royal
Caribbean Coco key just opened three or four months ago it is possible that
being in the eye of the storm and with 160 to 180 mile an hour winds we may
have the island look like this like it looked while it was under construction
she might get wiped out and the same with castaway key castaway
key here might be totally devastated by this storm and it could take quite some
time for Disney Royal Caribbean and of course our friends of Norwegian with get
with their great story to get them all back up and running they could be down
for months we just don’t know now another thing
that’s going on is the storm is going to work its way west towards the coastline
of Florida and then head north that’s what all the weather forecasters are
saying the storm is gonna be with us for another week right now as I am speaking
to you the grandeur of the Seas is docked in Baltimore this ship was loaded
up with passengers yesterday afternoon it left for 30 minutes came back to the
harbor unloaded her passengers they claim that the ship has got mechanical
problems and they canceled their cruise I kind of wonder if that is really the
case because this ship was destined to head to Bermuda for a five-day vacation
the problem is that the the grandeur of the Seas was going to run smack dab into
the hurricane on the way back and face this kind of nonsense here here’s the
route that she was going to take right now she’s in Baltimore she’s canceled
her five-day cruise they’re not moving at all I don’t know what kind of credits
have been offered to the passengers who were really inconvenience
would not be happy if I traveled all the way to Baltimore to get on the cruise
ship and half an hour later was told sorry folks the cruise is off that is
not cool anyway that is the story there’s the track of a storm over the
next week we’ll keep following it stay in touch with my channel subscribe to
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best I can talk to you later everybody bye for now

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