RDR River Monster Bowfishing

on todays show we’re heading up to Grand river monster bowfishing tournament
on Hudson Lake we are going to be riding along with the midnight Mafia bowfishing team [music] how are you gentlemen good how are you [music] well the Grand River monster boat
fishing tournament had quite a big big turnout there were boats of every shape and size there they would give it away some great
prizes they were also given away some cash money I [music] yeah that’s which way we are going we are here at Hudson Lake with TJ Shears with Grand River Monstor BowFishing tournetment he runs the tourneyment they have a lot of boats here
a lot about here I’m going to let him tell you a little bit
about it we got a big 15 format it’s you bring your big
fifteen fish in so how have the biggest 15 this year they’ve got a
lot of money involved we have over 30 boats checked in you’ve got a lot of boats here I was impressed we’ve got a small fish sponsored by M & M contracting dollar
$100 gas card for the smallest fish checked in their we have a big fish that was sponsored by bowfishing extreme and iron Horse express
brand new reel reel and bow mount the whole setup for bowfishing so hopefully everybody is safe goes back in the morning to weight in our fish
so this is an alnight bowfishing tournament they’ll be back here 7 o’clock we’re gonna go out and follow
one of the teams see how they do well back here in the morning to find out who the winner is TJ shares been putting on this bow
fishing tournament for several years now and is doing a great job building it bigger
bigger every year [music] [music] I am proud of it Chris well the midnight Mafia got a
little bit of a late start do to some boat trouble they were chomping at the bit to get
on the water and get started [music] so once the boat got there they got on
the water great wasted no time heading across the lake the I might teach everybody how to dougie [music] we are the midnight mafia out of Salina Oklahoma I’m Chaz Trujillo, Brad Davis , Mat Rush we’re going to try to kill the big fifteen [music] [music] the Midnight Mafia Bowfishing Team serious about bowfishing we asked them a little bit about some of the equipment they use we shoot onita bows because they’re dependable you don’t
have to worry about nothing you can go out there and shoot they are easy to work on they shoot better than anything I have ever shot we shoot reels instead of AMS it is just our preference faster retrieves on reels probably more first precise with presision shots a lot of people shoot slides and that is great equipment we tie to the back of the arrow actually and I think increases shooting
ability a little better we shoot the osprey anitr because it is made for bowfishing made for bowfishing and they’re all
stainless steel parts they are suppost ot be rust proven they are pretty much bowfishing ready you could say the new ones come with the white reaper and this is the red reaper they are little fish skelatons on them they are great bows part I think we shoot one the best setups there is so tourneyment ready ho many did you see going down there I saw two pop up boom boom that one got away [music] ha ha sit here and gripe [music] good shot looks like the swim team [fish flopping] that was a drum one to the right that weighs 38 pounds and you shot that one it’s a good one though midnight mafia style did you see one right there yep well the fishing started off pretty good but as the Sun went down things begin to
change the fish star disappeared every team out there was having a tough
time the midnight mafia was working hard try to win this tournament there were even a few boats that gave up a little early during the night but the midnight mafia keep going all night long [music] [motor hum] [music] back up [music] got away good I even asked him for a backup the fish but it seemed to disappear when the sun went down but the bugs sure didn’t they were out in full force at the first of the night is it got colder even the bugs begain to
disappear [music] if you have never done night bowfishing on a boat rigged with lights it’s amazing all the sights ou are going to see you never know what’s gonna turn up in the water or when the edge in the
water [music] go this way we are not done [music] when that fog starts coming off it looks like it’s on fire in the camera [music] [motor hum] [music] [howl] iPad [motor hum] [music] when we come back the midnight mafia get a good break on a couple of big fish [music] easy he’s got him kill the trolling motor kill the trolling motor back yes definitely Chaz shoot this fish get your bow shoot him oh yea right here yes you always hit him though I got good line take him take him in the boat yeah she cool way freaking cool that’s a nice gar let’s try to get 14 more of those and playing games watch him garr leee where is your dumb stick at there you go there you go [motor hum] all right [motor noise] [music] [music] [music] [music] [motor hum] about 2:30 in the morning the guys had
to take me back so I could get a little rest as I had to
go somewhere the next day but as soon as they did they were back on the water hit it hard trying to win this
tournament up [barrel sliding] yeah not in this there you go redneck Romeo at the beginning of weight in there are a lot of people already all the fish redneck Romeo and
as tuff as the night were there are quite a few teams that didn’t
have a weight in you had to have 15 big fish [music] I was starting to get a little worried
about the midnight mafia the weight in had started and they still had showed up but as the weight started alone it wasn’t long before they showed up at the ramp and
we’re anxious to see how they had finished up the night [music] seventy two [music] Jacob [music] you have a small fish or a big fish not going to weight it [music] seventy nine they have got a big fish 18,83 yeah 18.83 is the lead for big fish right now I’m going to make this streach is he still breathing shot him right in the head hahaha thanks he beat about a pound and a half off hold on it shut off hold on [music] 22.52 is that the biggest fish so far [barrel sliding] did yall put a show on for them appreciate you guys [back ground talking] seven eight big 16 right laughter [wrench clacking] alright guys good lands 130 call it 140 no [laughter] 130 I believe you guys have the lead right now you think last night you have a chance for big fish highest weight no I didn’t think the fishing was very good at all but sometimes you get to weightin and just get surprised I guess Midnight mafia had the big fish Midnight Mafia come get your big fish prize gonna laugh where are yall from Abana Mossiora how far is that 200 miles 585 dollars [clapping] hes our president second place with 110 pounds four hundred dollars [clapping] Oklahoma Outlaws 100 pounds third-place three hundred
dollars speak we are the white chocklot Cowboys Corey Austin don we got 2nd with a 110 pounds 110 pounds won a little mony, gas money back home a way and got by about fish earlier or
club record all want their motel a went up and down shut
up Shirley what too great got a couple big
fish their doors Twilight area as well while I her on that is pretty tough 36 games small
lake yeah it a lot a lot this guy can make your decision where you go mike
got weeks to finish for like two and a half hours see a fish for tuna
herbs yeah I thought they sometimes take away because I love it came who in early and take the there yeah we definitely thought about we never
thought about it now the ones I no both the stopped eating down all my life yeah that we were able
to do we care have a good time enjoyed it yeah
definitely enjoying it gonna show you scond here last year was the first time on the lake we took home third and it was our third time on the lake pretty happy about that Congradulation thank you Midnight mafia again last night was a pretty rough start I guess it started off good
night is good colder and fish starting pulling away fron the banks
banks and to get slow throughout throughtout the night we didn’t think the tournament was going to turn out as good as it did we winded up getting big fish with gar he shot 22.55sounds we ended up winning a bow fior that. we winded up fish and we want
to be in first place 130 pounds even so it was pretty good we want to tank our sponsors onida bows couldn’t do without them we also shoot tnt tips Cowete oklshoma they make their own tips make their own tips for and to bring it
if this we rlly appreciate are you
guys going out the tournament stacking up the big fish taking home the big prizes hope to se you next year we’ll be here good tournament Brad really I mean he’s 5 foot long what am I suppost to do well if you have never tried it bowfishing is alot of fun you don’t have to have all this equipment to get started if you watch some of our shows you can start of miniman equipment and just wading around in the water how we do it is a lot of fun the ambush
you need help go see bills morning their next moves location work

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  1. great to see! follow everyone on OFS on facebook. Never shot tournaments, but it def pumps me up for this next year! great videos guys

  2. What lake is that on and when do they have the tournament. Great video guys, I'm here on lake o the pines let's do a tournament here . Let me know guys .

  3. They look pretty serious except for the beer setting by the motor. Never fished a tournament where drinking was tolerated…

  4. omg put in the bucket and not kill the Fish ???? ey wie wiederlich ist das BITTE

    Next fkn Idiots kills Baby Gators… i cant believe it… i hope for you all the next Years all Gators in Nirvana !!! Awsome Job stupid brain afk Freaks !

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  7. That does not speak about money, it's all about experience that is great things happens in life, to fish with a bow I haven't had experience fishing such a way, but I know its pretty awesome and lots of fun. I wish I could.

  8. TJ and Lonnie from grand river monsters are some great guys… hopefully i run in to you guys at the next tournament

  9. to everyone that is complaining about killing the fish and wanting them to release them. It is illegal to release a fish into the water after shooting them. So they have to take them out of the water

  10. the complainers do not realize that bow fishing is the best thing to ever happen at least here in Texas you can not bow fish for any game fish or cat fish yet and bow fishing eliminates or helps control allot of the problem fish as for the alligator gar Texas limit's 1 per day can not say for other states
    but here is Texas bow fishing is fantastic fun and great for helping the ecosystem

  11. Eat what you kill. That is what God put them on this earth for, not sport.

  12. you the people that dumped fish under that bridge? there were bass too that had holes in them… alls one of you guys almost shot my kid..like WTF!

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