Reaction to Eugenio in Via di Gioia – Tsunami // Sanremo 2020

So I’m about to listen to Gli Eugenio in Via di Gioia, Tsunami. Is it…I don’t know. Oh, it’s just Eugenio… Tsunami. What is “Gli”? Why is “Gli” there? Anyhoo. Tsunami. Eugene living life? In a life of joy? I don’t… But I’m trying to see, that’s what I’m trying, I’m trying to see if he… Yes, he was a (newcomer)… Or the group? It looks like a group. (The group) was a new artist. The Newcomers’ section? They moved on. I think they came right under… They came right under…Oh, they were… Okay. They came right under… …Billy Blu. Billy Blu, which I enjoy, a lot. So, let’s listen to this. Yes, thank you. Anyhoo. Okay. Dardust? He’s in it again. Another one! Okay! Why are they all wearing the same shirt? Tsunami this is called. I like this stomping beat. Oh! (I) kinda like it. His dancing is kinda cute. This is giving me, like, OK Go vibes. It looks so interesting, dancing from behind. Or watching him dance from behind rather. Oh, he took off his hat. Okay. He looks better with it off. What is this dancing? I think the part I like most of this song is the part where it sounds like, where is it? This. From this beginning, of the stomping beat. This part. The whole song was kind of generally confusing to me, from the beginning until he started to do the stomping beat. But I’m very curious to see how this will sound as a well-balanced, finalized track, so I think I’m gonna add it. I’m not really sure I’ll like it. But… I think at this point I’ve listened to all of these four top songs from the newcomers’ section. I don’t… Yeah. Okay. And now it’s at five. Okay. I feel like Billy Blu is probably, possibly still my… It’s probably… Yeah, it probably really is my favorite of these four regardless. But anyway. Thanks for watching. Yeah!

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