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We’ve just got the audience engaged into watching
the season trailer. There’s a few people there. There’s a few people there on a Friday. We saw the series 10 trailer, and it was fantastic. It’s always exciting. What they do is, you know, it’s out there
and yeah worthwhile. Definitely excited to see series 10 and all
the adventure that comes with it. Definitely. I reckon it’ll be pretty wicked. They’re taking us to new places that we haven’t
been before. I love the cooking. I love the cooking segments. It’s awesome. Oh it looks fantastic. Yeah we’ve got the trailer which we’re running
as well, so it looks as though they’ve really gone all out on this one. Ten years, and it’s been good. Maybe I’ll see you next year. I just like how crazy they get with all their
trucks and going crazy places that no else really goes. When I say I watch the shows, I probably watch
nearly every show each weekend. It’s like my Sunday afternoon chill-out time. Yeah bloody oath, it’s always a bloody cracking
show, mate. I love Simon. The history, the history that Jase comes up
with. As soon as they said a decade, I was like wow has it
been that long already? Ten years is a long time, and it’s really
good, and it’s going great guns which is really good to see. I like the the fact that the guys actually
get out in the bush, and it’s the Aussie adventure. And you know, Jase is all about being an Aussie,
and I think he’s a good ambassador for Australia. He gets out there and shows people what it’s
all about. That is a fantastic milestone to get to, and
yeah, can’t wait for another ten. It’ll be great. The most down-to-earth, the most humble guys
you could ever come across in the industry. They’ve got all the time of day for people. Quite obviously the boys heading up to
the Kimberleys through the Tanami Desert. I believe Jase has a little bit of a run-in
with a stingray. So yeah, certainly plenty to watch and plenty
to enjoy. Next thing you know my heart rate’s going
through the roof. I’m breathing heavy, and mate, I was seriously
worried. Sounds like us at the pub with Roothy. The stingray, that really scared me. To see him laying in that boat like that,
yeah. That little blue spot, same deal. Oh, stop shootin’ me!

12 thoughts on “Reactions from the Adelaide 4WD & Adventure Show ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. Well dun boys, still killin the metres the Aussie way, hard, someone said evolve, yep, like good wine or malt scotch, getting tastier.

  2. Can't see a snorkel on the new Isuzu ,? Is there new system ,? Don't mind, who ever wins probably won't care, get one fitted while fishing with Jase n Sim in paradise , ?

  3. Just love the adventure especially led by two fair dinkum guys in Simon and Jason , Showing just our past history and hidden place's and the great people out there ,well done All 4 Adventure Keep it up ,Best wish's

  4. Great Show they cover some awesome places in Australia some I have done and it makes you want to go back ,Keep up the great work look forward to catching at the Melbourne Show

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