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When he came into the WWF as part of the Invasion
angle, Rob Van Dam was one of the most popular acts from the old ECW [IMAGE 1]. He was quickly
put into a main event position [IMAGE 2], and pushed on TV each and every week [IMAGE
3]. Following the Invasion, Van Dam would capture the Intercontinental [IMAGE 4] and
Tag Team Championships [IMAGE 5], and fans were calling out for an RVD main event run
[IMAGE 6]. It was just about to happen [IMAGE 7], but a run-in with the law sent his push
up into smoke [IMAGE 8] – and Van Dam was never the same again [IMAGE 9]. I am Luke
Owen and this is the real reason Rob Van Dam lost the WWE Championship. Headline: The Extreme Phoenix Rises In 2005, following a very successful DVD that
charted the rise and fall of ECW [IMAGE 10 – SCREEN], WWE put on a reunion show for Extreme
Championship Wrestling at the Hammerstein Ballroom called One Night Stand. The show
featured ECW legends like The Sandman [image 11], Sabu [image 12], Mike Awesome [image
13], Masato Tanaka [image 14] and Tommy Dreamer [image 15], and was incredibly well received
by fans and critics. “Well, that was a hell of a lot of fun…
No one who watched One Night Stand will ever forget it.” – Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four
Weekly #521 June 30th 2005 The show was so successful that WWE started
to think about relaunching ECW, signing all the old talent and premiering a new weekly
TV show with live events, merchandise and PPVs. The idea was to use former ECW talent
to help get new guys over before they moved up to the “big leagues”, essentially developmental
for WWE’s Raw and Smackdown like NXT is now. The figurehead of this show would be Rob Van
Dam [image on screen], and he would be ECW’s top face alongside Sabu and Kurt Angle [image
16], who was drafted to the brand shortly before it launched. Headline: Mr. Money in the Bank At WrestleMania 22, prior to the ECW relaunch
announcement, Rob Van Dam won the Money in the Bank contract [17] and revealed that he
would cash it in against John Cena at the second ECW One Night Stand [18 – screen].
This was to be a launching pad for the fledgling brand and it featured one of the most heated
main events in WWE history. The crowd in the Hammerstein Ballroom were desperate to not
only see their guy Rob Van Dam beat John Cena for the WWE Championship [19], but to see
the hated Super Cena lose the coveted title [20]. The finish of the match saw Edge – who had
wrestled earlier in the night in a great match with Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman
– come out and spear John Cena [21]. RVD then hit the Five Star Frog Splash and became
the new WWE Champion [22]. “The place went absolutely insane as the
ring announcer introduced RVD as the new WWE Champion.” – Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four
Weekly #574, June 19th 2006 “That is the top moment of my career…
It’s not because taking the WWE championship was a goal of mine… We were bringing ECW
back as a third brand after that, and it was a huge success for me personally in my career.”
– Rob Van Dam, Sports Illustrated, November 9th 2016 Headline: Dual Champion Prior to RVD winning the championship, Paul
Heyman had said RVD would kill the WWE Championship and rechristen it the ECW Championship. Instead
RVD revealed he would be a dual champion [23], the first and only man to be both the ECW
and WWE Champion. He successfully defended the WWE Championship against Edge at Vengeance
[24], and the ECW Championship against Kurt Angle on ECW’s TV show on SyFy [25]. And then it all came crashing down. Headline: BUSTED. On Sunday July 2nd 2006, following a house
show, Rob Van Dam and Sabu were pulled over by law enforcement for doing 73 in a 50mph
zone, and were accused of having drugs on them. The officer questioned why Van Dam was
driving without a shirt on, and why their car smelled of marijuana. RVD was found with
18g of marijuana and Vicodin without a prescription on his person, and Sabu was found with a smoking
pipe and several unrecognisable pills, also without a prescription. The following day
the local newspaper – The Ironton Tribune – ran a full-page article on the arrest, and
for the very first time in the company’s long history, their world champion was busted
for possession of drugs. “Vince was pissed, he was obviously pissed
for having his world champion busted for drugs – but at the same time he was chuckling about
it. ‘It’s only marijuana!’ He wasn’t happy, but he also wasn’t as livid as he can get
sometimes about some things because he likes Rob. It was unfortunate, but s*** happens.
It caused chaos and we had to change plans.” – Bruce Prichard, Something to Wrestle, May
12th 2017 That following weekend, WWE were presenting
Saturday Night Main Event on NBC with Rob Van Dam and Edge in a rematch for the WWE
Championship. But the decision was made to take the belt of Van Dam on the Monday Night
Raw before hand. The advertised match was a triple threat tag team match with RVD, Cena
and Edge picking respective partners, but it was changed to a straight triple threat
for the championship, where Edge ended winning the title [26]. The Rated-R Superstar was
actually scheduled to win the belt at Saturday Night Main Event anyway, but RVD also dropped
his ECW Championship to The Big Show the day after when Paul Heyman turned heel on Mr.
PPV [27 or 27.1]. RVD was then suspended for 30-days. “I had dropped the ball and that was very
disheartening. It was definitely a low point for me… After the three-count, all the fans
were chucking their litter into the ring. The disappointing vibration of that went straight
to my heart. I rolled out of the ring down to the floor to avoid the debris and I felt
so low.” – Rob Van Dam,, July 3rd 2013 “Many wrestlers assumed both guys would
be fired immediately and were thus surprised with WWE’s handling of the situation. Obviously,
if Danny Doring and Roadkill had been arrested, they’d likely have been fired immediately.
The reality is that life isn’t fair in the wrestling business, and RVD and Sabu are seen
as two of the biggest stars of this new ECW brand.” – Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly
#576, July 10th 2006 Van Dam would return to ECW a month later,
but he never recaptured the ECW Championship and was never in the hunt for the WWE Championship
again. He would leave the company one year later in 2007. Summerslam is great – but what about when
it isn’t? And check out some of these wrestler versus celebrity fights. Click the videos
to the left to find out more. Press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve
been Luke Owen and that was reasons.

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  1. I miss Sabu hes the only wrestler in WWE that an Extreme High flyer that truly puts his body at risk OTHER than jeff hardy there are no Equals

  2. It was only Cannabis and a bullshit reason to strip him off the title ultimately. I was really hoping to see RVD make a comeback to win a Royal Rumble and recapture the Title @ a WrestleMania or something

  3. You can get in trouble for smoking weed? It ain't like it's crack or heroin

  4. @wresletalktv I know this is off topic but the fashion files skit ending 2b could mean 2 bros and a hypebro heal turn

  5. Yeeeaahhhhh marijuana,weed,greens,trees, smoke, fire, bud, broccoli, Mary Jane, if I missed some holler at me,,, yeaaahh nice job RVD and Sabu

  6. When that happened was when i stepped away from being a fan full fan of WWE

  7. Why is this a 6 minute video? The answer is Weed. Weed is why he lost the belt. That's all you gotta say

  8. What I love about this story is that sabu's pills are still unidentified

  9. this is the one thing I hate anytime a wrestler does something wrong outside of wrestling they face consequences inside wrestling

  10. If we’re being realistic Nakamura should come no where near that title. We’ll see if Vince caters to the indie marks tho

  11. die from cancer oli dickriders

  12. He and Sabu got pulled over by the cops. RVD had weed on him (obvs) and Sabu… Coke I think? Maybe crack…

  13. This was explained on something to wrestle with Bruce Pritchard a month ago

  14. When he came back he probably was like "alright, I am ready for whatever you throw at me, let's go"
    And WWE was like "we will need you to pee on this container"
    And RVD: "That's it, I'm out"

  15. RVD was actually respected And Liked by Vince it's sad to think that he threw that away in that moment.

    Although it's not like he's a forgotten figure.

    He will always be the first and only ECW/WWE dual champion there has ever been. Even if ECW isn't around anymore he held the WWE title. As well as having at least one successful title defense.

  16. so wrestletalk not gonna talk bout the hardyz being​ moved to the kickoff show?

  17. What was the point of his video? Any wrestling fan from back in those days already know all this. Running out of ideas already?

  18. Again wrestletalk is covering old news that every smart fan is already aware of, this channel is bullshit.

  19. Cause I was caught taking Mary Jane on a date and WWE we're like all hell no title anymore for u

  20. RVD was long over due for a WWE title run by the time One Night Stand came about. WWE should have pulled the trigger on him during the Invasion angle while he was "Daniel Bryan" over w/ the fans.

  21. "Ohh I'm sorry officer, let me take off my seat belt, and put on a shirt, I thought the law was the other way around."

  22. i feel proud for knowing the truth for this, for so long xD, its sad that that shit happend, RVD was one of the greatest,

  23. I was 12 at the time for ECW One Night Stand, and I remember that amazing crowd. One of, if not, the best crowd ever!

  24. before Vince passes or loses his mind, i hope he does a tell all about the drugs and sex he was exposed to. i doubt anyone in the wrestling business, now or in the past, isn't prone to immoral or illegal vices. ya can't reach the top by not being a little corrupt.

  25. Slight issue with these 'real reason' shows is that none of them have been in any way a revelation. I was at first fascinated thinking there was unknown sides to these events instead they have all been a summary of events most fans know. Still, love the channel keep it up guys.

  26. Actually no the pills and drug charges got dropped because there were prescriptions for type pills and their were no drugs actually found.

  27. So disappointed Best high flyer in history. Fucking sucks how they made drop those titles.

  28. Uh RVD was not suppose to drap the WWE Title at Saturday Night Main Event there no proof of this RDA was suppose both title for a most longer time then that…

  29. Damn… I liked it better when I thought it was only weed. Fuckin pills and shit… What the fuck?

  30. I was there live for the title change, it was on a Raw in Philadelphia ironically (ironic due to ECW being based and all that in Philly obviously). The crowd was about split I would say with half chanting and cheering for RVD, with the other half (myself included) were chanting and cheering for Edge; who as we know ended up winning the match and title. No one was rooting for Cena, not a single person that I myself could see or hear, and this was in 2006 not 2017 lol.

  31. RVD

    ASW North American Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    AWR Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    AWR No Limits Championship (1 time)
    ECW World Television Championship (1 time)
    ECW World Tag Team Championship (2 times)
    IWF Television Championship (1 time)
    NWC Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    OTT No Limits Championship (1 time)
    PCW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    PSW Cordele City Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
    SAPW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    TNA World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    TNA X Division Championship (1 time)
    WWE Championship (1 time)
    ECW World heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    WWE Hardcore Championship (4 times)
    WWE Intercontinental Championship (6 times)
    WWE European Championship (1 time)
    WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    World Tag Team Championship (2 times)
    WWE Money in the bank (2006)
    Fifteenth Triple Crown Champion
    WSW World Championship (1 time)
    RVD is the only superstar who win WWE Championship and ECW world Championship at the same time…

  32. Just a little bit of indo ruined his title reigns? Damn. No wonder he felt so low after losing those titles.

  33. Like the addition of the music on these vids, keeps a good pace with so much info crammed into them. Keep them coming guys 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  34. watch ecw 1ns 2005 on pc network it only says eddie gurrero in singles action for him vs benoit

  35. WWE Network is worth it for One Night Stand alone. Insane PPV with the hottest crowd ever at a live event.

  36. RVD (Real Legend ) was buried by Cena (asskisser ) and so he left the company !!!

  37. so vince could have taken that time to take a personal stand about how bullshit the marijuana laws are in this country and instead decided to kill off one of the most over guys from that era… everyone loved rvd, you know you did… even if you prefer heels, you KNOW you loved rvd…

    don't smoke weed! itll ruin your life when we arrest you and throw you in jail!

  38. that all went down in Ohio at Hanging Rock a well known speed trap on U.S. 52

  39. Q. Sabu and RVD are riding in a car together…. Who's driving?

    A. The Police Officer

  40. I was the happiest guy to see Rob van dam win the wwe title. Was so angry and cut when he fucked up

  41. 2006 was great and terrible for RVD
    Won the MITB contract, IC Title, cashed in successfully for the WWE Title, First ECW Championship

    Then he got caught with weed and lost everything, including his push

  42. I was gonna be the champ, but then I got high, I was rocking my two title belts, but then I got high, then they cut my push and I know why, (why man?), because I got high because I got high because I got high.

  43. Rob Van Dam using marijuana, seriously didn't WWE realize this before putting the title on him?


  45. Fucking everybody was on steroids but weed is worst? The fuck.. yea go drink alcohol and damage your insides and risk of death but dont you dare smoke weed to relax a bit.. im done 😒

  46. Who cares about the arrest? It’s just some kush and pills you got to a week of stupid ass classes and they drop’em

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