28 thoughts on “Rebuilt Oroville Dam Spillway Develops Small Cracks

  1. Brown knows damn well he has had them contractors up there weakening the dam for its failure.. They werent sucessful last year after they blasted the emergency spillway

  2. I've watched every step of the rebuilding of this spillway… its WAY OVER BUILT lol… it's completely indestructible now !!!

  3. ALL concrete cracks after it cures. More fake news being spread. People reporting on this, especially that one guy at Berkeley have probly never ever laid down concrete in their entire life short of a a couple'a footings for a deck or something.

  4. The way they make Kiewit sound is like a couple country bumkins from Nebraska named Bill and Bob. When Kiewit is one of the largest contractors in the world.

  5. I've poured concrete, big and small- never saw any cracks, ever- maybe after 20 years, if there was a faulty perc test, or a misdesigned footing spec-

  6. You characters should be more worried about "The Great Green Spot" on the dam itself!, now there's a terrifying story!!!

  7. "Then came the quake of 99 that leveled Mission Creek, ground was like an ocean churning waves of 20 feet. Laud it sounded like a thousand trains were screaming underground, all the way to San Andre you could hear that mournfull sound". Now you idiots live in a place like that and put Jerry Brown and the DNR to watch out for you? ROTFLMAO! Your all gonna die 🙂

  8. Now the entire thing, all of it, is built from the giant tailing piles of the hydraulic miners. Do you know what is mined with hydraulics? Rotting and rotton Mica Schist. Most of it will crumble in your hand and it just pops apart when water hits it LOL! No one, and I mean no one, would build a dam out of such!!!!!! But you did LOLOL!

  9. Do people really think things will be different from February 2017? I don't think so

  10. Maybe that asbestos bed isn't the best surface to put heavy slanted cement. Yum yum asbestos water…delicious.

  11. So cute how the man talking head talks then the woman talking head talks. Fake mainstream media news.

  12. The dam is creating it's OWN tremors…small earthquakes…open it up, all the way, let's see what happens then…it will turn that dirt into quicksand…

  13. It is called agenda 21… they want THAT dam to fail, duh…it is called depopulation…if I lived down River…I would get out now… they will open it, at night… like those levies, in Houston, they were opened at night… when folks were sleeping……..

  14. Concrete cracks when using cheap mix. There are products like fibremesh ( fiber glass ) that is used in certain design's meant to limit and or stop cracking. So a project meant to contain water should not be cracked right out the gate. That is cause for erosion under the spillway. Anyone who thinks this isn't a problem is dumb as a rock or pushing propaganda smh

  15. She actually does have a point concrete anything cementitious has a tendency to crack but do you see all those Expansion Joints with all those Expansion Joints it's hard to believe that the concrete cracking if the concrete does crack it will crack in those Expansion Joints

  16. Don't you hate idiot news presenters who say things like "the Orville dam split". The dam never split. The spillway failed. The dam was never close to "splitting".

  17. Still leaking, 4 feet of space left. Wet areas, water seeping UP from under the spillway. If they open the gates, that are leaking water and sand, they may not be able to close them. The test in April had just a small flow and exposed flaws.

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