Recap Q&A: Does the format work?

hair one more comments theory kept you
in a show and not for my car this time actually from inside a hotel room where
i’m staying somewhere the united states resounding here instead of my car is
that i see this so i will be a plane flying overhead somewhere hong so i thought i would do this or was it
was gonna get done monday so here it is as far as uh… last week finisher with the show is unjust
recapping things emails and questions from last week
several podcasts and really have to pay attention be bozos those actually real
difference of not only really answering one question this kind of the basis of
the whole of the surplus announcing some things that are coming up that you might
be interested elastic questions so i need to be
interactivity and in really get a lot of feedback about that which is ok uh… because i have my own ideas about
things that are trying to show you guys will submit what you think uh… so anyway but appreciate your feedback and also your help with
the experiment jerk holy spirit was a probably about a
week ago and ask for your feedback and help that helped our responses i’m actually
going to reveal what that was all about to come into the near future since the
final companies dot uh… something i said i need to shelly
might be interested in is that i had playlists and a little videos of all the various things with ruefully
purposes students about the sos dwindled but it
was loads and everything else organized someone simply lists of their way for interested with specific
type of episode you can find follow on that are available at mister
sturdy but that was long overdue so uh… let’s go ahead and talk about actually they discovered uh… jump
right into that one question is will have one the email and using mexicana filter out more the emails
comments is getting a lot repeat comments to session online only address specific
questions and maybe we haven’t talked about before or heard that much uh… and the one question that i’m feeling today comes from uh… wesley an ominous writer who says he skyler video’s as
such we feel you’re kind of getting distracted from the point of being a
dialyzed coral show damages for loss of internal really it
was recently vcd commercially detriments three months ago commercial including food for offering
to point out which was one month ago there dozens of recap showed up thier
wires enjoyed our pleasure to protest but i
think he should be focusing most of your video time tutorials tips
and the dollar budget so it’s got a lot of talk about uh…
ietf if you have and realize that or if i have explained it well enough time sort of doing format retirement
shows new recapturing wednesday every monday the first wednesday in a
month is a chick i was so the second was that
amount is the one dollar budget was saluted
third wednesday the month as an official fruitful member of soldiers typically do
you have my stuff fourth wednesday of the month is a short
film or something else sky open but it was something that day there is a sort
of doing this why i’m not doing fruitful maker who sells back to back to back which is what it
used to do is because i was running into trouble trying to get them done if you remember uh… show disappeared for two months
and i was working on the fruitful reversals just going to want complete and imagine that bind again when i
wasn’t than anything the post because i was working on d_d_i_ why stuffs looking
over the safety of doing shows and i think jerry formative anchor rigor basis niggling between the
proof only purpose those which the supposed to give me time to get the projects done so that’s why i’m doing that um… that’s kind of the question of
political opposing cases this format working for everybody this person uh… uses coming how does he seems he seems to think that have been
distracted i do have a recap show every monday as i
feel like there’s some good information that hits the common boards uh… you to channel emails for but no
one else sees a time i would you share those things but if it’s becoming too knowing your
enemies associate long-term condense them by answering weather kind of questions online bring
the show slits or devices that working for you
that song this week is the one dollar budget was
sold and uh… it really and was feeling about that is of course
is shown shoots see what’s on that however those something pretty
interesting coming up tomorrow or tuesday night michigan beyond internet radio show the
show’s called road building with it so stirred by johnnie dole strengthen
the uh… six oh nine pm pacific time i have got a couple links below there
you can tune into the show one of them was actually a chap or you can see the
questions for me on the show eliza phone number as well this long
distance of do that this click on the chat and the other one if you just want list
and so is my first radio shows on the internet uh… scattered saying who knows where rose three hours
listening to me answer questions so hopefully it’s not too boring uh… that’s going on that’s really all that so you guys and
the question again is do you like the format uh… we’re currently running the shows
every wednesday and in the show monday so please tell me what you think
forever you can also find what’s good for reporter stuff on the facebook group twitter and blogs which if i had to read a review that
people who collected dot com reynolds links below appears every week and uh… i’ll see
you next monday that shows till users

39 thoughts on “Recap Q&A: Does the format work?

  1. can you talk about the new youtube partnership ? or waht it is

  2. we can hear the difference of the acoustics of you home to the car… I like the format as is!!

  3. He's flying over our heads… I didn't know you were sidetracking over Australia to get home.

  4. Hmm… Interesting. I see the viewers point, especially within the context of my own channel, where my content issues arise from securing wilderness locations. I think you have to go back to the heart of what you started. You always had a catchy intro line: "The Frugal Filmmaker, where we know you're broke before you start your film." The DIY stuff made your audience. Maybe feeding the beast with constant content isn't what's best, but rather quality DIY stuff. Recaps could be monthly instead.

  5. It is a good format.Just do what you want to produce content. Some people will unsubscribe, but some more will subscribe to make up for it.

    You can't please everyone.

  6. I'd also have a separate channel for your short narratives with commercials in your DIY and recap shows, directing your audience to them, with a website containing your entire programming content and blog, even streaming, much like the networks. The challenge then becomes sales, to get advertisers to support your site, to maintain access for your audience.

  7. The current format is fine for me as well. There's something worth knowing in every episode you make, which is what will help people become better film-makers. No amount of gear (DIY or otherwise) will make people better on its own. Keep up the good work!

  8. I originally subscribed for the tips and cheap diy. I film my own hunts and love the tips.

  9. I'm fine with the current format. It teaches me stuff that I want to know be it technique, diy gear, or anything else. While I'm open to the idea of a new format I don't see any immediate reason to change the current way things run.

  10. replace the short film with another DIY build because there's very little we get to learn learn from the short film, plus there must be at least two DIY projects a months

  11. I did notice that your recaps are shorter now. Thats good because your usual 15 minutes is a bit long.

  12. I love it the way it is but especially love the DIY projects and tips. It takes a little of all to help you grasp the complete aspect short film making, so I would not change anything!

  13. I like the format. If I didn't, I wouldn't be a subscriber 🙂

  14. I really enjoy your channel and watch all the video you produce, great info and I really like the DIY video's they have been very helpful for my channel.

  15. Thank you for all the shows you do. You have thousands of listeners and a great Facebook group. I think you should not mind about one opinion. It would be nice to have every week diy stuff, but there is a lot of work behind it, so take your time, once a month a good idea is plenty.
    Again thank you
    Wolfgang from Crete

  16. I enjoy the current format. They only thing I'd really like to see more of is your work and "behind-the-scenes" footage of your shoots. That way we can see all the gear in action, pick up some techniques and get a handle on how you actually use all that you have learned. DIY stuff is great but is seldom exactly like the pro equipment. Learning how to overcome that gap would be a big part of what makes a "frugal filmmaker," I would think.

  17. I think the format is just fine, gives us some variety. The DIY & recap videos are cool; I’ve gleaned a lot of information from them. To be quit honest, if I find an episode getting boring for me, I just skip it and look forward to the next one 🙂

  18. Because you are willing to share many 'sides' of your talent, I feel that those of us who choose to watch you should have much less 'input'. The power belongs to the viewer to simply push stop and find another video to 'fill' our educational time. I personally like your 'balance' of approching video making from many standpoints. You do a good job at that. Thanks for your sharing!

  19. Well I am fine with the format. Of course I am interested in the DIY builds but how many camera stabilizer rigs are you going to come up with at the same time? I did see where someone mentioned more behind the scenes information that would help me as well.. In the meantime I am happy with what you have been putting out and see myself continuing to follow this format. Thanks for the efforts you are putting into this project. I do hope you are able to spin it into a career.

  20. I like the new format and since the more I can learn the better.
    You can only take DIY so far before you run out of idea's.
    These people need to take in account that there are so many YouTube channels out there with [Photography, DIY, Tutorials, etc…] that you can take the best that each channel has to offer and use it attain your goals, which is what I do.
    BTW: It's your channel and you can do anything you want!

  21. Hopefully, it's just a little jetlag getting you down. I like your current format. I love the DIY stuff. It's what first drew me to your channel. But you have a lot of other great info to offer as well. I would keep the current mix going.

  22. "I don't know any one way to succeed, but I DO know one sure way to always fail, which is to try and please EVERYONE…" –Abraham Lincoln

  23. I like the current format. It turns the channel into a discussion.

  24. Feels like a board meeting some times in your car. Need cut aways. No need to answer everyone's comments if their to lazy to figure it out.

  25. I think a mix that you have right now but with more DIY and BTS

  26. Just one man's opinion, but I would much rather have weekly Q&A episodes than wait six to eight weeks for DIY videos, with no videos in the meantime.

  27. I am enjoying the format as you have it now.
    I would like to see some more episodes on techniques (like your 3 point lighting ep) rather than just gadgets though.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  28. The format rocks. It's realistic and hope you enjoy doing it as much as I like watching it

  29. Your good, Frugaldude! Like all the things you do. Frugal stuff brought me here, but I keep coming back because I always either learn something, or reinforce something I have learned. Keep up the good work. Missed the radio show – is it archived somewhere?

  30. I really like this format. I watch it every monday. -well this time I was alittle late because of college finals. Don't change it, but maybe you should do live broadcast sometimes.

  31. It's your time, your money and your channel; you do as you please. Ya gotta be frugal with it all.

  32. I like your show big fan greets Rachid Pardo from THE NETHERLANDS

    ps: watch my films on my youtube paige if you got time.

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