Reclaimed Wall Map with Epoxy Resin River and Road Inlay

so what you’re looking at right now are bunch of studs from an old Washington DC row house dating back to the 1800s except for this stud right here from a hospital in Massachusetts dating back to the 90s did he just fart? I think he farted sorry for the interruption but hey Paul how did you get those roads to print out and use on the CNC well if you’re interested in all the excruciating details of how I did that I made a second video you can watch after this one to show you how you can make that into a printable format or use it on the CNC but for now I’m just gonna give you a very quick summary so you can figure out how we got here the method I used is a combination with OpenStreetMaps and Adobe Illustrator the second method uses free open-source software albeit with less detail so you start in OpenStreetMaps by finding the area that you’re interested in you export this into a PDF which saves as a vector file this can then be imported into Adobe Illustrator cleaned up a little bit to make it easier to work with and then you copy your roads border and water into their own layers then with all the cleaned up data I trimmed outside the border of city exported the streets and water has two separate SVG files and then imported these into easel for two separate tool paths and that is where we are now let’s get back to the build hey guys thanks for checking out this build and shout out to Inventables creator of the X-Carve for making this video possible now as much as I hate to admit it the J-Carve definitely lost out this time on this project I wouldn’t have been able to complete this build without the X-Carve but that there is precisely my goal with the CNC to make larger form Jackman sized projects that wouldn’t be possible without it I’ll drop some links down below see and learn more about this machine it’s a very affordable and fairly minimal machine it still has some really cool features like the two-stage V bit carving that you saw in this project and we’re popping out projects like this you can pay for it in no time but a few details about the project itself the road pattern was cut on the CNC painted black and then I cut out the water before I poured it in a two-part epoxy resin this was then all sanded flush to reveal the road map of Washington DC for full details on how I was able to pull in the street map data to use on the CNC check out the separate video that I made specifically on that process but I think that is all for this one thank you to Inventables for making this project possible my patrons for their support and Steve Yzerman for that Stanley Cup back in 2002

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  1. Inventables X-Carve CNC router –
    Inventables Easel CAD/CAM software –

    Rockler tools used on this build –

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    ► Full build article –

    – Reclaimed wall studs
    – Wood glue
    – Epoxy resin
    – Weathering accelerator
    – Tung oil finish

    – CNC
    – Miter saw
    – Table saw
    – Pipe clamps
    – Screw clamps
    – Glue scraper
    – Router
    – Mechanical pencil
    – Circular saw
    – Palm router
    – Belt sander
    – Spindle sander
    – Micromesh sanding pads

  2. I am a cartograph. The combination of wood and the vector data looks pretty good. Thumbs up!

  3. My friend your skills and mindset are on another level. You have patience of a saint.

  4. Was alot better when you focused on the woodworking and less on the cool editing features.

  5. Rotring 600! Try the 800, it has a retractable tip. But the click isn't as satisfying.

  6. Just saw this on your penny boards video and was like “HOW DID I MISS HIM BUILDING THAT!”

  7. Politics aside, I think we can all agree that the 45 people who gave this a 'thumbs-down' are the greatest threat to our democracy.

  8. Dude you a legend and had me laughing heaps! Absolutely brilliant idea and well executed bro. I am excited to see what you have coming up now I have subscribed!

  9. I'm 30 second into this guys video. first time I've ever watched him and i already love him.

  10. First: That´s not NYC.
    Second. Please make the world a better place, use oil, not 7:04 poison

  11. beside the works, i loved the way you rock on videos :O) u did smtg great.. fun at he best level..

  12. Is there a reason you used a router, instead of a power planer?
    Reason I ask is because I have a nice thick cut of elm that I want to turn into a coffee table, and I was thinking that a planer might be my best bet to get the top smooth.

  13. Wow man. No idea I could possibly afford a cnc. Obviously we are both wings fans and woodworking fans. I'll be following you closely. Thanks for this!

  14. Subscribed. Thats amazing. I'm going to try to make one with green glow resin. Need to find a local area with a CNC i can use haha

  15. Wow that is gorgeous man! Well well done. Also, I loved your personality throughout the video, it made me laugh. A+++ video!!

  16. As a Washingtonian I am thoroughly impressed with this project! It is a testament to your technical and artist skills! However, the amount of work and time that went into this project is extraordinary. I am exhausted from watching the video of you doing all the work!

  17. Nicely done. Congrats on the look of the wooden map – it's properly decorative. 🙂

  18. That is pretty nifty, personally I would have added a hint of a blue dye to the resin just to highlight the river system ever so slightly.

  19. For my taste the reclaimed wood would've been much better used in some other project, a nice piece of cabinet grade plywood would've worked much better for this.

  20. If you would like to do this and lack the tools. Look up Transferring prints to wood. This will give you a similar product.

  21. Everyone has a table saw and thickness planer but me. I have to do it by hand because of poordom

  22. Hi, really nice job!
    Just a question. You use just a simple sellotape for made the border of epoxy resine?
    (Sorry for my english)

  23. just a tip for you. I also have done the paint filled recesses with the x-carve. I've found to keep the paint from bleeding into the wood it works well to hit it with a coat of spray poly first!!

  24. Wow! As a Geographer myself, I'm a map geek myself, this completely caught my eye. I think that I'm going to try something like this but I'm going to have to use a Dremel instead. Great job!

  25. AWESOME VIDEO!!!! Love how you make your videos fun to watch by throwing some comical moments into the mix. Definitely subscribing for more

  26. That transition was clean my friend! I also got a headache though and made me feel weird lol

  27. Заебала эта сраная реклама.
    Только из за нее минус

  28. Cool idea and process however I feel like you could have made a genuine river table by adding blue pigment to the resin for the rivers on the map..that would have made it pop….looks great and has given me some ideas thank you for sharing your work

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  30. Awesome project. You always come up with something out of the box. Love your humor, too.

  31. "Except for this stud right here" ?? ok, fair enough lol not even 40 seconds in and I've subscribed

  32. Awesome project! I would love to do a collaboration with you or maybe just your man helper for the day since I’m just down the road from you.

  33. "… except for this stud here …"

    Hahahaha! You are a very entertaining young man! I would subscribe to your videos even if I weren't a woodworker because your videos are always fun to watch, make me smile, inspire me, and make my jaw drop – all at the same time!

    This is a way cool build! How many hours did this take from start to finish, including all of the computer time and setting up the X-Carve? It looks like it was a very labor-intensive project, but it looks so incredibly awesome!

  34. Ole boy, your work is freaking amazing. Dig your videos. Keep it up!

  35. My wife says that she thinks you are a true stud and she really likes the way you work your wood!!! Lmao! 🙂 We both love your videos. We do some wood crafts that we sell. Always a good time watching you work.
    And we are both super jealous of your shop and tools. Awesome stuff.

  36. This is incredible!! ? you should be very proud of yourself for being able to create these things! This map is absolutely beautiful!!

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