Reconstruction with SERVPRO of Denton

– So, what some of our customers have experienced is, they
may have experienced a loss, a water loss, and then
they’ve had to select another company in order to help make it like it never even happened. And so, the build back of that, the reconstruction process now, SERVPRO is able to come
in and help you with that. So we’re actually able to be here to help through the entire process. So we start with the water cleanup and the restoration part of it, we move over into the contents part of it and dealing with those and now we’re able to move over into the reconstruction part. From a commercial property
manager’s standpoint, how that can help them
is that now they’ve got a turnkey solution as well. So we’re able to come
in and not just address something on the drawing plan but we’re able to already be talking about the reconstruction plan. And when you do that from
the first several days of a drying process, you actually
are able to get people back in business faster. You’re not waiting for
another team to come in or another project manager to come in. You’re able to start
talking about that process right from the beginning. That’s really gonna
help with saving costs, saving time, getting businesses
back in business, really. And so, from a residential standpoint, it is sometimes frustrating, we’ve heard from our
customers in the past, where “we’ve got to
select multiple companies, “we’d really like to deal with you guys, “you’ve maybe done a great job, “you already know the materials
that we’re dealing with.” And so now we’re able to
take it and one step further help you through that reconstruction through helping you select materials, explaining the estimating process, explaining the entire management process from a project management
standpoint with your insurance company and really
just handholding through the entire process and it has
really just simplified things for customers and
we’ve had a lot of great feedback on it. So, we want to be here to help, we want to help make it
like it never even happened, and this is one step closer
to being able to do that.

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