Record rainfall, flash floods kill five in southeastern Korea “남부 폭우로 5명

At least five people were killed and some
five more are missing… after torrential rainfall lashed southeast Korea Monday afternoon.
Record levels of rainfall hit Busan and nearby cities,… causing landslides and sweeping
buses and cars off the road. Connie Lee has the details. In Changwon, southeast
Korea… A city bus is swept away in flash floods….
caused by heavy rain. Caught in the fast-moving currents, the bus
tips onto its side… and in an instant, it disappears,… submerged under the rushing
water. At least one person was killed in this incident.
This is just one of the unfortunate effects of the record rain that drenched southeastern
Korea on Monday. Measuring up to 130-millimeters per hour…
the torrential rains hit Korea′s port city of Busan and nearby regions in Gyeongsangnamdo
Province… causing landslides, flooding cars and houses… and halting rail services and
flights in and out of Gimhae airport. Officials from the National Emergency Management
say at least five people were killed… and several others were left missing from the
torrential rain and flash floods. On Tuesday morning, police continued the search
for the missing… with fears the bodies could′ve been swept into the nearby ocean.
For those confirmed dead, some drowned inside their cars that were stuck in a flooded underground
road, while others were swept away by floodwaters. A 65 kilowatt nuclear power plant was also
shut down after rain began to seep into a water-intake facility.
Within three hours, more than 240 millimeters of rain fell in Changwon, Busan and other
surrounding cities. Weather officials say showers are expected
this week in central and eastern parts of Korea… with the monsoon season lingering
until mid-September. Connie Lee, Arirang News.

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