100 thoughts on “Red carpet funeral for Joan Rivers

  1. she was one fucking bitch .the way she criticised everyone .I hated her , was a loss for the family  etc ,people wont u how much of bitch she was to everyone , the she bitched about adele .

  2. sorry but who gives a fricking hell about joan rivers the way she treated other wasn't right ,the way she bitched about them.

  3. Damn, i just came here to say RIP JOAN RIVERS(she was a funny woman), didn't expect so much hate. I guess her jokes as funny as they were pissed off a lot of people at the same time.

  4. Go to https://binbox.io/046cQ#TXnOVWCL  to see a touching documentary on Joan Rivers. It's sad she had to leave the earth. Such a nice lady

  5. Its her money she didn't have to do anything for this world she did what she did best make people laugh spending money on her family is what you do with your money mother fuckers always looking for a hand out.

  6. Only reason she stayed on tv was she was a rabid Jew spewing hate in their favor. Why else I never laughed at her weak jokes. Yet her nasty comments always made it to msm

  7. they should have hired little people, dress them as munchkins, serenade the hearse with "ding dong the witch is dead"

  8. Jewish bitch. May all of Israel stop breathing. Like this materialistic plastic bitch. They should recylce her.

  9. Good riddance to a talentless howling dog who stole her entire shtick from a truly talented and hilarious comedian, Totie Fields. Rivers was abrasive, obnoxious, narcissistic, common and had enough botched plastic surgery to make her look like a Chinese grouper in a 500mph wind tunnel. Her loss is our gain.

  10. If you take yourself too seriously then your one of those people that don't get "Joan Rivers".  Have some manners and respect people.  We love you Joan Rivers and were going to miss you. 

  11. where is your humanity? a woman died. no matter what you feel about her, show some respect

  12. What's your guys problem?! How would you feel if you were in the hospital and people said you deserve to die? I am ashamed that you are all human beings! Imagine how her family feels! How would you feel if your family member died and people said she/he deserved to die? Joan Rivers was an amazing person and I hope you all feel like trash. Good Ridance!

  13. So she's dead… well…that's life is all about, after what she said about other people's religion and culture..i think now she is facing it in hell whatever insult she says when she  was alive…God didn't teach people to insult other's belief or religion…God teaches us to be humble to everyone..even to animal we must show kindness…

  14. Thank God that creepy bitch is dead, that woman was annoying as hell. Plus she looked like the Joker knocked up Michael Jackson and she's what popped out.

  15. Wow, so much hate in the comments for just this one person who brought laughter and joy to so many peoples lives. The world doesn't have enough of this as it is and it shows by many of your attitudes. If she wasn't your cup of tea then simply ignore her and watch/listen to someone who makes you laugh. And if no one does…then help us all.

  16. I am so very very glad that they had the type of funeral that Joan wanted.  Great way for it to be I think.  I really dislike all the ones that get on here and do nothing but just make really bad remarks about Joan and her comedy and her life.  While her comedy touched a lot of people in a lot of different ways that is all it was ever meant to be was comedy.  And to degrade her now when she is dead truly makes the ones that do that worse than anyone I can ever think of for they are only hurting her daughter, her grandson and her family.  And for that SHAME on the ones doing that…….God Bless you Melissa and Cooper and yes your Mom and Grandmother was great and may she rest in peace now…..

  17. I came on here to see the funeral of a woman who made me laugh since for as long as I can remember.. what unfortunately I experienced after reading the comments down below is a ton of hate, vitriol, antisemitism and misogynistic comments. A person died.. can you oh so very brave youtube keyboard warriors not show the slightest bit of respect for the passing of a soul. Like her or not, like her comedy or not she was clearly loved by many and she influenced many, and she was a HUGE influence to female comedians. 

    you talk like she was out there killing babies or causing wars.. yes she had plastic surgery, I bet you don't have the same opinions about all the pornstars you all probably whack off to, yes she was rude but that was her schtick, so are many male comedians.

  18. You'll notice all the 'celebs' who availed themselves of ranother chance to get in the limelight.  Can they EVER be just private, down-to-earth folks?

  19. I used to love her and admire her. She was one heck of a strong woman and a pioneer of comedy. Then I read what she started about Michelle Obama. I hope her family of plastic surgery addicts apologise and I do hope she burns in hell. Not something I ever said about anyone before, but there. Urrtghhh

  20. I don't get all the red carpet prep for her funeral. She's dead. Mourn her death, not celebrate it.

  21. Ive  never seen this before.. people actually smiling in a funeral.. I think that is how she would want them to be.. not in grief.. but smiling..

  22. People don't bother to read these comments. They are not worthy. What a fantastic send off Joan! You graced the world with your love and laughter and we will miss you. Nice funeral you planned, top notch, funny, sad, beautiful. Ignore the haters I do.

  23. There are three types of Joan Rivers' haters:

    1. Fanatic and stupid Muslims.
    2. Brain-damaged leftists who hate Jews and Israel
    3. Just plain imbeciles

    We all know Joan Rivers made fun of all people, religions and races. But when  she told the truth about Hamas and its war crimes in Gaza (Hamas uses human shields and sent thousands of rockets to Israel, Muslims and their useful idiot Leftist cohorts went berserk, wishing death to Rivers and saying what happened to her is karmic.

    Well, Joan Rivers was 81 and she lived a successful and happy life unlike Muslims and their fanatic comrades who massacred thousands of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and in the Middle East.

    If you hate Rivers for telling the truth, you're either a radical Muslim who hate not only Jews but all infidels, brain-damaged leftists, or just plain MORON.

    Now where are the so-called Muslim moderates when their SUNNI ISIL/ISIS comrades were busy killing hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq? Well, they're all silent because they support ISIS and they'd rather attack an old lady (Rivers) who simply told the truth about their comrade Hamas.

    By the way, Islam is not a race. If Islam is a race, then you are proving that Islam is indeed a RACIST cult. What about Muslims who killed Yazidis and Christians? Aren't they racist for targeting a specific minority group? Your double standard and lies, Muslims and brain-damaged leftists, is sickening!

  24. Even though I feel extremely sorry for Joan's friends and family, you guys better get used to this. We live in a world where all good things eventually disappear from existence and get replaced by crap. If you see more talent dying in the news, don't be surprised.

  25. Robin Williams May be Dead… Joan Rivers May be Dead… But Jim Carrey is Still ALIVE and BREATHING BITCHES!!!

  26. i dont care whether she's jewish, a frog, or a spoon. i remember her for her good heart and her humor.

  27. A woman who was a Zionist and wished murder on all Palestinian children. The irony, good riddance hateful sick creature.

  28. Most of the comments beneath me show me one thing.. americas school system is terrible bad. 

  29. Why couldn't it have been LeBron James, Johnny Manziel, Roger Goodell, Richard Sherman, Justin Bieber, or the Kardashians. Worst losses of 2014: Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Horace Silver, Casey Kasem, Bob Hoskins, Mickey Rooney, Harold Ramis, and Sid Caesar.

  30. Stupid muslims comment here. You are devil worshipers and you laugh at someone else's death. Idiots. May Joan rest in peace.

  31. I hope she goes to he'll no wait she is in hell lol that's what happens when you keep doing plastic surgery you ugly bitch 

  32. It must be incredibly hard for Melisa considering they were SO close and had lived together and worked together for many many years! I feel for her grandson too. Theres a few things that i really didnt like about her, but there were more things that i did like…i'll miss her razor wit and funny jokes! RIP Joan! 

  33. this is exactly how i want to remember joan rivers,…dead. 
    hope her daughter follows on her footstep soon 

  34. Goodbye to this old non funny Jewish hag. The only reason why this bitch stayed in the spotlight was because of the Jewish owned media!……..Rest in Peace Joan……..and say hello to Theodore Herzel.

  35. I wish she were alive, then she could die again and hopefully in pain for her shocking statements about killing children in Palestine.   I HATE HER AND I HATE JESUS.

  36. A stylish send off to where?  These people are celebrities only on earth.  If there is a God, i hope he or she is well dressed today….WHAT CRAP!! To all you celebrities…FOR WHAT SHALL IT PROFIT A MAN IF HE SHALL GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD, AND LOOSE HIS OWN SOUL. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU CELEBRITIES.

  37. May this Zionist talentless hag swim in fire for the rest of eternity.

  38. I saw video of her saying that Obama is gay after she said that she died so it means Obama killed her lmao just saying I saw the vid

  39. Joan Rivers was nothing but a heartless, racist, Zionist Pig.

    When asked about the Israeli bombing of the people of Gaza, she had this to say: "They should have killed them all!"

  40. She had so much talent at making people laugh. Though some people did not enjoy some of the things she said, it was how she was and how she felt. Comedy is not meant to hurt people, but to make people laugh. It is very hard to come up with new comedy while still being funny. She was such a great talented Lady!

  41. Red carpet send off to where? "If there is a God i hope he or she is well dressed today. Do you people think this is a joke. It would be sad to know that she had so much money, lived lavishly, had a wonderful life and has lost her soul.

  42. Joan is having the last laugh….so much hate is just said! Wow…peace and love to everyone ❤️

  43. I really liked her before,but when I heard what she said about . palestinian Kids that died and parents then she also doesnt deserve respect or a R.i.p ,thats how It goes.

  44. I always loved Joan Rivers and still can't believe she's gone. May she Rest In Peace!!!

  45. She is still alive ….look up Joan rivers still alive it will blow your mind she was part of the Jewish kabal

  46. I beg to differ with one comment. In my humble opinion, and with all due respect to Joan Rivers, she was not the Queen of Comedy. The Queen of Comedy was, and will always be in my eyes, Lucille Ball.

  47. I thought Joan was a funny lady a little crude sometimes, but funny . She had a great fashion sense. Too bad Obama the MUSLIM Bastard killed her for her comments about his equal MAN Partner Michelle and Him., if anyone would know about this Joan Probably did.

  48. I loved her she was a funny mess when you wanted to laugh all you had to do was find her on tv she would always make you laugh

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