Red Cross Responds to Louisiana Floods – August 2016 – Update #2

We’re here at American Red Cross headquarters
in Baton Rouge. We’re on day four of our disaster response,
where more than 40,000 homes across the stage of Louisiana were affected by devastating
flood waters. Nearly 7 trillion gallons of rain fell in
Louisiana in just a few days. This is enough to fill 10 million Olympic
sized swimming pools. More than a thousand Red Crossers from all
50 states will be on the ground here in Louisiana as of Friday. With hundreds of additional local volunteers
stepping up to support our work and their neighbors. Nearly 100,000 meals and snacks have been
served to people in need. Large disasters like this unprecedented flooding
are really too big for any one organization to handle. That’s why the Red Cross will continue to
work with the entire Louisiana response community, Federal, State and local to make sure we get
the help to those who need it.

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