Red River Gorge 4K | Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking Kentucky’s Hidden Wonders

[Andrew narrating] We live in an unfathomably vast world and each of us has our own individual journey through it. As time passes we grow and we gain new unique experiences. But each of us is part of something bigger part of a natural ecosystem Part of a human community. And it is together that we all take this journey into the unknown. [Adventure Archives theme song plays] [Robby narrating] It was winter’s end when Thomas and I found ourselves heading south out of civilization Past smokestacks and coolant towers to a fond and familiar little spot in Kentucky. [Thomas narrating] And once we arrived at Red River Gorge, we bumped into a friendly guy named Ron. He’s really here! I’m really here! And these are really the Adventure Archives guys! I’ve run into the Red River Underground guys, and now you. Robby: Yes! I’m comin’ back to the Gorge more often! [Robby narrating] After chatting with Ron, we put on our packs and hiked to the trailhead This is gonna be an interesting start of the hike because normally, there’s about 2.5 miles of road up here It’s closed for maintenance, I guess So we’re gonna have to hike that two-point-something miles to the trailhead, then we’re getting started! And then on top of that it’s a 16 mile hike You went ambitious this time! Put Adventure Archives to the test again. All right [Robby narrating] We passed by the gate that blocked the road and kept hiking So usually when I hike I start off slow and go up to a faster but maintainable speed. This time Robby and I are going at a fast speed. So let’s see if we can maintain it for the next 15 miles This is only a slight change of pace for you because you go fast eventually. For me, we go slow the whole time This is the complete change of pace [Thomas narrating] As we went along the wide dirt road, we saw a sign that talked about the presence of historical artifacts in the area. The beginning of trips like this is always my favorite part especially when you’ve had a long drive to get where you’re going like you’re so cooped up from being in the car You’re just like, “Man, I can’t wait to just like blast out to the trail!” That’s like when you get those Hot Wheels as a kid, you roll them up. Yes, exactly, exactly. [Thomas narrating] The road wound for miles through forests and past flooded ditches [Music plays] [Robby narrating] Eventually, we reached the actual trailhead which would take us to Rock Bridge Arch. Okay, so that was a pretty short hike Yeah, same here so this is a loop at the end of it is the rock bridge and we’re gonna go onto the main trail once we get there. Now, we actually wanted to go here when we came here for Clifty Wilderness, and it’s supposed to be really cool at least that’s what a our buddy Ron who we saw at the gas station said, so… Good old Ron gave us some food, too. Oh, we’ll talk about that later. As we descended, we could feel the thickness of the forests really starting to envelop us So any thoughts so far on your first trip to the Red River Gorge? and if Andrew were here he would know but I remember seeing these in your video and I’m very excited because it is a bit of a change of climate and environment in Ohio. It’s ju st nice to be out. I actually think I know what those are. Those are rhododendrons, aren’t they? No? I mean, I don’t know. I’m sure Andrew could tell us, but Well, the voice of God, come in and let us know [Andrew narrating] They were rhododendrons, an iconic part of the Appalachians [music playing] [Robby narrating] But more unique to this area are the sandstone bluffs and recess caves that tower above [Thomas narrating] Caves like these are usually good shelter from the rain, but… You know, I’m fairly positive that we’re just IN a cloud right now because it’s not raining, but there’s moisture droplets hitting my face. [Thomas narrating] And, fitting for the moist atmosphere we came across an old trunk covered in mushrooms [music plays] [Robby narrating] Then as we skirted by a stream some light rain started falling Thomas we definitely have some precipitation now. It’s all right. We’ve been through worse [Robby] No doubt about that [Thomas narrating] But the rain was nothing compared to the rushing of a nearby cascade I love Red River Gorge, man There’s so many different things to look at around every single corner and everything is completely unique. Beautimous! [music plays] If you’re wondering what this is, this is actually an invasive fungus You can see how it comes out here And if you pull it out… They’re actually eyeglasses. The square of the longest side of an isosceles triangle is the sum of the remaining two sides? That’s a right triangle you idiot So there’s a difference between an arch and a bridge. For it to be a bridge means that there needs to be water going underneath it, and that’s exactly what we have here. [Robby] I didn’t know that. [Thomas] Yeah, I only just read it off that sign like, 10 minutes ago, but… [Robby laughs] [Robby] Wow dude, that is incredible. [Thomas narrating] We had made it to the rock bridge arch [Robby narrating] This was the perfect place to stop and refuel on a snack. So I call this grievous trail mix Not to be egotistical or anything but it’s consistent of pretzel combos with yogurt-covered pretzels. So the key to any good trail mix is pretzels. If it’s got pretzels in it, its Grievous’s trail mix. The only thing that’s missing is the butter snap pretzels Well, I brought something delicious to go with our charcuterie. Oh! It’s actually not delicious, it’s sparkling water, but How many times do you get to have carbonated beverages on the trail? Not often. Not often enough! Whoo! Ding! Ding! [Thomas narrating] After that we headed onward. We had quite a bit left to hike We soon came across a trail junction and paused to figure out where we were headed Kentucky highway 715 Where are we going to? Time to look at the map All right, so we parked down here We had to walk this part because that road was closed for some reason and that’s where we are right now, Rock Bridge Arch Now what we want to do is we want to keep going along Swift Camp Creek all the way to 715 So that’s an eight mile hike from where we are right now Okay Then the next day we’re gonna keep going going and meet with Andrew and Bryan hopefully at this junction here and then hike with them out back to their car Perfecto. All right, ready? Let’s do it! Andrew can tell me if I’m right or wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is hemlock the reason I know this is hemlock is I’ve seen this a lot at Hocking Hills of Ohio and this is everywhere in Hocking Hills. I don’t know if it’s hemlock. But I do know that I’ve heard Andrew say hemlock many times. So… [Andrew narrating] It was indeed hemlock [Andrew narrating] Good job, Thomas [Robby narrating] We continued on through the serene forest. We could see the creek in the distance. And up ahead was a split in the trail. [Robby] What did it look like down there? Just a trail to the creek, but it might go beyond the creek, I’m not entirely sure. Well on the map it goes this way. This would just, yeah, lead back down to the water. So [Thomas] Let’s follow the trail blaze, that’s probably the best. Well, I wanna take a look, just see what it looks like. I mean this definitely just goes down to the water But it looks kind of cool so we might as well check it out real quick [music plays] It’s kind of a redundant story here on Adventure Archives: we don’t have enough bags to pick it up… but just want to highlight all the beer cans out here [Robby] Shame on you Mountain Dew [music plays] [Thomas narrates] The leaves and the fresh air filled our lungs and we progressed along the trail I’ve mentioned it many times before but this feeling when you first get out on the trail and you really just start making some progress, is one of my favorite feelings in the world and I think my boy Thomas can relate to that There’s a lot of things Robbie and I don’t click on, when it comes to hitting those miles, we do [music plays] Now that is a log not worth crossing Like a 50-foot drop [Robby] You could not pay me enough money to cross that (laughs) Dude, walking on this trail is like, kind of disorienting because it’s so far down there. You look and it doesn’t seem real because the drop-off is super sharp I mean it’s kind of wet here and I keep freaking out that I’m gonna just trip on a root and go tumbling down Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet. That is lucky [music plays] [Robby narrating] We soon came to a section of trail that was hard to distinguish from the rest of the forest It looks like, I mean, it just goes right here. There’s nothing over on this side. I do remember when we came here last time there are parts that just seem like they’re not trails, but they are let’s say I can get to the trail [Thomas narrating] As we found our way again, we noticed the day getting dimmer. Not to be a Negative Nancy here, but it is getting kind of dark. [Robby] Yeah, it is, isn’t it? What time is it? It’s about 5:00 [Robby] 4:30 Say let’s do another hour and a half worth of hiking. At 6:00, wherever we are, we’ll try and set up camp [Robby] Okay, let’s make some progress [Robby narrating] The trees, clouds, and cliffs made the evening even darker than usual But we could still see beautiful distant waterfalls [music plays] [Thomas narrating] And as high above the stream as we were the trail continued to ascend I’m gonna use that rest [Robby narrating] The scenery was beautiful but occasionally marred by bits of encroaching civilization. Look at that. I don’t know if you can see it down there, but that is like a full-blown plastic trash can I’m sure someone didn’t intentionally drag it all the way out here and throw it out, it gets swept up in a flood somewhere, but still. I’m hearing some white water below us and it’s sounding quite ominous. [Robby] Fall left if you’re gonna fall Seems like a literal lifetime ago, but this reminds me so much of the trail that I did on the Smokies We should take you back sometime. I think that was our second ever backpacking trip, and we brought like a whole bag of uncooked rice, a camping stove, you had multiple changes of nice shirts! [Thomas] I remember. I’d like to redeem myself. I think I brought 30 pounds worth of gear and 20 of those 30 were clothes. We didn’t have a water filter! That’s where we learned about water filters. Yeah! We saw a couple people down at the creek and we’re like, “what are you doing?” “We’re filtering water!” It’s like, “Is that safe?” It’s like “It’s the only way to!” so we were boiling water That should be encouraging to anybody watching this If we’re still alive then anybody can survive. (laughs) This is trip number, what? 34, 33? And we’re still making plenty of the same mistakes we made that first trip. And if we’re able to do it, anyone can do it. [Robby narrating] For some reason there was a small pile of firewood on the trail. [Thomas narrating] And just up the trail was a small campsite [Robby] Firewood there? Okay. I don’t know, dude. [Robby] I mean we could take some of these, we might be able to get some of these going, it’s pretty wet, but I think it’s worth a shot. [Thomas] Yeah, right. [Robby narrating] After collecting the wood we kept moving [Robby] In the forest it’s a lot darker, but as soon as you get up, there’s actually still quite a bit of daylight I checked the weather before we left And I swear it said it was gonna be sunny. [Robby] Yeah [Robby] Wow [Robby] This is the Clifty Wilderness, I remember from when we came. I see why it gets its’ name now: it’s cliffty and it’s wild. [Thomas narrating] The trail descended and again became difficult to distinguish. We thought we had to cross across here. That was looking kind of sketchy and then I checked over here and I saw the white diamond. [Thomas] Let’s go that way [Thomas] You ready? [Robby] Yeah, let’s do it Whoa! Yeah, that is super slick man [As Bear Grylls as Forrest Gump] It’s like a box of chocolates. It is melted [Robby narrating] It seemed we still had to cross the stream, though [Robby] So, right? This looks like a trail right here [Thomas] I think so [Thomas] It’s awfully tiny [Robby] It’s a cool little corridor here [Thomas] Welcome to my castle [Robby] Got to tell you Thomas… [Thomas] Yeah? [Robby] I’m looking forward to that campsite [Thomas] I am, too For sure [Robby] Alright Thomas Just noticed a big boulder in the distance. It looks familiar I don’t know if it’s the one that we stayed at when we came here, but… [Thomas] I didn’t go to Clifty Wilderness last time you were here but from what I remember it looks very similar [Robby] There’s an arch right there and just beyond that would be our campsite if that’s the same arch We’re really close to the junction now and if I remember correctly Before we get to the junction the campsite where we stayed at at Clifty Wilderness was somewhere right in that area. So with any luck we’ll be there soon [Robby narrating]
Suddenly Thomas had an unfortunate stumble All right, well, I think I just had my first spill out here off camera Did I rip my pants? [Robby] Pocket’s a little ripped You know what this means? [Robby] No It’s the death of Tan Pants [both laugh] [Thomas narrating]
The trails were pretty rough and rugged but the rocks were beautiful Well, you’re not allowed to camp in the caves But if you could, you better believe we would [Robby] That would be sweet [music plays] [Robby] OK, I am almost positive that that rock structure right there is where the campsite is, just beyond there, so… [Robby] Shouldn’t be long [Robby narrating] But we still had some tough hiking before reaching the site [Robby laughs] [Robby narrating] But before we knew it we were already at the junction and we hadn’t seen the campsite [Robby] GPS says we’re very close to the junction [Robby] Man, okay… [Robby] I can’t remember…shoot We know 100% for sure that this trail will have campsites because the campsites were next to the water [Thomas] Okay this one will not have campsites and I vaguely remember, we got to this junction and we were like, “We could keep going to Rock Bridge, or we could go back to a campsite” So I’m pretty sure there’s a campsite just up ahead. [Thomas] So that’s the good news. So long as we made it to the junction, I’m feeling a lot better. [Robby] Yeah, same here [Thomas] All right, ready? [Robby] Yeah, let’s go [Robby narrating] Just a moment later, we saw a small side trail and followed it down [Robby] This is not our campsite, but this is a campsite Sounds great. That’s a sitting log, firewood [Thomas] We got some nice rocks… [Robby] It’s funny man, in general the relief of finding a campsite is just such a great feeling but it is infinitely magnified when you find one in the dark [Thomas] I am, I am exhausted Like, I’m so tired, I’m not even hungry but I’m sure as soon as we start cooking something… [Robby] And boy, do we have something special [Thomas] Thank you, Mr Ron [Thomas narrating]
Our friend Ron had given us an array of fancy foods [Robby] Skillet biscuits and sausage gravy [Thomas] Oh my God, look at that [Thomas] and look at the artwork on it [Robby] “Kuju Drip Coffee,” oh my goodness [Thomas] He just gave us all this! Freeze-dried beef and lamb gyro with noodles and tzatziki sauce I think that’s tonight right? First off, why have we never heard of these brands before, and why don’t we pack these more often? Ron, you don’t know how happy you’ve made me [both laugh] [Robby narrating]
And Thomas had a little something too [Thomas] When I was in Hawaii we had a bunch of spam and I was just like, you know, it’s pretty terrible… not that terrible though [Robby narrating] We started the evening with the freeze-dried gyros with noodles and tzatziki sauce While we wait for that to cook, I’ve got some ants on mini logs And I got tuna [Robby] Yeah, that smells like tzatziki sauce if I’ve ever smelled it Yep I’m gonna just get a little bit more meat this time I have no business saying this because my family is not Greek but It just reminds me so much of my grandma she’s not Greek You know what it tastes a little bit like? It’s like Greek ramen [Thomas] It is! It is cause it’s got that ramen in it Man, that’s good! Thank you. Once again, Ron. Oh my god, dude, you cannot imagine I was happy to eat peanut-butter sandwiches tonight [Thomas] I was happy eating ramen, but now we have Greek ramen So we were in the gas station right beforehand. One of the nice things about gas stations is they sometimes do have local food and this is from Miller’s Bakery and Catering. Yes. This is called the peanut butter roll [Robby] This is literally peanut butter and frosting rolled together [both] Dink! [Robby] In sync [Robby] Oh my god, dude
[both laughing] That’s too much dude. This is not human food. This is pure sugar. Oh, you didn’t think of something like this Give me the energy I need to clean I get everything set up and then go to bed [Robby] I’m gonna save mine. I can’t eat all this [Thomas] I’m gonna save it in my mouth [Robby narrating] Despite having carried the wood we found, we decided to forego an attempt at a fire and went straight to our tent [Robby] How is it? It’s so great to lie down [Robby] God, dude, nothing like a solid tent I always feel like tents are bigger on the inside, it’s like a TARDIS It’s like oh look at this. I can move around, Robby’s here. I got all the space up ahead of me, I got pockets Robby, you look like you’re about to be dissected by an alien probe right above you [Robby] It’s like “whoooooo!” I discovered something amazing last night. It was too hot to leave my coat on so I took it off but you could use your down jacket as like this neck scarf sort of deal and It is the ultimate insulator for your sleeping bag It just like blocks all the cold air from coming in. A little restrictive at times but very warm and I think I’m go back to sleep right now actually [music plays] [Robby narrating]
In the daylight, we realize we had stayed at the campsite where I’d gone swimming last time [music plays] [Thomas narrating] And after breaking camp, it was time to move out Let’s head back this way. We’re gonna take the shorter route to the road It’s not gonna be as pretty it’s gonna be safer though [Robby] Okay, Wildcat trail. Let’s do it [music plays] [Robby narrating] All around us water trickled in a zen-like fashion from the beautiful rock formations [music continues] So this is actually pretty close to the road, but this is where we camped the first night at Clifty and Bryan was in the tent like right here And that was when the thunderstorm was clapping Not a good campsite (both laugh) [Robby narrating] As we continued we ran into three super friendly hikers Eric, Dianne, and Maria, who were also familiar with the show [Thomas narrating] And tonight, we would be meeting up with Andrew and Bryan [Robby narrating] We had cell signal, so we gave them details about some changes we had made to our plan Right, yeah, well, I’ll send a screenshot of where I think you should park and start, where we’re gonna camp, and where the previous rendezvous was Okay, all right, see ya. So we’re adjusting our rendezvous point to the actual campsite we’re gonna stay at it’s right before Hanson’s Point We’re gonna adjust where they start so they don’t have to hike as much and we’ll have to hike like the same amount. But anyways That’s a good thing we had signal [Thomas narrating] And then we reached the road leading out of Clifty Wilderness, and into Red River Gorge Did you ever think you’d have it so nice to be able to hike on these paved roads? All day? It is like a night and day difference between hiking on a paved road and on the trail I thought you’re about to say there’s a night and day difference between hiking at day and at night Day and night! So Angels Windows isn’t exactly on our route We thought we’d check it out, have breakfast, and then continue on [Thomas narrating] We left our packs, grabbed our food, and headed down to the trail to Angels Windows [Robby narrating] Holes had been bored by wind and water into the sandstone leaving the cliffs looking like a piece of art nouveau architecture [music plays] Feels good to sit down Bon appetite! This is just a simple almond butter sandwich with a whole loaf of bread Probably don’t need to bring a whole loaf of bread, but, this is easier I do enjoy the culinary arts! That’s not true, actually, I enjoy the eating arts the gastronomic arts I prefer somebody else cooking my food [Thomas narrating] After admiring the stone structures, we headed out and saw a familiar sticker. [Robby] Well, would you look what we got here? Good ol’ [Robby narrating] Then, we headed back onto the road and continued on our main trail [Thomas] here, then go over here [Robby] Yep [Robby] This is us [Thomas] Oh, this is us, right here? [Robby] Yeah, yeah [Thomas] Oh ok, I though that way I was telling Robbie earlier, since we’re in Kentucky. This is called the Bluegrass State because of the actual bluish looking grass but you might know bluegrass from the music hearing the sound of the owls and just how misty and foggy this whole ridge is kind of makes me think of a song ♫ Oh Polly, Pretty Polly come go along with me
Oh Polly Pretty Polly ♫ come go along with me ♫ He took her ♫ over mountains and valleys so deep ♫ he took her over mountains ♫ and valleys so deep [Thomas narrating] The forest was calm and quiet all around us as we continued on our trail [Robby narrating] Only the soothing sounds of the trickling waterfalls broke the silence [bluegrass music plays] [Thomas sings quietly] [Robby narrating] We crossed the stream and entered a section of the forest that seemed especially primeval [bluegrass music continues] I wonder how the other guys enjoyed their lobster dinner last night Hopefully it helped them go to bed and get a nice and early start to their trip this morning I’m hoping that they brought in some food last time when we came here Bryan brought us some lunch and it was like the most beautiful thing to have somebody bring you food on the trail And you know, if they don’t, you know who has us covered? Ron [Robby laughs] [Robby] That’s some rough trailage, man [Robby] Does it look like that’s the trail? [Thomas] Yep. Hundred percent [Robby narrating] The trail had taken us up a steep slick rock We were warming up. So it was time to adjust. [Robby] Yeah, I’m breaking out the sari [Thomas] The sari? Yeah [Thomas] What’s that? It’s, you know, that clothing that Indian women wear? [Thomas] Ooooh It’s like, kind of a sash [Thomas] Oh I see, that’s how you wear yours It gives you some warmth with some coolness. It worked before [Thomas narrating] Now the trail took us to a massive recess cave that dwarfed us Can you imagine if you were the first person to find this? Just walking through the forest and suddenly you’re
like, “What on what on earth…” [Robby] I would love to camp under here and have a fire at night. Oh my god, that would be so good dude I’d love to be a part of like a group of bandits. [Robby] Oh, yeah, that’s your hideaway You’re like, “Dutch!” “Where’s my money, Dutch?” “Arthur!” [Robby] Someone had a campfire right here. I’m very certain you’re not allowed to but… I’m very certain as well [Robby] I don’t blame them either (laughs) [Robby] This’d be a nice place to camp look at this, sitting log right here Oh, my goodness, that is perfect! [exhales] Oh man, oh man, a sit that is good stuff [Robby narrating] Of course if they allowed camping under the caves they’d be at risk of becoming crowded, littered, or damaged Plus some caves pose the danger of calving off when exposed to the heat of a campfire [music plays] [Thomas narrating] We continued on passing by rocks pockmarked by honeycomb weathering [Robby narrating] And suddenly the trail took us out of this surreal prehistoric landscape and up into what seemed like an ordinary forest by comparison [Thomas narrating] We had reached another road. Now we entered the main section of Red River Gorge [Robby narrating] Everything seemed brighter and more open as we got closer to our destination [music plays] So this is the original rendezvous point Obviously, they’re not going to be here. But I think we will take this opportunity to stop and have lunch fill up on water We made really good time today. I’m just really to get to a campsite in the daytime. No more night hiking You know who might have to do some night hiking? What time do you think they left today? They probably left thirty minutes ago (laughs) See you guys tonight [Andrew narrating] It was true: as per usual we had had a late start, but we’d get there eventually [Thomas narrating] We took the time to filter some water and then continued along the rough trail So most of this is looking pretty familiar to me but does it feel familiar to you from seeing the video? You know from the video sure. Xander told me that there is a bit of a difference between Clifty Wilderness and Red River Gorge and at first I was like “Ah, I don’t believe you” but here I mean it is, it’s just more open You can definitely tell that that place has been designated a wilderness area Wow, we’re here at the junction already! [Robby narrating] Now it was a short hike along the Sheltowee Trace Trail to our rendezvous point [Robby] Doesn’t look super secure Could’ve been much worse! (both laugh) So, do you remember there being this many stream crossings last time? [Robby] I don’t So I think part of the reason is because it’s been raining so much lately the stream crossings that you normally wouldn’t know about are now at full effect. [Robby] Must be Let’s do this one, too [Thomas narrating] And now it seemed we also had to hike up a small waterfall as well So this area is the one where I saw a bunch of vultures. We should be coming to a big flat rock where we can get a great overlook of the area [Robby narrating] We soon came to a campsite where we had stopped last time we were here for a snack break Be honest: this is a little bit more bleak than the video before that I had seen. But in a way, that’s kind of its own beauty That’s incredible, it’s the most open sky I think I’ve seen in a day. It’s great! [music plays] [Thomas narrating] Now it was time to search for the campsite we were meeting up at [Robby] OK, this could be the campsite, but I don’t remember specifically [Robby] I kind of feel like this might be a little bit early but we’ll see [Robby] Oh man…uh, this is not the same one Is it? No, this is not the same one But this is a good campsite we can fall back to this if somebody else took the other one [Thomas] cool [Robby] Yep, this is 100% it [Robby] Oh, you know This tree is downed right on the campsite or is this not the campsite? I think this is it Yeah. No, this was the tree, dude This tree was where Bryan hung his hammock for the first time Wow…crazy [Robby narrating] Now we updated the others about the situation The campsite is kind of demolished, all of the trees are down So here’s our plan. We’re gonna keep going towards Hansen’s Point and there’s lots of campsites on the way So you guys just keep following the trail to Hansen’s Point. We’ll set up camp somewhere along the way you’ll find us, no problem. All right. Good luck Very nice Looks good to me. This is good. They’ll be able to find us easy here There are some great moments in life and then there’s moments like this Combos never tasted so sweet (laughs) Aw man, I’m gonna take my shoes off, too [Robby narrating] Then we ran into some more friendly faces “Tony, Cameron, Brian” You guys got shout-outs or anything? Uh, no, not really, yeah! To adventure! Adventure! Well, stay warm, stay dry You too! Nice meeting you guys It was really great meeting you, thanks so much [Thomas narrating] And then it was time to cook up another gourmet meal Chicken flavor broth concentrate [both laughing] I’m sure it’ll taste better than it looks Dude this is like some homemade stuff. This is like… It says, “Homemade, small batch” Dude, where is this . . . Ron! Where did you get this from man? Did Ron make this? (laughs) It says “Packet gourmet” Like, somebody smashed up these tortillas and these cheeses and put this in this little baggie I’m excited! [Robby narrating] And Thomas also prepared some ramen…the 50 cent variety You try that, your sad meal (laughs) I was gonna say We’ll try hopefully not a sad meal Nice and warm though, that’s for sure Mediocre (both laugh) Well, I better try it too Right here, a taste of that mediocrity [Robby] So next, we top this with the chips, and the cheese [Thomas] Ooh! sprinkle that lime on there [Robby] Oh yeah, come on son! Finally: this is actually one of my favorite hot sauces, Cholula! Oh, man!
(Thomas laughs) That is tasty, wow Lot of different flavors and instantly transports you to a Mexican restaurant Could you take this off for me? Thank you. You got it, son and then also sparkling water. We dine fine tonight. Aaah! That lime! That’s good. Oh, yeah! That’s all you You don’t want any more? I’ll finish this, this is my punishment
(Robby laughs) Your punishment for what? Bringing it [Andrew narrating] As the others finished up dinner, Bryan and I geared up for our hike [Bryan narrating] We reviewed the map to make sure we were headed in the right direction and then were on our way [Andrew narrating] We were meeting up with Robbie and Thomas who had already hiked quite a bit After camping tonight, we would all hike out together on a familiar trail [Andrew narrating] The first portion of the hike ran parallel to a road taking us from the trailhead to an actual main trail And now it was time for some plant identification So this right here? That’s a striped Wintergreen so This is a striped wintergreen and we’ve seen it before while we’ve been hiking through here And if you crush up the leaves It has a really minty smell and then you can actually use it in like tea and stuff But it’s one of my favorite mints
(both laugh) [Bryan narrating] We made our way past rhododendrons and fallen trees trudging through the soggy soil It’s a lot muddier than I expected I guess because my only experience here at Red River Gorge was a summer trip with really perfect weather. I kind of expected like the trails to be less muddy I feel like last time we were here, I remember it just being really sunny and like dry and rocky everywhere I don’t know, I guess there were some muddy portions but those are more towards the creeks. The part I remember the most is just the hot, rocky, dry surfaces [Andrew narrating] Today’s hike was short and it wasn’t long till we got to the first trail junction [Bryan narrating] All around us we could see foggy hills in the distance So I don’t know about you, but the way that it’s so misty reminds me of the Smokies The mist is just like, it always makes me think of the Smokies for some reason I’m just glad it’s just mist and not actually rain (both laugh) [music plays] When we were driving up here the temperature said it was like 42 degrees and it still sounds pretty cold but man after Nordhouse and like the 20 degree weather there it’s like a huge difference All I have is just a long-sleeve shirt underneath this. I’m already like starting to break out into a sweat We’re not even like doing anything intense Yeah, it’s funny how much hiking can warm you up, but yeah after such a cold winter like 40 degrees feels super balmy, which is a good thing [Music plays] Yeah, what’s nice about this trail we were on is it’s really an easy hike apparently Yeah, we better be careful We know luck has not been on our side in the past So we actually just ran into a couple guys who were on their way out But they said they ran into two other people heading up to Hanson’s Point with equipment similar to ours and well I think we know who that is [Robby narrating] After dinner Thomas and I set up camp and decided to wander to Hanson’s Point Is it nice or is it nice to not have a pack? It’s like I don’t know what to do with my back, I feel like I wanna overcorrect and start walking like this I feel like you’ve been hyping it up a lot so I’m trying to downplay it a little bit more it’s hard because you keep saying this is like one of the best experiences of your life. Well, I think also the context was very specific. It was early morning, we had no idea this was here. It was a secret trail and the Sun was just coming up. It was just such an incredible moment [Robby] Man, there’s lots of downed trees since the last time we were here. Was that really four years ago? 2015 That’s crazy dude This is really like a enchanted forest because of how low the trees are I have to crouch down. But the trail itself is really soft and well-maintained. It just feels like it’s supposed to be here [Robby] Oh man, you can start to see it That’s scene in the first Red River Gorge Just without even looking right now Probably didn’t do it justice because oh, oh my god [Thomas laughs] [Robby] Dude, look at that What!? I thought, I thought I was supposed to be looking over here, that’s why like my reaction This way was so genuine because I didn’t think I’d actually be seeing this Can you believe I almost didn’t want to go to this? [Robby] Oh, don’t worry. I wouldn’t have let you not go here (laughs) [Thomas narrating] It really was something absolutely magical about this spot: the fact that it was hidden away and an otherwise ordinary forest and that stunning views overlooks such a vast gorge really made it feel like something out of a storybook [music plays, swells] [Bryan narrating] Meanwhile we were hiking along a ridgetop surrounded by trees and mist with sandstone beneath our feet It kind of looks like there’s just like a wall of clouds right up ahead every time I see that I think we’re about to come out to a really open area, but I think it’s just an illusion for now All right So we are at the junction where we were originally supposed to meet. And we believe that they’re camped pretty close to it. Yeah, it’s gotta be So we’re gonna start seeing if we can hear them, and if we can, we’re gonna give them a whoop Let’s see if we can hear anything right now Nothing yet [Andrew narrating] As we continued Robbie was graciously preparing the campsite for a warm welcome We got dry sticks over here that we picked up from under that cave. We’re doing an upside-down fire today That’s what I’m trying to do here without Andrew. It’s not gonna be perfect, but it’s better than nothing. And if all else fails we got We can just huddle around this We can we can start the fire with that No, I mean this is what we’re gonna start with, you don’t have matches do you? No, I got the, I got the ferro rod Oh, we’re not using a Ferro rod. No, we’re using this Oh, let’s give the Ferro rod a quick try and then we can use that There’s no tinder! We got these leaves! Leaves are not tinder, Thomas You can try that, it will not work Oh, just give me, give it a try. Give it a try. I will give you exactly 45 seconds to try it Oh come on [Robby laughs] [Thomas narrating] Confronted with Robby’s impatience, I now understood why Andrew always insists on starting a fire the slow and inconvenient way [frantic scraping] [frantic scraping]
[Thomas] Aaahhhh! [Robby] I don’t…really know how this will work, though, but… we might be able to get something started [Thomas] You want to set these on top of here? Cause these are dry too [Robby] OK, yeah [Thomas] Gimme a second, not yet, not yet [Thomas] There ya go [Robby] In case you’re wondering, this is what happens when Andrew’s not around (laughs) [Robby] We do have a good collection of wood, though [Thomas] Yeah, I was gonna say [Robby] Yeah, not bad!
[Thomas] No! [Robby] Not bad for ol’ Rob and Tom [Robby] Hopefully this will keep burning all the way until when Bryan and Andrew get here [Thomas] Wherever they are, it can’t be the greatest place Cause it’s not right here [both laugh] Dude, there are so many moments in camping where I say, this is what I live for, and then every one, like one-ups the previous one Twenty miles 20 miles. That’s a fire worthy of 20 miles right there. It’s also satisfying because we made it without Andrew Good work, sir! Except we used propane, but that’s alright Did you ever camp as a kid? No Most I camped was on my deck The first time I went camping though was with you, Bryan, Andrew, Carl, Danny. I was a sophomore in high school. We went to Hocking Hills It was one of those freak warm days in February. It got really cold like it should have been in February Yeah, that whole day was warm this cold front came in and with most cold fronts came a little bit of storm now because Andrew and I were the runts of the group we were the youngest we had the tent without the rainfly [Robby chuckles] So when that storm came in It got into the tent We were like “Alright, we’ll tough this out” [Robby] It was raining so hard! After about an inch of water in the tent Andrew and I just said “That’s it, we’re going!” So Andrew and I crawled into their car. All the blankets had been stripped out for the now soaking tents So we had nothing in there. And Andrew and I were looking for warmth Yeah And, uh, Andrew and I had to do a little cuddling together Well see I was in the I eventually got in the car with you guys I found some mats on the floor [laughing] and I used those for warmth That was a point in my life where it was on the precipice of becoming an adult So going on a trip like that. I always assumed that somebody else would take care of like bringing the sleeping bags, the blankets None of us brought sleeping bags or blankets And the sleeping bag that I had was a sleeping bag I used to take over to sleepovers because I was, you know, fresh into high school and sleepovers were coming, just like a little out of fashion then. There’s not always a right way of doing things, but there sure as hell a bunch of wrong way of doing Yeah We’ve definitely remarked on that The most wrong decision you can do is go through something you did wrong and not learn from it I’m hoping Bryan and Andrew make it here, man It’s already quite dark. So right now the trail is taking a downhill, and it seems odd because the camp site as I remember it, it sat on like a nice cliff side. But actually now that I think about it, I do remember we were gonna camp somewhere at the top of a ridge and we were disappointed at first when the trail started going downhill But then we found that amazing campsite. So yeah, I actually I do remember this part of the trail [Andrew] Yeah, do you remember this? Yeah, so this is the entrance to the campsite that we found last time, and we didn’t know that it was going to Hanson’s Point. Yeah, Robbie said that it was kind of a mess now with a bunch of downed trees, so… [Andrew] Yeah, I distinctly remember this. So like look at this [Andrew] Wow, is this really it? It’s been what four years? These trees grew a lot. Look at this Wait, I hear something [animal noise] That’s probably an animal [Andrew] Yeah that’s a bird. There are a lot of, like, primal sounding birds out here Alright, so I’m gonna give a whoop and see if they respond Whoop whoop! [Robby whoops in the distance] Oh! Woo woo woo! Alright let’s go Whoa! [Andrew narrating] We made our way through thickets of pine following the sound of their whoops [Bryan whoops] [Robby whoops in the distance] [Andrew] That was Robby That was a half-hearted whoop [Whooping back and forth] [Thomas] I see a light! [Robby] Oh, they’re close now! [Andrew] They must have seen our light [Robby] Come to salvation, my friends! [Robby] Salvation is near! [Bryan] Oh, you got a fire, too! [Robby] We lugged some dry wood from a cave. For miles! [Thomas] Miles and miles [Bryan] Oh, super nice! [Robby] Good to see you! [Andrew] Good to see YOU! [crosstalk] [Andrew] Oh, nice fire! [Bryan] 40 degrees is so much warmer than, like, Nordhouse, it’s ridiculous [Andrew] What a beautiful sight this is That was actually a super easy hike but it’s still great [Bryan] Andrew was like, “What do you think the campsite’s gonna be like?” I’m like, “I know Robby and Thomas, they’re gonna get a good one” But yeah, the old campsite? Unrecognizable. [Robby] Yeah, no, yeah, it was totally destroyed! [Andrew] But part of it is also the trees have grown [Thomas] I was telling you Robbie the last time you guys were here was four years ago. Four years! Actually I came here before then, and it was still pretty clear when I went, I think [Robby] Oh, really? [Andrew] Weird how much stuff changes [Robby] Well, good to have you guys! [Thomas] You know what you guys didn’t do?
[Andrew] What? You guys didn’t meet Ron, and Ron hooked us up with some fantastic food We were laughing, cause we were like, “How is it that Robby always runs into people that just give him food?” [all laughing] [Robby narrating] It was great to be reunited especially after such a long hike, and Andrew brought a tasty snack. Instead of Thomas’s inferior pretzels [all laughing]
[Thomas, in distance] What!? I brought these honey mustard pretzel pieces, which in my opinion is the only way hard pretzel should be eaten. [all laughing] [Thomas] Are these Snyder’s? My Buttersnaps are Snyder’s! Andrew originally wanted to film that before we got here, so he could just say it behind Thomas’ back [Andrew] Looks like your inferior fire could use a little air [all laughing] We hiked 20 miles today! Combined 20 miles. You guys did two [Andrew] I’m just kidding, this is a very good fire [Andrew] A long time ago
[Bryan] A long long time ago [Bryan] I’m sorry, but we forgot who sent this to us now [Andrew] But you know, who you are [Bryan] They called it a fire stick and we were really inexperienced back then and we were like, “What do you do? Do you like use it to poke the fire?” And now that we have a little bit more knowledge I realized that this is so that we can blow on the fire and like stoke it It’s kind of cool, they used like an old putter that they wrapped with some cordage [Robby] Seems like it’s, yeah not doing a bad job at all [Bryan narrating] With the fire going we set up our tent and in the meantime [Andrew narrating] Thomas roasted some spam for us over the fire [hissing sound] [Robby] Did you just make that sound? [Thomas laughing] Yeah, I did [Robby] OK, I thought that was like, “Whoa that thing really started sizzlin’!” [All] Dink! [Robby] Hot on the outside, cold on the inside just the way I like it [Andrew] It’s actually got a pretty nice smokey flavor, though [Andrew] Now for some entirely undeserved indulgence [all laugh] [Bryan] I brought some uncured Genoa salami So I’ve been wrapping them around, like, mozzarella sticks [Andrew] Is this a good idea, or a terrible idea? [Robby] I think you mean, “Is this a good idea, or a great idea?” [Bryan] Just don’t burn it and you’ll be fine [Robby] Wow, that is great, dude! Good thinking. [Bryan] Thomas, you want another one? Oh, sure! Thank you. Clifty Wilderness vs. Red River, they really do look a lot different I mean, I’m sure you guys noticed It’s like one is in the bottom and ones on the top [Bryan] It’s kind of cool when we came up to the campsite entrance like how immediately we recognized it But then when we got to the campsite, for a second I was like, “Is this it?” Cause with the trees down and it being so enclosed, it felt totally different [Andrew] Thomas, I feel like I haven’t seen you since New Year How’s your year been? [all laughing] [Thomas] I feel like I’ve been sticking true to some of those New Years resolutions [Andrew] Yeah, I was gonna ask everyone how they’re doing there [Robby] Have you been more serious? [Robby] Have you been more serious?
[Thomas] I think I have [Thomas] It’s less being serious all the time and taking things more seriously. That’s where I’m kind of adapting things. [Andrew] Plus, I feel like there’s a time and a place [all] Mm-hm [Robby] And now is the time…for nachos [all laugh] [Andrew] I’ve been taking kung-fu lessons The kung-fu lessons are to bust through that wall [all laugh] That’s true. I’m gonna go roast this tortilla [all laugh] [Bryan] When we realized that we would be here for like, less than 24 hours [all laugh] And hiking like, less than a mile, or less than 2 miles. I really don’t need to pack that much [Thomas] We were wondering about that too. Robby and I were joking: this is more of a Thomas and Robby adventure [Bryan] But it feels good to get out [Andrew] Now it’s a four-person party though, and we’re bringing the party [all laugh] [Bryan] It’s a four-gy [all laugh] [Andrew] Can’t get five-gy signal out here yet [all chuckling] [more chuckling] [Thomas] Why do people watch us? [all laugh] [Andrew] You guys must feel really good right now, after having hiked all that [Robby] Yeah, it was a decent hike [Thomas] Robby and I are a team of efficiency Having said that though, the chemistry still isn’t alive [all laugh] I don’t know, I mean this like in a serious way! Like, we weren’t cracking up the way we are now [all laughing]
when we were on the trail [all laughing] [Andrew] What a bizarre thing to say [all laugh] [Robby] I think you just hate Andrew [all laugh] [Andrew] Oh, my God [Robby] No, but it is good to have you guys [all agreeing] [Robby] You can’t have peanut butter and jelly if there’s no butter or jelly! [Bryan] You can’t have peanut butter and jelly without the bread to sandwich it [all laugh] [Robby] That’s a much better metaphor than what I just said [all laugh] [gentle music plays] [Andrew narrating] After a night full of laughter and idiotic jokes we got into our tents as the fog rolled into the forest Well, the good thing is it uh, seems like it’s actually gonna be a pretty warm night. I packed way more clothes than I needed for this temperature I don’t think there’s any chance that I’m gonna get too cold tonight Yeah, and it’s like After Nordhouse Dunes, it’s just like oh, yeah, that’s good. That’s perfect. Yeah, sometimes what it really takes to understand what you need for cold weather camping is just actually doing it But I think we’re gonna be toasty tonight [Bryan] [yawns] Definitely [Robby narrating] It was a quiet morning Everything around us was saturated in morning dew [whispers] Oh, my God [Robby] Join me Thomas
[Thomas] I will [Robby] Oh, it’s been a while [Thomas] The whole point of this trip was for me to get myself off that coffee So it’s what we call an enabler. Come join us! It’s nice and warm Good old brewster here [satisfied sigh] [cheery ringtone plays] [all laugh] [Robby narrating] Bryan did eventually get up and we made our way through the thick trees to Hanson’s Point [music plays] [Robby narrating] Unfortunately, the morning’s fog was somewhat limiting the view [Robby] I guess it wasn’t fated to be that Brian gets to see the majesty [Bryan narrating] Even with the fog obscuring the view the scale of everything was incredibly impressive. The expanse of rock and the vastness of the mist-covered valley [Andrew] Is that smiley face still here? [Andrew narrating] We made our way further out onto the rock. The fog really made it feel like we were experiencing earth at the dawn of time Or that we had climbed into some hidden heavenly realm [music plays, swells gently] [Thomas narrating] We headed back to the camp and soon hiked out past the old campsite I guess it’s the end of an era. Still cannot believe this is the campsite [Robby] It’s really weird, man [Andrew] End of an era [Robby] That was weird! [music plays] [Robby narrating] For each of us, this trip had been a unique experience I had re-experienced miles and miles of this landscape, noticing what had changed over the years and what had remained the same [Thomas narrating] And for me, the 20-plus miles were a completely new experience that fleshed out what I had only known through secondhand accounts and stories [Bryan narrating] I had finally gotten to experience Hanson’s Point and seeing the landscape during a different season made it that much more unique [Andrew narrating] And, while the others had hiked dozens of miles, Brian and I had had a fairly short trip But now we were all taking the final journey together [Robby narrating] There’s a deep satisfaction in being able to take each of our own experiences of the Gorge and share them with each other [Andrew narrating] For some of us the cliffs and rocks conjured up vivid memories of our past trip [Thomas narrating] But for others the wavy sandstone walls were excitingly unfamiliar [Robby] You recognize this, Thomas? Oh, really? I just remember at the time thinking how unique this was. Like such a strange thing to just go up a little creek [Bryan narrating] And on top of that, so much of this place had changed: trees had grown or fallen over and stones had been carved out into steps This makes it a lot easier! [Robby] How did we even get up last time? [Robby] See any chestnut boletes? There’s something An old orange peel [both laugh] [Robby narrating] So much can change over the course of a few years We grow alongside the earth and nature around us [Andrew narrating] And as we grow we each have unique life experiences that shape how we relate to and interpret the world [Thomas narrating] Spend a bit of time with us and it’s clear to see that each of us is in many ways vastly different from each other [Bryan narrating] But at the end of the day, we realize just how much we have in common with each other and how our own uniqueness contributes to the group as a whole [Andrew narrating] A lot of times, we think that life is about competing with each other and becoming better than each other Who can identify the most mushrooms or hike the farthest or whatever? We gotta get back in shape! That was tough. [Robby] That was a tough one. So that’s where we went last time Oh I see. And it was literally just right here? [Robby narrating] It seems true maturity is realizing that life is not about being better than others. It’s about bettering ourselves [Thomas narrating] We should aim to become better but not so that we can inflate our egos as tempting as that may be [Bryan narrating] Instead we should think about the world around us [Andrew narrating] Our goals for improvement should be driven by something higher than ourselves [Andrew narrating] Everybody has their own individual journey each with different interests, experiences, and conditions But it’s when we take these unique experiences – and what we’ve gained from them – and apply them to the community around us that we become truly fulfilled When we focus on self-improvement – not as a means to become the best but as a means to become a better person to others – that’s when our individual self can truly begin to ascend to a higher level [Captions – AJ Blakeman] But this isn’t nature’s way of saying time to get out, I don’t know What is I guess the whole 2019 no rain thing didn’t pan out But I’d rather have it at the end of the trip We’re gonna ride up calm voice makes me a beautiful sight We almost got away with no rain this trip very moist This is like the that nightmare scenario where you’re like on the school bus when it’s raining. It really starts to smell like wet dog Except where the dogs here I had a seat swamp. It’s because your buttons are gold Once again, Ron did not lead us astray. Well, thank you Get complete property Thanks rod First of all, it tastes good second of all, this is frozen solid It’s partially frozen. What did I can be say when we Oh throw tripping rope ripping Lea cold beer acceptance Unfortunately, not beer Oh, right It’s called the brazier vegetarian not that I’m vegetarian, but that It’s the best German I’ve tasted now you guys ever heard my dad say we’re eating like we just got out of prison We’re eating like we just got out of prison you guys 26:27. My last meal is still pretty preserves. Yeah Boy that Lauren Ten Eyck is a great new employee I tell you what, it’s probably thanks to their father who instilled in them a love of the outdoors Man talking about that dang old Eric Bruma with the adventure archives talking about that dang old inspiration to get outdoors and everything Talking about with tangled camping I tell you what I’ve been working for expedition research LLC first 13 years sellings backpacks and backpack accessories And it’s always the outdoors one to sell the most man talk about that dang old adventure archives and them talking about YouTube Dingle sporters like Jason bourgeois Talking about Sarah Churchwell and the dang old Jim Potts and Jacob Millican, you know, welcome to dang old, you know patreon You know Boomhauer you always know just what to say If you’re going to learn to be true dodgeballers, then you’ve got to learn about the five famous dodgeballers Jessica, ropes and mcbride hong long charlie joe and sequestration Otherwise known as t Bryce Ryan who wants to let you know by the way keep sharing and caring Jesper kappa Rota go ahead me or Yeah, I just want to give a shout out to the American hiking Association and to remind everyone to stay dirty But also shouldn’t we be learning how to play dodgeball by like dodging balls that are thrown at us or something? That’s what the sack of Jesus for if he could dodge a wrench you can dodge your ball So you want to learn kung fu come with me? I’ll teach you This is called dispersing hands, this is called slapping hands This is called Chuck and Cooper Pulled out two fingers when I drop the leaf. I want you to catch it Do you know why you can’t catch the leaf? It’s because you can’t identify it if you learn from my other students noah and mila Johnson, and keep practicing your bushcraft skills, then eventually you can relax and have a great summer Shout out as always to the ones the only John and Lisa Truitt You guys have been supporting us since time immemorial and a special shout-out today to Duncan No, it’s tough man. But this too shall pass. We’re rootin for you. Hope you feel better The record we’re not getting paid by them Because if we were they’d be like did you really have to do that right this

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