Red Rock Canyon Park – Ice Box Canyon & the Calico Hills

The Red Rock Nat Park is located at Nevada on the outskirts of Vegas 30 min drive from the strip To get there set “Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center” on the Nav app So this is the… Ice Box Canyon It’s about 3 miles hike Should take about 3 hours Back and forth You hike on this… Scenery canyon To get to a waterfall A difficult level hike Not for everyone Let’s go Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel The Ice Box Canyon trail is located at point 16 we’ll get there from the visitors center on the Scenic Drive The hike is approx 3 miles back and forth scambling trail From the parking lot we’ll start walking on the trail to the west The winding trail will take you through a cool and shady canyon The narrow canyon has seasonal waterfalls we can already hear the water in the distance Scambling can get quite technical We’ll keep on moving on the canyon riverbed The riverbed is full with small waterfalls we’ll be climbing through Finally, we`ve reach to the fall Now we have to scamble all the way back So it has started raining During the hike Adding some color The trail is not well maintained and at times, it is easy to get lost make sure to keep heading on to the direction of the canyon Getting back to the parking lot Awesome hike Allot of.. scrambling and water better have shoes you can use with walking in water good for the winter days near Vegas The trail starts at Calio 1 we’ll get there from the visitors center on the scenic drive The hiking trail goes to point Calio 2 and from there we’ll go back to Calio 1 on the side of the road The trail start with a mild decent from the parking lot This is a relatively short 0.8 miles hike Few minutes of hiking and we are already walking between the vibrant red-orange rocks of the Calico hills We’ll keep on scrambling down the small wadi redish sandstone towers all around After a short while the trail will start climbing to the parking lot at Calico 2 We’ll head back, on the road to the parking lot at Calico 1 where we have left the car Thank you for staying along if you liked this video please be kind and subscribe to my channel

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