Regrout Shower Floor Tile (Quick Tips)

Hey, guys! Today we’re going to share how to regrout
a tile shower floor. Some of the grout on certain spots on this
shower floor have popped out and are missing, but the grout that we used four years ago
was overall really holding up very, very well. And we’re going to share with you which
grout that was and why you might want to use it for your project. This is the tile shower floor that we’re
going to be working on today and regrouting in certain spots. We had to reseal this with a stone sealer. We made a video on that, and we’ll put that
down in the description for you. As you can see, over 95% of the grout is in
great shape, and this is after four years. There are some spots where the grout popped
out. So for example, right here we’re missing
a grout spot. Here as well. And then finally, this little spot right here. But overall, everything looks like it’s
in great shape. So which grout did we use on this four years
ago? This is the grout that we used. It’s called QuartzLock2. This is a RapidCure grout. It’s also a urethane grout, which means
that it doesn’t need to be sealed, which is awesome. And it’s premixed as well, and you can use
it over a variety of different types of tile. The great thing about this grout is the fact
that it’s already premixed. So when you open it up for the first time,
even though this isn’t a new bucket, it will look similar to this. There will actually be a little bit of a film
on top, and you need to mix that with a margin trowel. So get yourself a margin trowel and just hand
mix it. You don’t want to be using a drill or a
mechanical mixer on this type of grout. So again, you just want to mix this for about
one minute. As you can see, it’s very, very easy to
mix. Now, what can you do if you need to remove
most of the grout on your shower floor or your shower wall? What tool will make that so much easier and
faster? I highly recommend that you get an oscillating
multi-tool like this one here. This is a Fein oscillating multi-tool; it’s
cordless, and we’ll put a link to this tool down in the description of this video. Doesn’t matter if you get a cordless one
or a corded one. A multi-tool will help you out a lot with
removing the grout in a shower. You should also get a carbide attachment for
your multi-tool. In this case, it just simply clicks into the
tool, and then you can use this to remove the grout. Now, in the shower be very, very careful to
not go down too far into the shower pan because you will ruin the waterproofing underneath
that. So only go down about an eighth of an inch. That’s all you need. You may only need about a sixteenth of an
inch as a matter of fact because that would be bad to ruin the waterproofing in the shower
pan or in the wall if you’re removing grout in the wall. No matter what grout you use, we highly recommend
that you protect your hands on one way, shape, or form. These look freakish, but they do work. The great thing about QuartzLock is the fact
that you just need to fill in the missing grout like so. It’s very, very easy to use. So as you can see, this is all you need to
do. So there’s our first repair right there. Here’s our second repair. So again, remember, the grout that’s around
this is over four years old. And the new grout that I’m putting in is
exactly the same color. And that proves the color consistency of the
QuartzLock. And then our final repair right here. QuartzLock will last for a few years, which
is great. It’s not the cheapest product. So one of the biggest tips I have for you
is to use Press’n Seal. So I know that this is kind of weird, but
you can just take some Press’n Seal, place it over the bucket like so, and then put the
lid over top of that. It takes three days for QuartzLock to fully
set up, so you don’t want to take a shower within that three-day period. The great thing about this product is the
fact that it’s got color consistency, super easy to use, it’s premixed so there’s
no guess work mixing the water with it, and it doesn’t crack like cementitious grout. So if you’re interested in QuartzLock, we’ll
put a link to that down in the description for you. Also, if you’re building a shower—so it’s
a curb shower, curbless shower—or you’re redoing an entire bathroom and you want help
with that and you’d like to have access to all of our videos in one spot, check out It’s a phenomenal resource. A lot of our members are very, very happy
with the results that they’ve gotten, and we think that it could help you out as well. We’ll put a link to
down in the description as well. Thanks for watching today’s video, and we’ll
see you in the next one. Take care.

8 thoughts on “Regrout Shower Floor Tile (Quick Tips)

  1. Thanks! Wish I knew about this product 10 years ago when my bathrooms were redone. I like how the grout is the same color despite the passing of time.

  2. I'm getting ready to lay my shower floor, I have some questions how do I get ahold of you?
    I'm laying my shower floor mosaic tile what's a good way to reach you?

  3. If you can't get/ don't want to use a multi tool is their a manual tool you can use to remove the grout instead?

  4. Some of our basalt stones are "spalling"? Do you recommend replacing them or just cleaning and resealing?

  5. You missed a spot right next to the waste, close to the second repair.

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