Remarkable Flash Flood Survival | Hearts of Heroes

terrifying terrible we lost everything I
lost everything I mean and it was just supposedly a thousand-year flood there we go again everybody it was coming in fast and furious the
water was moving much quicker than what any of us had ever seen before wasn’t
very long after that the barrage of 911 calls requesting assistance came in
because of the river of water coming down the street they had almost no
access that’s when everyday people had a step
up and help each other the best they could I remember saying to journey we
have to get out of here it is getting out of control
you just said hold on hold on as tight as you can with one arm I’m holding onto
a railing across the Tiber River Bridge at one moment I was completely paralyzed
I couldn’t move and I really thought that this could be the end we hogs and
journey of looked at me and she said Derry this must not be our time had Gary
not been there I I don’t know what I would have done I don’t know the best give you a big metal that you should
wear around your neck if I’m a hero

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