REMEMBER WHEN… Bacon & Egg Damper ► All 4 Adventure TV

Mate, remember when you cooked that damper
that time that had stuff in it? Oh yeah, with the egg and the bacon. Yes. There we go. I’ll put a little cheese on top, and that’ll
seal the deal. I had to get the coals just right for that. The temperature was very important. Oh yeah, look at that. There we go. This sucker’s piping hot. I don’t know about you… I’ve never been so excited about a damper
in my life. It just looks the part. The trick with a damper is, I reckon… …is to break that sucker open like that. Oh look at that. That just makes me want to eat it. Mate, I tell you what, that was fair-dinkum
delicious. You’re not just saying that. Nope. Oh, I’m excited. I can’t wait to get out there and do it again. Like, I’m just itchin’ for the next trip. Me too, buddy… itchin’.

8 thoughts on “REMEMBER WHEN… Bacon & Egg Damper ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. The first time I made a damper for the family, I ended up making more of a pot pie of sorts lol too much wet stuff and it was quite goopy… but still tasted good, so I can only imagine this one lol

  2. God damn pair of legends… Even if it's all become a bit commercialized your still the best by far !!!

  3. Jase and Simon, that damper and the surgini pie are almost tradition on our weekend trips with friends. Of course we made it a bit different as you do, but it is still your damper and pie. And really, everybody loves it. Your book is standard equipment on our trips.
    I wished I could buy your steel oven from you folks, but it is very costly to get it overhere to the Netherlands. So, that has to wait a bit. Untill we have enough stuff that we can buy and ship in one go.
    Keep on going, we love your shows. An Unleashed TV and All4adventure fan from the Netherlands. greetings from Robert

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