REMEMBER WHEN… Rough Seas ► All 4 Adventure TV

How good is it going out in the big boat? All time. Look, it’s good when it’s clear, and we’ve
got the clear blue skies and the calm waters. But it’s not always like that. This is going to be a bone-jarring 3 hours
ahead of us. The 5-metre groundswell predicted isn’t a
problem, as the distance between the waves is huge. The chop on top is what is giving us the grief. On the way out, the crew pass overhead. And as you can see, it’s a lonely old ocean
out there. How messed up was that trip? Mate, the ocean was just a mess. It was puss. Jackin’ up. Now Simon has a novel seat in rough water on the motor. He reckons it’s the smoothest spot on the
boat. Personally, I think he just enjoys it. It’s a bit rough. Ten years of All 4 Adventure. I can’t believe it. Mate, that is a Decade of Dirt.

6 thoughts on “REMEMBER WHEN… Rough Seas ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. HEY GUYS!! Can you please do a run down of all the camera gear and a tour of the vehicles and boats. (including the camera vehicle). THANKS!!

  2. I love ALL4 Adventure and subscribe to Unleashed TV but am having issues watching it on my TV it keeps buffering, anyone else have this issue.

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