49 thoughts on “Remembering River Phoenix’s Life And Legacy 26 Years After His Death

  1. All I can say is River was so gorgeous. I feel so bad for Joaquin, I cant imagine the pain he went through.🙏🏻

  2. Love and miss you river I wish healing for you and your family and friends 26 years later 😥🕊💖 xx

  3. Heartbreaking! I loved him so much. What a talent and what a soul and mind ahead of his time. Rest in eternal peace, River.

  4. River & Joaquin has always been my favorite actors ❤️ got inspired by them to become vegan about 9 years ago 💚🌱

  5. I grew up watching River Phoenix he was a good actor I miss him I love all his movies stand by me little Akita sneakers with my favorite movie River Phoenix he was the next Brad Pitt he looks like Brad Pitt when I heard he died on Halloween I was in shock he looks like Jack Wagner to they would never be another actor like River Phoenix and Corey Haim those were the best River Phoenix and Corey HaimI was in shock when I heard the news about him

  6. I see all these kid actors grow up in the industry those what's my two favorites I had a lot favorite actors

  7. When I seen him in stand by me I think he was cool if he was alive today he would have been the next Brad Pitt I think he would have been movies with Brad Pitt

  8. River Phoenix had that look in his eyes that told you he had been through a lot. The Eyes really are the window to the soul.

    We hope you finally are in peace now, River.

  9. Its true. River had a rough life he was the breadwinner for many but he never complained. He was an Indigo..an old soul. If he would of lived the entire course of history would be different because he was a leader of light. People listened to him. Respected his values and contributions to the ecological system and humanitarianism. River was an empath.

    I've been to the viper club many Halloween nights to leave flowers candle and poems. He is deeply missed. He would be 49. How time flies. A LETHAL drink killed him. 😔

  10. &Lionsgate North America still hasn't released Dark Blood,Michael Stipe owns AlekkaAttic's music?&They snuck an image of the Cat in @8minutes30seconds into Terminator Dark Fate.Get it,Dark Fate??Distasteful&I've had to come to grips with all the conspiracies surrounding the Late Great River Jude Phoenix as Spot On Correct:(I screened Dogfight on his birthday-Underrated River:)

  11. Poor john has the death of his Friend on his conscious .
    It really wasn't his fault.

  12. I love river Phoenix so much and I’m 16 years old I remembering finding who he was back in 2016 and I thought he was so gorgeous when I found out he was an actor I went on a binge started watching a lot of his films I’m not gonna lie I became obsessed with him I went thru a period of time where between 2016-2017 where I watched classic 80’s films for example I’ve watched running on empty, the life of jimmy reardon, dogfight and stand by me and many others. I have dreams of becoming an actress I would definitely say he helped me fall in love with acting just seeing perform was amazing and I’ll always treasure that special period forever. RIP River I LOVE U.😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. I love River Phoenix!❤ One of my favorite movies is Dogfight he played Eddie .It's a 60's themed 1991 film.

  14. When I saw River for the first time I was mesmorized. There is smth about him, smth so alluring that you cannot even explain what it's. He was casted in so many movies long before they became projects, after his death all those roles were divided between Leo, Brad and Johnny Depp. I believe ppl were so envy and jealous of him that it brought an early death over him. And i cannot watch Depp's movies anymore knowing that he was a part of River being drugged.

  15. The River

    I am a river, going down over wide stones,
    going down over hard rocks,
    my path drawn by the wind.
    The trees around me are shrouded with rain.
    I am a river, descending with greater fury,
    with greater violence,
    whenever a bridge reflects me in its curves.
    I am a river, a river.
    A river: clear as crystal every morning.
    Sometimes I am tender and kind.
    I slide smoothly through fertile valleys.
    I let the cattle and the gentle people
    drink as much as they want.
    Children run to me by day.
    At night, trembling lovers stare into my eyes
    and plunge themselves
    into the stark darkness of my ghostly waters.
    I am a river.
    But sometimes I am wild and strong.
    Sometimes I have no respect for life or death.
    Cascading in furious waterfalls,
    I beat those stones again and again,
    I smash them into interminable pieces.
    The animals run. They run.
    They run when I flood their fields,
    when I sow their slopes with tiny pebbles,
    when I flood their homes and their meadows,
    when I flood their doors and their hearts,
    their bodies and their hearts.
    And this is when I come down even faster:
    when I can reach into their hearts
    and grasp their very blood
    and I can look at them from inside.
    Then my fury turns peaceful
    and I become a tree.
    I seal myself up like a tree
    and I turn silent as a stone
    and I go quiet as a thornless rose.
    I am a river.
    I am the river of eternal happiness.
    I feel the neighbourly breezes,
    I feel the wind on my face, till my journey
    – across mountains, rivers, lakes and prairies –
    becomes endless.
    I am the river that travels
    along banks, past trees and dry stones,
    I am the river that surges
    through your ears, your doors, your open hearts.
    I am the river that travels
    by meadows, by flowers, by tended roses,
    I am the river that travels
    along streets, across earth, under drenched sky.
    I am the river that travels
    by mountains, rocks and burned salt.
    I am the river that travels
    through homes, tables, chairs.
    I am the river that travels
    inside men – tree, fruit, rose, stone,
    table, heart, heart, door –
    everything turned over.
    I am the river that sings to people at midday.
    I sing before their graves.
    I turn my face towards those sacred places.
    I am the river become night.
    I go down by the broken depths,
    by the forgotten unknown villages,
    by the cities crammed to the very windows with people.
    I am the river,
    I flow through the prairies.
    The trees on my banks are alive with doves.
    The trees sing with the river,
    the trees sing with my bird’s heart,
    the rivers sing with my arms.
    The hour will come
    when I will have to disperse
    into the ocean,
    to mix my clean waters with its murky waters.
    I will have to silence my luminous song,
    I will have to hush how I babble a hallo
    to the dawn of each day,
    I will wash my eyes with the sea.
    That day will come,
    and in those immense seas
    I will no longer see my fertile fields,
    I will never again see my green trees,
    my neighbourly breeze,
    my clear sky, my dark lake,
    my sun, my clouds,
    I will see nothing,
    except that immense blue heaven
    where everything is dissolved,
    in that vast expanse of water,
    where one more song or another poem
    will mean nothing more
    than a little river trickling down,
    or a mighty river coming down to join me,
    in my new luminous waters,
    in my newly extinguished waters.

  16. This makes me so sad because I think about him almost everyday and miss him ever since I’ve discovered him and found out he died.

  17. I love River. ❤️ One of my top favorite people on this earth (and obviously did not know personally) and wish that I could bring back. ❤️

  18. Good riddance to this junkie add piece of shit who gave me the idea to do drugs and od like him lol 😝 hey worms enjoy your meal.

  19. Thank you Joaquin for sharing that story about You & River. It must have been incredibly hard. It was very brave of You.

  20. I don't believe him when he said feelings were out in the open. His dad was an alcoholic.

  21. River was a beautiful sensitive young man who unfortunately got involved with junkies and enablers in the last years of his life who were more concerned about their own self interests then River’s health and well-being. And I put Samantha Mathis right at the top of that list.

  22. Plot twist commodus killed him for the fame

    All movie puns aside this I send love for river
    I love them all x

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