Rennradtour am Ping River – Chiang Mai, Thailand || Sugarcane juice at the end

This is the first ride I am on my way I meet David It’s about 4km away from here and we want to ride along the river for about 2 or 3 hours nothing special A little mishap happened to me before
My drone nearly crashed no, it is crashed but fortunately I found it again A friendly thai guy gave it to me back was quite crappy, because suddenly I lost control of the drone I got no connection anymore to the drone I have to pay attention here.
It is not like in Nuremberg No connection anymore.
I couldn’t control it or bring it back anymore. It was remained in the air and then I pressed the home button to come back to me automatically but it didn’t.
Instead it began to land It wanted to land in the middle of nowhere-
Somwhere between houses. I was in panic and pressed again the home button then it stopped in the air but was quite down I just could see it and watched the display to see, what I can do in the next moment, the drone was disappeared Awesome So I grabed all my stuff and headed to the point, where I guessed it is but first I had to find the right street, it is not so easy there Here we go but I had a GPS position of it and then I could see on the display, where it is and arrived at that street and a friendly thai guy came towards me and hold it in his hands He said, it landed in his tree So I asked, if somebody got injured or something else happened
But he said No nothing happened so I felt relieved, but that is crappy situation, when you lose control of it I cannot recommend it to fly over water, what I already did or in the jungle just a moment I have to cross the roundabout and then suddenly you lose the connection and it crashes somewhere in the jungle not the best Anyway, I got it back, but how I will launch it next time, I don’t know Only above me so it comes down at the same place so what now I cycle and meet David and I can relax a bit Okay, here we are apparantly looks not bad, a bit far away, but quiet let’s look, where he is or to contact him I don’t know his apartment Chris Froome the spider Let’s go into the 7/11 Here we go with our high heels do you know this coconut water filled up in glass bottle? Yes, I show you
I never saw it here I only know the plastic bottles but they had these glass bottles I always buy this one
Yes, this is the best: Cocomax It was a bottle like this, what is that? That’s not a coconut water, this is coconut nectar Also yummy
Ah I see, maybe that was it That is really sweet
Do they open it at the cashdesk?
Yes, they do So I take that and something else What’s that?
Orange juice
Looks good They are all good So I try that fatty stuff I had that as dinner these days I don’t know the brands I just take a bag, there are only two to choose so I take one good stuff tastes a bit like sugar cane juice as sweet as Do you know the truck at the Ping River? I am there almost every day this old lady on the pick up who press the sugar cane
awesome stuff I could drink that til death we could go there later? She should be there yes, we can She arrives always in the afternoon I need it then
intravenously Now I get some yummy sugarcane juice at the place like always freshly-squeezed sugarcane juice made of sugarcane this bottle cost 25 Baht it’s about 75 Eurocent awesome stuff, totally sweet she makes it with fun they are every time here always at the same place in the afternoon at the Muang Mai Market great the sugarcane juice is so brilliant so sweet it is just sugar water looks like orange juice I like it can not get enough

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