RENO 911! Presents: Hunting the Truckee River Killer

(upbeat music) Most places that we visit
show us only their beauty. You opened up
and showed us your honesty. I will give you $50 to stick
your head under this blanket. Ew ew ew! (groans)
(laughing) Oh, okay gang, I just got off
the phone with Carson City and, uh, it’s true
the FBI is coming in to, uh, take a look
at the investigation. I make my own meats.
I make my meats. (smack)
He’s a genius. The man knits sweaters
out of human hair. It’s just got a really pretty- Don’t touch.
Don’t touch the box. An unfolding scandal has rocked
this city to its core. Lieutenant! Lieutenant Dangle
the people have a right to know! -Whoa!
-We got somethin’. (gasps)
Ah! You know what
I think it is, Jim? I think somebody
got stabbed in the back. You know I bet
if we’d said something, he would have done this
in the nude. The likeness between Craig
and the Truckee River Killer -is eerie.
-Yeah. But, Craig’s also just one of
those little weird white people who looks like a serial killer. I got some great classic pieces
in here. This is for
chopping off fingers. I’m just kidding.
(forced laughter) Hey guys, let me
show you this piece. He told me that he would
cut my head off and eat it
if I ever needed him to. That’s love. You’re probably wondering
why I’m not around. It’s ‘cause I killed a bunch
of people!

87 thoughts on “RENO 911! Presents: Hunting the Truckee River Killer

  1. You know what i think it is… I think somebody got stabbed in the back! Lmao love her!

  2. Dr. Steve Brule’s wife Manica died while investorgating this case and died before her book “He dun it”
    Was released on paperback

  3. It's not just RENO, they hide in plain site everywhere.

    'cept the one in the vest,

  4. Comedy central right now.. "3 payments. Genuine ostrich.. sa! Sa! Sa! Hahah just goofing. New boot goofing!"

  5. I lived in Reno for 8 years and did from 2 to 10 years old. Didn't even know this was a show.

  6. They are probably the worst sheriffs department ever

    But i would love to work there and be partnered with junior

  7. When people would rather watch a 2 minute clip of Reno 911 than any of the shitty shows CC has on now. Jim Jefferies excepted.

  8. He looks like Dr. Nassar, the doctor from MSU doing time for molesting hundreds of gymnasts.

  9. Now this upload makes sense. They are announcing a New Movie for real if they can get their scheduling straight. Maybe viewing all these episodes with everyone's positive comments the last few years actually helped. This show was the greatest.

  10. Wouldn't it be wild if the trailer for the new season came out tomorrow? … I'm just saying……..

  11. The guy they casted for Truckee River Killer is flawless, such a creepy looking freak

  12. Damn this just reminds me of when Comedy Central was actually about comedy. Now it's all about forcing political shit down your throat. People watch comedy to laugh and remember life can be good, and CC used to be the champs of that. All that's left now is This is Not Happening and The Bonfire.

  13. Can someone please tell me where I can watch reno911 episodes? Greatly appreciated

  14. He did it because his mom got him beep boop bop R2D2 ears. Not Mickey Mouse.

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