Repair LED Driver Power Supply 18 watt | Downlight | No Light #1

Repair LED Power Supply 18 W LED Power Supply input AC 180 to 240 V and the Frequency 50/60 Hz Output DC voltage 24 to 63 V and DC current 300 mA Power ON Voltage 240 Vac and Frequency 50 Hz LED not turning ON Repairing Process Measure output DC Voltage DC Voltage start decreasing Usually this type of capacitor CBB22 1uf 400V always become bad. Just replace it You can buy at aliexpress from china. They usually sell this kind of capacitor Desoldering the component and make sure it clean from tin Replace CBB22 400V 1uf Soldering new capacitor Cut off any excess leg of capacitor Test measure DC voltage at output Average DC voltage 63 V Testing with LED Lamp 18 Watt The LED is ON

7 thoughts on “Repair LED Driver Power Supply 18 watt | Downlight | No Light #1

  1. Ummmm so what exactly did you do………………

    Not helpful. You're flying through it with no explanation. Not very useful

  2. Hello brother can you please tell me what might be the cause of flickering output of a 12volt led driver

  3. आपने जो सरकीट स्टेन्ड युज किया है वो कीतने रुपियेका है और कहा मिलेगा??

  4. Sir, agar explanation power nahi hai to ese time pass video mat banai e. Video me aapka hath kya measure kar rahai aur kis part pe aap check kar rahe ho wo pata nahi chalta. Hame music ki jaroor nahi hai

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