Repair LED Driver Power Supply 18 Watt | Flickering | Blinking #2

Hello! This type of LED Driver always failure. I will show you common how to fix it. Lets get started. ON LED Driver but and LED light blinking. Teardown LED Driver Visual check and found capacitor damage on main circuit and secondary circuit Check other component if any fault using diode mode multimeter Diode all in good condition, no short Desolder broken capacitor Replace new capacitor both side Clean up all residue left because of flux using alcohol Assemble cover back ON LED power supply and light ON Thanks for watching my video. Dont forget to subscribe my channel and stay tune

3 thoughts on “Repair LED Driver Power Supply 18 Watt | Flickering | Blinking #2

  1. in summary, set check continuity on multi meter then measure for short for component replacement?

  2. Kitna der se ek adaptor ka connection kar paogi? Ye to 2019 year Ko par kar jalega ek led driver repairing karne se.

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