Replaced A Barn Light On House With Motion Security Sensor Light

Joshua Peterson with Peterson Electric, we
are here in Denver today. Had a customer who had some issues with lighting going on. This
is on a single family house. Someone years ago erected this pole. We are going to cut
this barn light out because by the time you replace the barn light and the fact that it
is too top heavy. It is going to fall. We will show you what we are going to do in a
few minutes. Just trying to erect a motion light for him. Joshua Peterson with Peterson
Electric, we finished taking down that barn light on a pole. This is how we finished it.
We just adapted to that box and put in a UF cable and then went and put on a motion sensor.
That way when the tenant comes out here from the garage, they can walk out and that motion
sensor on max sensitivity should see them walking back and forth. That way you don’t
have to trench and put in switches. Thanks for joining us!

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