Replacing Fluorescent Kitchen Light with New LED Fixture

[Clicking on/off light switch] Here we have got a light fixture. It’s a 32″ ceilling light by Hampton Bay. It’s and LED fixture with a Brushed Nickel
finish. We are going to do an un-boxing of this and take a look at it. [Sliding on work bench] [Knife click open] [Knife cutting box open] [opening box] [removing Styrofoam] [discarding Styrofoam] [sliding out contents] [unwrapping contents] There she is. Ceiling Light. Looks like we got five wires on the back here. We’ve got green for ground. White for neutral. Black for hot. And there is also a purple and grey. I don’t know exactly what that’s for. “Caution: Do Not Connect Grey and Purple wire to line voltage.” Four little taps (nuts) that hold it on. So this fixture is LED with no bulbs to replace. Plastic cover. [audible tapping plastic] There’s the LEDs. “Tools Required: Drill, 1/4″ Bit, Phillips
Screwdriver, Pencil, Hammer, Wire Cutter, Wire Stripper, Ladder, Electrical Tape and
Safety Goggles.” So it looks like the purple and grey wires
are for a dimmer. Simple enough. [removing T12 fluorescent bulb] [removing second T12 fluorescent bulb] [removing metal cover over wires] [turning off light switch (power to fixture)] [disconnecting wires and nuts] [unscrewing fixture from ceiling] [removing fixture from ceiling] Yea, that is good. That’s good right there? Yep Ugh, this isn’t long enough (pen). Do you want me to find you something that is? Nah, this will be okay. It will just be moved over 1/2″. Okay, good. [drilling 1/4″ holes] [drilling second hole] [drilling third hole] [drilling fourth hole] [Installing plastic screw inserts (no hammer required)] [installing second plastic insert] [installing third plastic insert] [installing fourth plastic insert] [installing first screw] [installing second screw] [installing third screw] [installing fourth screw] [cutting wires to correct length (already stripped)] [installing wire nuts] [installing fixture] I don’t like how those wires tuck. [click] It’s going. There we go. [tightening screws] [checking tightness] [turning on light] [installing cover] [having difficulties] [having more difficulties] Ta Da!!!!

33 thoughts on “Replacing Fluorescent Kitchen Light with New LED Fixture

  1. thanks for sharing this. I am guessing you screwed right into the drywall? surprised it's strong enough to support a big light.

  2. Purple and grey are actually for special dimming systems meant for LED fixtures.

  3. Did I miss the wiring or did you not show it? Was it as simple as black to black, white to white? Was there a green wire match too?

  4. Not enough narrative and you didn't show the actual wiring. Less helpful than I expected.

  5. I have the same old lighting in the box and thinking of replacing it with track or recessed lighting.
    On saving money and not hiring an electrician, I am handy enough to do track lighting in the box myself.

    What do you guys recommend?

  6. I recently did something similar – although my LED light was a batten. It gave off a very nice light (4000k) but the disappointment, was that most of the light goes straight downward… A fluorescent sends light in all directions, so lights up the ceiling and the walls. But the LED batten meant that in my rather square kitchen, the floor in the middle of the room was brightly lit, but the work surfaces were not very well lit at all! I've sence returned the batten light and have gone with LED spotlights.

  7. I had a fluorescent fixture that did not work. I just replaced the ballast for $25 and it works like new. Eventually will be replacing with an LED fixture though.

  8. It would be nice to see it lit up …. after all it's a video on installing a light

  9. I know this is pretty old, but do you feel like the light you put up is enough light for the area?

  10. You may want to turn off the power to a room before you go touching live wires : /

  11. 3 minutes plus in and you haven’t warned us to kill power to the fitting!

  12. I guarantee she was standing at the light switch for the last thirty seconds.

  13. This fixture is garbage! It went out on me and won't turn back on, after 1.5 years of normal use. It also looks like thousands of people are running into the same problem. This fixture states that is good for over 50,000 hours of use, That's BS.

  14. Please be safe good sir! With any electrical job, you must turn power off at the circuit breaker box, then double check with a voltage or circuit tester— not just turning off the light switch 🙂 — especially if you are drilling extra holes into drywall—you may drill into a hot wire.

  15. The most important part is the wiring. Wish I had read the comments BEFORE I watched this.

  16. I am really not sure why you made this. A lot of dead air. If you do not feel like talking, you can put text up on the screen. Not very helpful at all.

  17. I took down a 4-foot fluorescent and replaced it with a similar fixture with LED tubes, light is directed straight down leaving the corners a little dim. I saw the comments about your stove and sink could use more light. I plan to move the lights around and add additional fixtures for better coverage. Just remember the beam on LED is more direct over a traditional bulbs.

  18. One of the most idiotic non-tutorial videos on YouTube!!!!! What a damn waste of my time!

  19. LED is really unhealthy both for your eyes and brain do some research. Peace!

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