Replacing Interior Car Lights : How to Replace the Front Door Light in a Car

Hello, I’m Mark Blocker on behalf of Expert
Village. In this segment we’re going to cover replacing the door light bulb. In this case
it’s a front door light, part of our automotive interior maintenance video. Normally with
the door in the open position, as it is now, the light should be on and in this case we
don’t have a light on and it’s indication that we’ve got a problem. The problem could
be with the vehicle’s wiring, the fuse, or the door light itself. A quick, easy test
to check to see if that door light is good or bad, is you can visually check it. And,
as you remember earlier, in our cleaning segment I said it’s best not to, or avoid, direct
contact with the bulb with your skin. It’s not particularly important on this style light
bulb, but a lot of the new vehicles are. So, we’ll just take the safe precaution and not
touch it directly. After removing the light, if you hold it by each end. To visually check
a light bulb, what you’re looking for is you want to hold it up into the light and you’re
looking for a filament right down the middle of the center. It’s a small thin wire and
it should be connected at both ends and solid all the way through. If that wire is broken
or burnt, that’s an indication that the bulb is bad. The bulb can also be tested manually
by doing a continuity check with a multi-meter and this has been covered in some of our other
videos in the automotive maintenance field. In this case, we can clearly see that the
filament has been broken and the bulb is bad. To replace the bulb, just simply discard the
old one, this one’s the bad one we’ll just throw it away. With the new bulb, and I’m
just using my cotton cloth to avoid insulation on the bulb, if I don’t get any oil on it
with my fingertips. I’ll just insert it, it snaps back into the socket. Snap that into
the socket, and see the light came on, that’s verification that the bulb was bad. Now that
we’ve put a new bulb in and the light works, that’s good verification that the old bulb
was, indeed, bad and we’ve solved that problem. So, now we know how to replace the light bulb
in case it’s burnt of malfunctioning. Please watch our next segment on installing the lens

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