4 thoughts on “Report: Hazardous New Mexico dams need millions in repairs

  1. All Democrat States are in disrepair. As a former New Mexican who has seen the most corrupt Politicians do absolutely nothing for the State , AG Barr needs to investigate every Democrat Politician starting with Tom Udall, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan , the Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham including every Representative & Senator ….FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! New Mexico has corrupt judges that can easily be bribed just wave a wad of cash under their noses and boom💣💥💥 they will do anything for it 💲💵💵💵💸💸💰 It's so sad to say that but the Political arena in New Mexico is a big joke a huge failure they really abuse the Federal Cash given to that State .The Dems keep it for themselves they care nothing for their constituents. 🤨

  2. So, what is it? Repairs or upgrades?
    There is a huge difference!
    If they need $400M for repairs, it's poor negligence, just like in a 3rd world shithole country. In a typical shithole country, the responsible government agencies are just dividing the budget in salaries, and letting dams and bridges get to a point of no repair.
    The difference in costs goes exponential. When you repair, for example, a metal bridge, 8-9 years after service – it takes a little sandpaper and a bucket of paint. After 15 years, you need 1000 times more budget, after 25 – new bridge…

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