Rescued Dwight from the River

– That was so naughty of you! Your wrist is not broken, I
just felt it, it was fine. Look at the bathroom! Oh my gosh, it’s complete– (gasps loudly) Do you want me to keep
the top a little longer? – Keep it short.
– Okay, super short it is. – No, no, you are not going to. Stop it! – (laughing) Stop, I’m done. (laid back music) – Dwight. That was so naughty of you! – I was down talking with our awesome landscaper, Brandon Tipton. And I was down by the river, we were walking around,
looking at the boulders, and all of a sudden I see
this little white flash out of the corner of
my eye and I look down, and Dwight’s like a little mountain goat hopping from boulder to boulder. Right down by the water, like little boulder spaces this big. And of course he just
plopped right into the river and, so I freak out and I jump down there in my nice clothes and. – I’m glad that you’re safe, it’s a good thing it’s only February because if you do that in April that river will take you down, it’ll take a full size adult down, you will not get out of it. Look at how filthy he is. Look at this! You are a mud, filthy, filthy little boy. I’m kind of glad that I get to use this bathtub before it gets replaced. So the contractor who’s
working on our yard, out in the back, his
name is Brandon Tipton, and the contractor who’s working on the inside of our house
is named Brandon Finlayson so every once in a while
I’ll get them mixed up. And I’ll send a text to Brandon, I’m like, “Hey, the tub’s ordered,” and he’s like, “Were we putting
a tub in your backyard?” I’m like, “Aah wrong Brandon!” Okay, we’re putting you in the bathtub. Putting you in the bathtub. Anyway, Brandon Finlayson
is on his way over to start demo of this bathroom. So we get to use the
bathtub for the first time, we’ve never used this bathtub before. – (laughing) He has this look
of “what are you doing to me?” – What’s gonna happen here? We’re gonna miss you. – I’ll be gone for one day. – One day.
– One day. – You’ll be home tomorrow. – 24 hours.
– Okay. (playful music) He needs a bath just to
prep himself for a bath. He needs three or four. The jets keep turning on and I don’t know how to turn them off. I’m hitting off and it keeps running. Can you hear the jets?
(jets rumbling) (playful music) I think he kinda likes it. (laughing) Do you love that? Oh my gosh, that feels so good! Oh that warm water feels
so good. (laughing) (playful music) – I haven’t blogged since 1987. (laughter) This is the first time I’ve
vlogged in probably over a year. Hope you guys enjoy it. ‘Cause I’m probably not
gonna blog for another year. Okay, so I’ve just turned on the camera because I wanna explain and talk about the subject of H-A-I-R. Hairiare. So, I’m gonna talk about my hair. (muttering) Oh wait,
that’s just the camera. (giggling) As you can tell, I look like a shenanigan. (laughter) The sides are as long
as they’ve ever been. Some days it looks really good, some days it looks really bad. And people at my school like it. I mean, Mum likes it some days. Shari does not like it. My Dad’s in love with it, he wishes he has a good
head of hair like mine. And I dunno about, I know a
lot of you guys don’t like it. I dunno if a lot of you guys
do like it, I don’t know. So just tell me. Now we’re gonna talk about
this little guy’s hair. Every morning we get up and
get ready to go to school. I get up and I take a
shower in the morning and I don’t fix my
hair, I just let it dry. And it actually doesn’t look that bad. But this guy, he doesn’t
take a shower in the morning but he has bed head so he
drenches his hair in water, then gets a comb, just slicks
it up against his head. Like a pancake on his head. And so, I told Russell just grow it out and you won’t even have to fix it. But not grow it out too long ’cause his school doesn’t allow that. But just like grow it out and it’s gonna be easier
to fix if you grow it out, that’s what I think because you
don’t really have to fix it. ‘Cause his thing, his size of hair, it’s just floppy kinda everywhere. But at the same time is that
floppy doesn’t look very good. As for me, it’s shaggy and I
can’t really fix it that well. But so his conclusion
was just cut it all off and I told him no. Please don’t cut it
off because I did that. I don’t know if you guys remember that but I cut it off at the
beginning of the summer and I had to go through the
whole summer like a bald guy and I did not like that at all. So I’m not doing that anymore, I’m never gonna do that again. But he wants to, he is younger but still I’m like please don’t cut it. And he made his final decision so he’s cutting it today,
and kinda sad to be honest. – But after the buzz
cut I wanna grow it out. – [Russell] It’s over there. – [Ruby] Look at the bathroom! Oh my gosh, it’s complete– (gasps loudly) Look at my shower! – You can’t shower anymore. – Crazy, so I guess I used the tub once. I got Dwight washed up and then I went and got
the kids from school and I came back and in just the last hour, this is what my bathroom now looks like. – Dwight. – Are we ready for this? (giggles) – Did you stink there? Russell! (laughing) What do yo think so far? Do you like the edges? They’re really short. – Whoa. – Do you want me to keep
the top a little longer? – I want–
– Or go super short. – Super short. – Okay super short it is. (upbeat music) Had to interrupt his haircut real quick. It seems like part of motherhood is just learning how to jump
from one thing to another, the unexpected jumps. Shari just called and Shari’s, very rarely does she get overwhelmed to
the point where she cries. But she has an appointment tomorrow, she has a procedure that
is going to be going on and she’s nervous, she’s scared, and the hospital just called and said, “We changed the time
from 10:30 in the morning “to 5:30 in the morning,” so that means we have to leave the house
by 4:30 in the morning and I think it was just the
last thing that she could carry. And since Kevin, she wanted
a priesthood blessing, and since Kevin is gone,
he’s at the airport, she just said, hey would it be okay if I called Uncle Landon ’cause
he’s, she’s up in that area. She’s like, “I could
just swing by his house,” and I was like, “That’s a great idea, “of course Uncle Landon
would love to help you.” So she called him and she’s going over to Aunt Julie and Uncle Landon’s
house for a blessing. And I am just so grateful
for the wonderful men in my children’s lives, in my life. I am so grateful that when Kevin is gone, that I have family members and friends that I can call on and
say hey, can you step in? My kids need some help. And I just have, a lot of people I could
call and ask to help. And I’m realizing what a blessing that is. That’s huge and anyway, I just, thanks Uncle Landon for being
willing and being available. Okay go take a shower. Really rub the scalp
when you wash your hair, really rub it in, okay? Yeah? No? I’m having a hard time
gauging what you’re thinking. You can say out loud what you’re thinking. I’m itchy Mum, I just itch everywhere. – She broke my metacarpal number two. – [Ruby] (laughing) That’s
pretty specific Chad. – No it’s my metacarpal
number two, right there, ow. Ow, she broke it. – [Ruby] Does this hurt? – That’s my metacarpal number one. – Got it, I– – That’s actually my
proximal phalange number one. No my distal phalange number one. – [Shari] How do you know this stuff? – [Chad] That’s my proximal
phalange number two. Proximal phalange number three. Metacarpal number two. Distal phalange number two. Meta phalange number two. Distal phalange number three. I don’t remember, ow!! That was one of my carpals. That’s my pisiform, my triquetral, my hamate, my lunate, my trapezoid, my trapezium
and my scaphoid, ow! – [Ruby] Is that where it hurts? – No. Someone broke my chain today. – [Ruby] What? – And I– – [Shari] That was such
a great present though. – [Ruby] Where is it? – I literally cussed at him Mum. – [Ruby] No where is it? – It’s in my backpack. – [Ruby] Do you still have it? I can get it fixed. – No when he did it, so
we were playing basketball and he went try hard mode. And I got a rebound and I turned around and he smacked my face
and went for the ball and caught onto my chain
and then ripped it. – [Ruby] Did he do it on purpose? – I don’t think so but
he was being a sweat. So I cussed at him when I saw that. – [Ruby] What did you say? – I just swore at him. – [Ruby] Which word? – The s word.
– The sh word? – Mm hm. – [Ruby] Did you say another word too? – No, I just yelled it when I saw it. First off, he slapped my face and then he broke my really nice chain. And anger stirred in my veins. And then at lunch he came up to me and I came up to him and
we apologized together. – [Ruby] Really? – And we’re chill.
– Really? – Mm hm. – [Ruby] I’m proud of you
for cleaning that up Chad. And he wasn’t sweaty anymore which was really awesome because no one really
sweats at school basketball. – Chad I love you. – [Chad] Would you Mum? – I love you, love you, love you. – [Chad] Can you take me
to the emergency room? ‘Cause my wrist is broken. – Your wrist is not broken, I just felt it, it was fine. – So tonight we’re having stuffed shells and I made up a double batch so we can have it tomorrow
night for dinner too. Minus the prep work ’cause I did it today. And then, I made up this
salad, I found it on Pinterest. If you guys bought our cookbook, you know that salads are not our thing. I think in our salad
section we had one salad? It’s kinda funny. So this is a little Italian
salad that I made up, it’s got strips of
provolone and hard salami and all the yummy good stuff. So I am actually not
gonna stay with the kids and eat tonight so you
guys help yourselves. – Yay, I mean oooh. – I broke my hand, two minutes
later I’m lifting benches. – [Chad] You do know I’m bench pressing? – You’re bench pressing, ha. – I didn’t even realize that. I’m bench pressing. – Tonight I am going to the temple with some of my new neighbors. So we’re in a new congregation and, I’m just gonna try to get out
there and make some friends. This neighborhood that we’ve moved into is really friendly and
we have really enjoyed getting to know everybody here. – What about the horse neighbors? – The horse neighbors? I would love to get to know them. We don’t know our horse
neighbors but Eve spends all day looking across the river at the horses. And they must be eating or something ’cause I don’t see any horses out there. – Okay so, it’s night time
now, I’m vlogging again. We ate dinner which was great. Mum went to the temple like all night. So she was gone, Dad’s at work. Shari has her surgery tomorrow
so she went to bed early. Early early like six early. She has to get up really really early. And me and the little kids watched a little kid movie which was fun. And then now I’m up here
disturbing the two older girls. Abby and Julie while they’re reading. – Mm hmm. – So we started farting (laughs) – We all coordinated farts. – Yeah, for some reason
we all started farting at the same time which was really weird. – [Abby] You have to throw
away your chew papers. – And then I actually
started reading a book. And I never read a book. – [Julie] It was harmonic. – And I actually read
three pages of a book. – No, no, no, no!
(laughing) You are not going to. – It was silent, it was silent. But it happened, I did it. – I can smell it! (laughing) – Ow stop, I’m done. Ew I can hear you chewing. Okay, that was silent but quite deadly. Ow, don’t pull my hair. This, like I said before,
is a blo blo blo, vlo vlog. – [Abby] This is what I love
about Chad having long hair. – It’s pretty precious.
– It’s easy to pull. – Ow. – Okay girls, good night, time for bed. I don’t want you up, last
night you guys were up and I am right below you
and I could hear everything. So please go to bed. I just went and checked on
Shari and she has a fever. So I will have to figure out how to get a hold of somebody at the hospital and let them know her surgery is canceled. ‘Cause she won’t be
able to have the surgery if she has a fever. I know this the hard way because I took Abby once to get surgery and she had, for her tonsils, and she– – [Male Voice] What’s Shari doing? – It’s a procedure, it’s a procedure. – [Male Voice] Do you want to call them? – Yeah I’ll call them. I don’t know who will answer but. All right you guys, good night. (laid back music)

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